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HLSC111 The Person, Health and Wellbeing

HLSC111 The Person, Health and Wellbeing



School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine 

Brisbane, Melbourne and North Sydney 


HLSC111: The Person, Health and Wellbeing 


Credit points: 10 credit points


Prerequisites / incompatibles: NIL


National Team Leader: Dr Gylo (Julie) Hercelinskyj 



This unit focuses on the person as the centre of the health care experience. Health and wellness will be explored from a biopsychosocial and lifespan perspective. Psychological concepts and theories underpinning human behaviour, health behaviour acquisition, therapeutic communication and health behaviour change will be introduced. These concepts will be applied to the personal and professional self and then to practice. This content will assist health students in understanding the people they will interact with in clinical practice and will consequently assist them in their interactions with these individuals. 


Health care is focused on the person – generally at a time of great vulnerability. It is a requirement that health care professionals perform person centred care and focus on the outcomes which are best for the person and/or groups they are care for and interact with. This aim of this unit will assist health students in understanding the people they will interact with in clinical practice and will assist them in their interactions with these individuals through an understanding of human behaviour. 

Mode: Modes of delivery in this unit include online lectures, resource sessions, tutorials, online activities and self-directed study. The Working with Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults module is an online module that will take approximately two hours to complete. Successful participants will be given a record of completion. 

Attendance pattern: The unit incorporates face –to-face lecture resource sessions, tutorials and online learning materials including pre-recorded lectures. 

Duration: This unit incorporates 10 weeks of face-to-face teaching. This unit requires students to undertake 150 hours of focused learning to achieve the unit learning outcomes. This includes class attendance, readings and assignment preparation. 


On successful completion of this unit, you should be able to: 

LO1 Demonstrate understanding of the person from a lifespan perspective, taking into consideration biopsychosocial factors and the person’s life experience; (GA1, 5) 

LO2 Describe the role of resilience in human behaviour; (GA5) 

LO3 Demonstrate an understanding of psychological concepts and theories of human behaviour, health and wellbeing; (GA6) 

LO4 Apply the psychological concepts and theories of human behaviour, health and wellbeing to health behaviour change; (GA6) 

LO5 Explain the theoretical and professional dimensions of communication and demonstrate the ability to work respectfully with others. (GA9) 

LO6 Demonstrate an understanding of the importance, policies and strategies for building safe and supportive environments for working with children, young people and vulnerable adults (GA1, GA5)


The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s Registered Nurse Standards for Practice developed in this unit are:

12 March 2018 Labour Day Victoria 12 March 2018 Canberra Day ACT 30 March 2018 Good Friday U/A Vacation Week – Week beginning 2 April 2018 25 April 2018 ANZAC Day 7 May 2018 Labour Day Queensland 


A range of assessment items consistent with University assessment requirements and policy will be used to ensure students achieve the unit learning outcomes and attain the graduate attributes. These assessments are required to build student knowledge and skills which, by the conclusion of this programme, will enable the student to graduate as a safe and effective nurse.


Caring for people requires health care professionals to understand the needs of all – particularly those who are most vulnerable and least able to advocate for themselves. The ACU mandatory module ensures a sound understanding of the principles of working with children, young people and vulnerable adults. The online quizzes provide students with an opportunity for early, low stakes assessment to measure their progress within the unit and to adjust their study habits accordingly. The written assessment examines the understanding of the person from a lifespan perspective taking into consideration the role of resilience in human behaviour and personal experience with behavioural change. The communication skill critique is required to ensure students understand the basis of communication and engagement with individuals and groups – a skill central to working within a person-centred profession. The variety in these unit assessments is required to ensure students are able to communicate with both the individual and the group across a range of settings – all health care professionals require sound communication skills for successful graduate practice in person-centred professions.

In order to pass this unit, you are required to complete and submit all assessment items and gain a total aggregate score of 50% or greater. You are also required to successfully complete and submit the hurdle task by the due date. 

The assessment tasks for this unit are designed for you to demonstrate your achievement of each learning outcome. 


Electronic submission will be used for the hurdle task, and assessment 1 and 2. Results for these assessments be will released as follows: 

       Online quizzes: Students will receive a raw score grade out of 10 marks for the practice quiz and a raw score grade out of 20 marks for the summative quiz via LEO 

       Assessment 2: Will be submitted via Turnitin. Feedback and marks will be posted on Turnitin Assessment 3: Assessment 3 will be conducted during the central exam period. 


Applications for extensions are to be made on the application form (see the ‘forms’ section of the student area of the university website) before the due date/time and must be supported with evidence such as a medical certificate. Late penalties apply for essays submitted after the due date/time without an approved extension.


Please note that applications for Special Consideration need to be made within 5 days of the due date of the assessment.



