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The aim of this unit is to develop learner’s understanding about their responsibilities in ensuring the health and safety of the health and social care workplace and the people within it.

The concepts of risk, safety, security is all too apparent in the workplace and is an essential consideration for all practitioners in health and social care. As a care worker you need to be aware of the legal requirements such as Health and Safety at Work Acts and associated regulations and codes of practice (RIDDOR, COSHH, Moving and Handling etc) Food Acts, legislation and codes of practice relevant to specific health and social care settings.

Learners will learn how you ensure compliance and how systems, policies and procedures are monitored. This assignment requires you to carry out a number of tasks in your role as a health and social care practitione

Task 1 – Essay Writing

 In this section, write an essay answering the following questions, using your experience working in a health and social care setting:

Q1.       In health and social care organisations: review systems, policies and procedures used in communicating and maintain health and safety at work in accordance to legislative requirements. [AC1.1]

Q2.       Draw your organisational chart using this as a guide and assess the responsibilities in a specific health and social care workplace for management of health and safety in relation to organisational structures [AC1.2]

Q3.   Evaluate your own contribution as a health care worker to promote health and safety of your service-user and people you work with. [AC3.3]


Higher Grading Descriptors

To achieve M2 In the essay, demonstrate the use of a range of sources of information and techniques have been applied in the implementation of systems and policies in health and social care workplace.

To achieve M3 – In the layout of your organisational chart in Question Q2, show that an appropriate structure and approach has been used when considering the roles and responsibilities of Health Care Professional in Health and Safety.

To achieve D1 – Use critical reflection to evaluate your own contribution when conducting/managing a risk assessment and justify valid conclusions.

Task 2 – Case Study 1

Mr John has just been employed has a respite care home manager in Newham London. The respite home failed the CQC (Care Quality Commission) rating has inadequate, incurred a fine of £30,000 from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and paid £15,200 compensation for a support worker that fell and broke his hip at the home. The report on the care home states that the care home had ignored warming's on health and safety by staff, visitors and agency workers on slips and trips, housekeeping, and food safety. The care home was neglectful in keeping the paths, steps and fire escapes clear from hazards.


During an inspection there was serious tripping hazards, such as an electrical cable trailing across a step and an untidy storeroom regularly accessed by staff to obtain items such as toilet paper, food items and cleaning items were kept. In the respite care all of these items were kept in the same room, which poses treat of food contamination/hygiene. The inspector successfully prosecuted the care home for the health and safety offence using the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 , Health and Safety At Work Act (1974) and for food hygiene offences.


Mr John has a huge task of following the requirements from HSE and CQC to ensure that the respite care home pass all the health and safety regulations to keep residents and staff members.

 Guideline- Use the case study to answer the questions below:


Q4.       Analyse health and safety priorities that are important in the respite care home.




Q5.       Analyse the effect of non-compliance with health and safety legislation in a health and social care workplace [AC 2.4]


Q6.       Analyse the impact of one aspect of health and safety policy that should be used in the respite care and its customers and explain how health and safety policies and practices are monitored and reviewed [AC2.2/AC3.1]


Q7.       Using the case study 1 above, Produce a risk assessment based on your work and analyse how information from these are used in identifying service-user’s needs and organisational decision-making. [AC 2.1]


Higher Grading Descriptors


To achieve M1 – In case study 1, show that an effective approach to study and research has been used to explain the impact and safety legislation, policies and practices in Health and Social Care.


To achieve D2 – In Case study 1, autonomy and independence has been demonstrated in promoting positive and healthy practice in reviewing and monitoring health and safety policies.


