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HND Assignment Professional Practice


You are strongly advised to read “Preparation guidelines of the Coursework Document” before answering your assignment.



This coursework is designed to demonstrate the broad understanding knowledge of the module, assessing and evaluating the strength and level of analysis of student, divided into four learning outcome,  The coursework should be submitted as one document in a report format.

Assignment Scenario:

You have recently joined PA CONSULTING GROUP, which is an innovation and transformation consultancy. It has a diverse team of experts that combine innovative thinking with breakthrough-technologies to progress further, faster, and it serves a global network of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 clients.

You have been hired as anIT Transformation Graduate since you have a college qualification in IT.You will work across the transformation lifecycle - it may be writing a business case, design of a technical solution, coaching an agile development team, delivering related training to other team members or clients or delivering business change.

Based on the above scenario write a report that should fulfil the following requirements: 

LO1 Demonstrate a range of interpersonal and transferable communication skills to a target audience. 

Your first responsibility will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your interpersonal and communication skills as you have been asked to use different styles of communication and format to contact a group of potential clients anddesign and deliver a training event to show a demo of your online solutions to your clients.  PA’s IT Transformation (ITT) team works with businesses across public and private sectors, helping C-level executives, IT experts and business leaders to deliver the transformational change they need to stay ahead.

You have been given a full month for this task and you should demonstrate your time management skills by designing a professional schedule for the planning of the event giving clear justification for your plan and including contingencies. Your line manager also expect and evaluation of the effectiveness and application of your interpersonal skills during this whole task. 

LO2 Apply critical reasoning and thinking to a range of problem-solving scenarios. 

As a learning lesson for you and for the organisation, it is expected that you include some of the great challenges or problems you faced during the organisation of the event and demonstrate how you overcame each of them, researching and using different problem-solving techniques and justifying the range of solution methodologies that you used. Your demonstration should be particularly focused onthe critical reasoning you applied as well as the different techniques that you used. You should also consider judging the whole process of applying critical reasoning to these particular challenges. 

LO3 Discuss the importance and dynamics of working within a team and the impact of team-working in different environments. 

During the event, you are also going to present in front of your potential clientsthe logistics, processes and in general the way you work together with the client when developing a project. This is an opportunity for you to work as part of a team on the creation of the content where you going to discuss team dynamics and its importance in the success or failure of group work. A professional presentation should include a deep analysis of the topic in terms of the role group play in a team and also the effectiveness in terms of achieving shared goals. It is expected that you provide a critical evaluation of your own role and contribution to a group scenario. 

LO4 Examine the need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and its role within the workplace and for higher level learning. 

Having done a full preparation and delivery of this event, you have probably realised or became aware of your strengths and your weaknesses for this new position as well as the opportunities you have to improve your performance within the workplace. It is now time for you to discuss how important is CPD for your success and what is its real contribution to your own learning and produce your own professional CPD which outlines responsibilities, performance objectives and required skills, knowledge and learning for own future goals. It is always recommended to discover what is our personal drive and/or what truly motivates us; for this reason, it is very important to have a good understanding of the motivational theories. Therefore, you should compare and contrast different motivational theories and the impact they can have on performance within the workplace. Finally, it will be important for you to be able to measure your progress of your CPD, thus, you should evaluate a range of evidence criteria used to measure effective CPD.



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