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Purpose of this assignment

To able to get in to the new position in the company. You have applied for an internal promotional position within the computing department of a large company that has many branches throughout the country. The new position, if you should be successful will involve you in hardware and networking type tasks. Currently you work in the support team but at quite a low, routine-based level.


The company is a PC manufacturer company with renowned brand name in the PC market and substantial market share. They build and sell PCs for different industries. You have applied for a senior job to be a member of the products development team in the company and you have to proof that your skills are suitable for the new post. To be a member of product development team, you were requested by the Chairman to design a prototype Gaming PC for the young users market to compete in the gaming market where by it will serve as pc for the family as well. You are required to select the components individually, researched to the subcomponents level to produce a PC that can compete in the market it is intended for.

Task 1

1- Explain how the use of a computer will affect your decision in selecting the type of components explaining the emphases in following circumstances:

a. Building a server.

b. Office PC

c. Gaming PC

d. Home PC (P1.1)

2- Provide a comprehensive list of the components you suggest that will be included in your PC design, stating the function and the purpose of each component. (P1.2)

You are expected to use a range of evident in the application.

Task 2 (P1.3, P2.1, P2.2, P3.1) (M2), (D1,D2 & D3 )

Design computer system

Based on the scenario given, design a computer to suit the purpose of use stated, by selecting component individually after comparing more than one component to chose from:

· Show evidence of research and a full specification of machine components

· Explain compatibility and inter operability between selected components.

· Evaluation of the performance of the selected components as a written evaluation

· Research to compare advantages of more than one brand of the components

Task 3 (P4.1, P4.2) (M1) (D3) Based on your operating system report and your initial system component recommendations you have been asked to complete one more task. This final task will engage you in checking the system and providing justifications and a range of user documents.

Produce test plan

· Produce a test plan to test your proposed computer system, the report should test the function and the speed of the primary components and the operating system. P 3.2

Routine maintenance

· Your supervisor has suggested that you demonstrate some of your technical skills by providing summary sheet/s performing routing maintenance tasks on a computer system.(backup and restoration of user files, defragmentation, antivirus check and upgrade definition)

· List a range of routine maintenance tasks and demonstrate how to implement them. P 4.1 M1

Produce upgrade plan

· Produce a plan that checks main hardware and software components and identify the main components suitable/essential for upgrade to suit future operating system and software P4.2

Good practice – things to consider:

· Ensure that the layout of your documents are in a professional format with

· Ensure that all references are quoted at the end of any documents submitted (Harvard referenced)

· Ensure that you back-up your work regularly and apply version control to your documents

· Ensure that there is an accompanying front cover sheet with your details, the unit details and your lecturer’s name

Produce short report

You have decided to produce a report to contrast the features and functions of different types of operating systems and demonstrate an understanding of how to customise operating systems that you will submit with your application.

· The report should contrast the features and functions of different types of operating systems.

· Recommend an operating system for your designed computer.

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