Task 3 – Case Study 2

Mr Sam is a 45 year old man who has severe Apraxia. Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, he has been classified as suffering from Mania. Mr Sam loves his independence and lives in his own house. You work has a domiciliary care staff, he has expressed to his community psychiatric nurse on duty that he would like to go to the paper shop in the morning to buy his favourite newspaper. The problem is Mr Sam has no road awareness. In the past he has attempted to buy his favourite newspaper and has been hit by a car in the process. As a result of the injury sustained he was hospitalised for 6 months. You are newly appointed to Mr Sam and he has expressed his need to buy a newspaper. You have a duty to safeguarding Mr Sam but you also want to promote his independence as a care provider.

Q8.   Using the above case study 2, discuss how you would address this situation (i.e. the dilemma) in line with implementing systems and policies for health and safety issues



Q9. Give examples of at least two Health and Safety policies, Analyse their effectiveness in promoting positive and healthy practice [AC3.2]

Higher Grading Descriptors

To achieve D3 – Demonstrate creative thinking on solutions of dilemmas that exist when implementing health and safety systems in health and social care.




Essential Criteria

In order to pass this unit, learners are required to gain work-experience in health and social care where you will be required to provide a witness testimony from your workplace supervisor.

Each learner has to provide an evaluative account of one aspect of health and safety in the workplace must be validated. This could be in the form of a witness statement from a workplace supervisor, or an observation record from their assessor.

Use the form attached in the assignment brief. See the guideline attached in the assignment brief for more information.

Witness statement

A witness statement is used to provide a written record of learner performance (process evidence) against grading criteria. Someone other than the assessor of the qualification/unit may complete it. This may be an assessor of a different qualification or unit, a work placement supervisor, a technician, learning resources manager or anyone else who has witnessed the performance of the learner against given grading criteria. It can be someone who does not have direct knowledge of the qualification, unit or evidence requirements as a whole but who is able to make a professional judgement about the performance of the learner in the given situation.

The quality of witness statement is greatly improved and enables the assessor to judge the standard and validity of performance against the grading criteria if:


·         the witness is provided with clear guidance on the desirable characteristics required for successful performance


·         the evidence requirements are present on the witness testimony but this may need further amplification for a non-assessor

·         the learner or witness also provides a statement of the context within which the evidence is set.


The witness statement does not confer an assessment decision. The assessor must:


·         consider all the information in the witness statement

·         note the relevant professional skills of the witness to make a judgement of performance

·         review supporting evidence when making an assessment decision

·         review the statement with the learner to enable a greater degree of confidence in the evidence


·         be convinced that the evidence presented by the witness statement is valid, sufficient and authentic


When a number of witnesses are providing testimonies:


·         it may be helpful to collect specimen signatures

·         all witness testimonies should be signed and dated by the witness

·         information of their job role/relationship with the learner should also be available.


These details add to the validity and authenticity of the testimony and the statements made in it. Centres should note that witness testimonies can form a vital part of the evidence for a unit(s) but they should not form the main or majority assessment of the unit(s).

How the activity meets the requirements of the assessment and grading criteria, including how and where the activity took place




Guideline Unit 3- Health and Safety in Health and Social Care


Essential Requirement (Witness Testimony)


To pass unit 3, all students need to complete 3 things listed below:


1.    Pass all the assessment criteria in the assignment.


2.    Conduct a risk assessment in class as a simulated scenario


3.    Learner’s evaluative account of one aspect of health and safety in the workplace must be validated. This could be in the form of a witness statement from a workplace supervisor, or an observation record from their assessor.


In the college, we have successfully conducted the first and second point but students are yet to provide a witness testimony account of an evaluation of one aspect of health and safety policy but be validated from your work.


What must you do?


3a. Use the witness testimony form attached


3b. Choose one health and safety policy of your choice that you use at work regularly with your patients.


Examples of policies you can discuss include:


ü   The use of RIDDOR


















3c. Describe how you use one chosen health and safety policy at work


3d. Evaluate the one health and safety policy you have chosen at work. (Strengths, weakness, issues, limitation)


3e. Discuss with your manger, speak to your manager to sign and stamp with company logo. This can be provided in your companies letter heading signed.



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