You must read the Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures in the University Handbook: they include rules on deadlines; penalties for late submission; extensions; and special consideration. If you have any queries on Assessment Policy, please see your Lecturer in Charge.



You have the responsibility to submit only work which is your own, or which properly acknowledges the thoughts, ideas, findings and/or work of others. The Framework for Academic Integrity and the Academic Honesty Policy are available from the website. Please read them, and note in particular that plagiarism, collusion and recycling of assignments are not acceptable. Penalties for academic dishonesty can vary in severity, and can include being excluded from the course. 


The ‘Turnitin’ application (a text-matching tool) will be used in this unit, in order to enable:


      students to improve their academic writing by identifying possible areas of poor citation and referencing in their written work; and


       teaching staff to identify areas of possible plagiarism in students’ written work.


       To submit, mark and return assessment tasks through the Grademark function in Turnitin.


While Turnitin can help in identifying problems with plagiarism, avoiding plagiarism is more important.


Information on avoiding plagiarism is available from the Academic Skills Unit.


For any assignment that has been created to allow submission through Turnitin (check the Assignment submission details for each assessment task), you should submit your draft well in advance of the due date (ideally, several days before) to ensure that you have time to work on any issues identified by

Turnitin. On the assignment due date, lecturers will have access to your final submission and the Turnitin Originality Report.


Please note that electronic marking, Grademark, is used in this unit using Turnitin. Turnitin will be used as a means of submitting, marking and returning assessment tasks and so a text matching percentage will appear on your submission automatically. 



Every campus provides information and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students. Indigenous Knowings are embedded in curricula for the benefit of all students at ACU. http://www.acu.edu.au/453155



If you are experiencing difficulties with learning, life issues or pastoral/spiritual concerns, or have a disability/medical condition which may impact on your studies, you are advised to notify your Lecturer in Charge, Course Coordinator and/or one of the services listed below as soon as possible. For all aspects of support please visit ACU Info section in the Student Portal.


      Academic Skills offers a variety of services, including workshops (on topics such as assignment writing, time management, reading strategies, referencing), drop-in sessions, group appointments and individual consultations. It has a 24-hour online booking system for individual or group consultations.


       Campus Ministry offers pastoral care, spiritual leadership and opportunities for you to be involved with community projects.


       The Career Development Service can assist you with finding employment, preparing a resume and employment application and preparing for interviews.


       The Counselling Service is a free, voluntary, confidential and non-judgmental service open to all students and staffed by qualified social workers or registered psychologists.


       Disability Services can assist you if you need educational adjustments because of a disability or chronic medical condition; please contact them as early as possible.

Inherent requirements 

To support your progression in this unit, students are directed to access the course inherent requirements, on the link below, to understand the essential aspects of their course. If you require assistance to enable you to achieve the knowledge, skills and attitudes outlined in the inherent requirements, please speak with your academic and or a disability advisor for support.


The LEO page for this unit contains further readings/ discussion forums. You can access the Unit via the link provided

The HLSC111 LEO page is set up as a number of tiles. Learning content is labelled as modules and other tiles have specific headings that identify the content/information you will find there. Please note that some modules will address content over several weeks

Each learning module will contain key questions for that week, suggested readings, a lesson overview, lecture, tutorial activities and any additional resources the team believes will be useful.

Assignment 2 

Written Assessment: You are required to write a formal academic essay. The essay will require an introduction, body, conclusion and reference list. All in-text citations must have a corresponding entry in the reference list. You are required to use APA (6th ed.) for formatting your essay, citing evidence in your essay and constructing your reference list. 


Due date:                                                         18/04/2018 By 3PM (AEST) 

Weighting:                                                     30%


Length and/or format:                            1,500 +/- 10% 

Purpose:                                                          The aim of this essay is to enable students to demonstrate an


understanding of and ability to apply the Transtheoretical Model of Change (Stages of Change Model) within an evidence based framework. In addition to this, students will identify components of Motivational Interviewing which could be utilised to assist with enabling a patient to change their health behaviours.

Learning outcomes assessed:

This assessment task assesses LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4

How to submit:

Students will submit their assessment to LEO via Turnitin. You


should submit your draft to Turnitin well in advance of the due






date (ideally, several days before) to ensure that you get your


Turnitin originality report and have time to work on any issues


identified by Turnitin.

Return of assignment:

The assignment will be returned via Turnitin on LEO with a grade


and feedback summary.


Ying is a 35 year old male and has attended an appointment with you as a health professional. Ying states “I am bit worried about my health, I have been smoking a pack of cigarettes per day for the last 10 years”.

Using the Transtheoretical Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing techniques, describe how you would support Ying through the Stages of Change cycle. 

Utilise evidenced based literature to support your discussion. For the purposes of this paper, while seminal work (early literature) may be referenced, current literature is a requirement. 





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