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Background of the study

Tesco Plc established as an international business, which was a part of their new strategy, developed by the Chief Executive, Sir Terry in the year 1997. This was considered as one of the biggest decisions ever taken by Tesco. The company decided that if they were to retain the front rank, they would require to internationalize their business. It was the strategy of Tesco to identify the leading competitors and take lesson from their business activities (Hastjarjoet al. 2016).

Research aim

The aim of the study would be to identify as well as comprehend the global factors which eventually led to the success of Tesco’s business and allowed it to operate outside the borders of UK. The aim of the study would be to identify the strategies implemented by the company in order to drive their global success (Aniset al.2016).

Research objective

·         To evaluate how globalization has driven the business success of Tesco.

·         To evaluate the enhancement of Tesco’s trade across the border.

·         To evaluate the enhanced level of Tesco’s labor migration between different countries.

·         To evaluate greater offshoring as well as outsourcing of Tesco’s production

·         To evaluate the expansion of Tesco’s FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

Research questions

Q1: How globalization has driven the business success of Tesco?

Q2: What leads to the enhancement of Tesco’s trade across the border?

Q3: What caused the enhanced level of Tesco’s labor migration between different countries?

Q4: What causes greater offshoring as well as outsourcing of Tesco’s production?

Q5: What leads to the expansion of Tesco’s FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)?

Limitation of the study

There is certain limitation of this study, including lack of time to accumulate adequate materials for this study. Moreover, the study allowed the evaluation of just one UK based company and therefore, it would not be as informative as it could have been if more than just one company were used. The size of the sample would come as a limitation and biased opinion of the sample might as well affect the outcome of the study.

Scope of the study

There are a wide range of studies which cover the concept of Globalization and how it affects a business. Several research works are contributed to the understanding of Tesco’s global success (M. Pearlman, 2016).

Time frame

Literature Review

Concept of Globalisation and theory of globalization

Under this section, the researcher will review a number of theories that are closely associated with the concept of globalization. The researcher will explore five fundamental theory of globalization and will explain each in terms of business success to evaluate the impact of globalization on the business operations of Tesco Plc (Wood et al. 2016). The researcher under this section of the study will discuss the following theories of globalization in terms of business success:

·         Liberalism theory

·         Political realism theory

·         Marxist theory of globalization

·         Postmodernism theory

·         Transformationalism theory

Each of the above theory has explained globalization from different stand-points and the researcher explains the relevance of each point of view. While the liberalism theory explains the fructification of business prospects in terms of communication, transport, information and legal conveniences, the theory of realism emphasizes the interests of states and their rise to power. On the other hand, the Marxist theory dismisses both the theories and gravely focuses on social exploitation. The researcher will discuss the relevance of post-modernism which claims that globalization has boosted structural power. The researcher will explore the political, cultural and economic interconnection in the transformationalist theory. (ebooks.ien.bg.ac.rs 2019)

The researcher will connect each theory with the viewpoints that will be applied in the stud. Each of the theories carries variations that the researcher will identify in the review of the literature. Further, it will also explain the decision making of a company for becoming multinational. It will emphasize on the factors that compel the companies to take risks of globalization when these companies have been performing excellently in the home countries. The key drives will be incorporated within the theories of globalization. Furthermore, the reference to the theories will produce a clear conception of the matter (Qadri and Bhat, 2018). A detailed analysis of each of the theories will be produced in the first section of the Literature Review.

Rise of globalisation in international market and its impact on business

Under this section of the study, the researcher will review a number of articles that could support the opinions and claims of the author. Furthermore, this will be done so that the research questions and objectives are addressed and clarified which on the other hand would create a different standpoint of the matter. The review of literature will be based on previous studies so that the researcher could develop an integral idea of the subject matter and develop a formative study.



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