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Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism 

This is a solution of Hospitality And Tourism Assignment   in which we discuss Developing business Management  strategy can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented Management  solutions. 



Effective relationship between different employees in the organization is very important in order to serve the demands of the consumers effectively. In the hospitality and the tourism industry, efficient relationship needs to be built up between the managers and the employees. In the airlines industry, the coordination between the different employees is required to serve the customers in a better way. In this project, the relationship between the ground staff and the cabin crew of the well-known airlines company named ‘Emirates’ will be evaluated in order to ensure enhanced quality of the service that is provided by the organization. The service vision of the organization is to enhance the experience of the passengers flying in their airbuses. Emirates strive towards in being internationally recognized as one of the biggest and the leading organizations in the airline industry. They want to set a benchmark in the services related to security and aviation (Emirates.com, 2018). The mission of Emirates it to safeguard the assets, employees and customers of the organization so that it witnesses more success in the consecutive days to come


In the airlines industry, many employees are required in order to provide quality services to the passengers travelling through the airlines company. ‘Emirates’ is one of the leading airlines organizations in the world (About us | Emirates, 2018). Therefore, the organization has to maintain healthy relationships within the employees of the organization. In the airline organization, employees are staffed at various positions like the pilots, the ground staff, the cabin crew or the airhostess, the technical crew, the people at the ticketing counters and the security staffs. Coordination among all the employees has to be perfect in order to provide hassle-free services to the passengers. ‘Emirates’ being a reputed airline organization in the world puts special emphasis on the employee relations of the organization. ‘Emirates’ has its presence felt in many countries of the world that demands the employee relations should be strong. The widespread operations of the organization also demands impactful managerial techniques by the management of the organization so that the flow of the operations remains smooth. One of the most important services that an airline organization needs to concentrate upon is self-check in or online check-in for the passengers. Both the services mentioned here gives easy check-in options to the passenger. This brings the fact forward that, Emirates do not have to employ candidates for the check-in facilities and services. The services that are provided by any organization can four distinct features such as heterogeneity, intangibility, perishability, inseparability. The nature of the service also decides whether it will be helpful for the target audience or not. The online-check in service brings heterogeneity to the organization. The reason is, Emirates that manual check-in facilities as well as online and self-check-in facilities. This brings in variability in the services provided by the organization. The different passengers can avail the check-in method they are comfortable with.

The two important employees in any airline organization are the ground staff and the cabin crew. Both of their workings needs to be coordinated in order provide the passengers quality service. There are several activities that an airhostess or flight attendants need to perform. The flight attendants are responsible for making the passengers understand the safety measures that needs to be taken if an emergency crops in. It is the duty of the flight attendants to serves drinks and meals to the passengers. When there is turbulence in mid-air, the attendants needs to relax the passengers. In short, flight attendants need to have great communication skills in order to serve the passengers (Hunter, 2016). On the other hand, ground crew needs to perform activities outside the airport, inside the airport and also provide help regarding various technical problems. The ground staff checks the passengers, helps disabled passengers, assisting people regarding security checks and the list is endless. The working relationship between the flight attendants and the ground staff needs to be coordinated. All the information regarding the flights arrival and the departure needs to be informed to the attendants via the ground staff. The ground staff gets information from the airport officials that get to the attendants. In brief, it can be said that, inside the flight the demands of the passengers are taken care of by the attendants and outside the airbus, it is taken care by the ground staff (Chen & Chang, 2015).

Apart from the points given here, the organization in order to improve the quality of the services should include the passengers while making important decisions for the organization. Emirates is an airline organization that strives towards customer satisfaction other than anything else. Customers should be understood and engaged while drafting reports about the quality of the service provided by the organization. It is important for Emirates to have ideas about the needs of the organization. Surveying the consumers will help the organization understand the areas they lack in. Surveys will also help the organization in engaging the consumers and will also be helpful in understanding the psychology of the passengers. The results obtained from the surveys will help Emirates to include any more services in order to enhance customer experience and customer satisfaction.

The quality of the service provided by the Emirates depends on whether the employees of the organization are coordinated or not. All the food items for the clients are loaded to the airbus by the ground staff. The ground staff has to inform and hand off the information sheet to the attendants that have records regarding the various needs of the passengers. In many cases, it happens that, the passengers pre-book their meals with the ticket. In such a situation, the ground staff needs to inform the attendants the seat number and the orders placed by the passengers. The flow of information helps the attendants to serve the passengers in a better way (Gilbert & Wong, 2013). Other than the services mentioned here, there are many other services that needs to be provided to the passengers by the airline organization. Emirates should concentrate upon improving the quality of their service. Inside the airbus as well as outside it, the airline organization should concentrate upon total quality management that is popularly known as TQM. TQM can be defined as managing the quality of the services provided by a particular organization. Emirates being a well-known organization in the world, focuses on managing the quality of the services provided by them. Quality of the services provided by the organization can only be increased when the relationship between the employees of the organization is smooth. Therefore, it can be said that Emirates should concentrate upon improving the relationship between the employees in order to manage the quality of the services.                                                            

Usually it happens that people with physical abilities are on board. ‘Emirates’ being a well-known airline organization in the world takes special care about the varied needs of the consumers. Within the premises of the airport and beyond, the ground staff arranges special facilities for disabled people. Special facilities like wheelchairs, oxygen cylinders and other equipments are present in the airport premises. The information regarding the disabled people needs to be forwarded to the attendants in the flight. The ground staff briefs the airhostess about the medical history of the patient so that the attendants can provide first-aid services to the patient in case of on-flight emergencies. Special needs of the passengers are recorded in customer information file. In these files, special information regarding the passengers is recorded. These information needs to be understood by the ground staff and the flight attendants so that the services provided to the passengers is of uncompromised quality (Cheng, Chen & Chang, 2018). The management of ‘Emirates’ should concentrate on strategies that would be useful in improving the communication and the coordination between the ground staff and the flight attendants. In all the situations mentioned above, one thing is highlighted that communication between the flight attendants and the ground staffs should be smooth. The people in the above-mentioned posts should coordinate their activities in order to fulfill the needs of the customers.

Emirates being one of the leading airline organization in the world has some strengths, weaknesses, and threats as well. The biggest strength of the organization is the service guarantee. The passengers flying with this airline company can be sure that the employees will look into the fact that all the services guaranteed have been provided to the passengers. This makes the organization more accountable to the passengers. The next strength of the organization is service recovery. Emirates employs skilled staff for its various services who can deal with service recovery at any moment. The failures that the organization is facing can be a demeaning issue. The failures need to counterattacked or they will stand as a threat in front of the organization in the future.  Miscommunication between the ground staff and the flight attendants can result into service failure (Bejou & Palmer, 2014). Failure in services does not cast a positive shadow on the brand image of a reputed organization. The management of Emirates should focus on to the fact that the working relationship between the ground staff and the flight attendants should be proper so that the passengers do not have to face any kind of hassle in their journey.


   The project done above gives detailed idea about the relationship between the ground staff and the flight attendants of Emirates. The management of Emirates should look into the fact that coordination between the above-mentioned people is smooth in order to enhance the quality of service provided by the organization. Effective employee relations is an important component of providing quality services to the consumers and this is much more important in the tourism and the airlines sector as the employees can be directly interact with the tourists or the passengers.


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