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HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice & Law

HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice & Law

HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice & Law

Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping):-

Students are required to follow the instructions by your lecturer to confirm any relevant information. You also need to follow any relevant announcement on Blackboard to confirm the due date and time of the assignment.

The individual assignment will assess students on the following learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the Australian income tax system, the concept of deductions, CGT, general anti-avoidance provisions and income tax administration. (ULO 1).

2. Identify and critically analyse taxation issues. (ULO 2).

3. Interpret the relevant taxation legislations and case law. (ULO 3).

4. Apply taxation principles to real life problems. (ULO 4)


This assignment task accounts for 25 % of total marks in this unit.

Total Marks:-

This assignment task accounts for 25 marks of total marks in this unit.

Word Limit:-

Max 2000 words (acceptable to be 10% above or below this word limit).

Due Date :-

Refer to the Unit Outline, as Normal & Block Modes have different due dates.

Submission Guidelines:-

Instructions: Please read carefully to avoid mistakes.

 Answer all questions.

 This assignment along with a completed Assignment Cover Page is to be submitted on Blackboard by the due date in soft-copy only.  The self-check links are no longer available as a separate link in each unit’s assessment. Students are now limited to attempt any given assignment submission a maximum of three times. After every attempt you will receive a SafeAssign originality report with Blackboard Learning Management System. This will provide detailed information about the matches found between your submitted works and existing sources.

 The assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Unit Outline and Student Handbook.  It is the responsibility of the student submitting the work to ensure that the work is in fact his/her own work. Incorporating another’s work or ideas into one’s own work without appropriate acknowledgement is an academic offence.

 The assignment must be in MS Word format, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbers.

 Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style. You also must refer to relevant legislation and/or case law in your answer. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.

 Note: Assessment task is set around the work that you have done in class. You are not expected to go outside the content of the unit but you are expected to explore it.


This assignment aims at assessing students on the Learning Outcome (LO) from 1 to 4 as mentioned above.

 Assignments’ Instructions and Requirements

 QUESTION 1- (15 MARKS) :-

John has applied and been approved a licence to operate a casino in Melbourne, which later on he named it The Casino East. John has received 10-year licence from Victorian Government to operate the casino. He also received approval for Casino’s building for a long period of time (90 years). John was instructed by the relevant Government agency to pay $180 million for the approved casino’s licence and $80 million as prepaid rent covering the first 10 years of casino’s rental. John has negotiated to pay $400,000 rental per year for the remaining 80 years of the lease.

With reference to relevant legislation and case law discuss whether casinos prepaid rent is considered a revenue expense or a capital expense.


Alex Kingsford is a mechanical engineer working for ABC Engineering in Melbourne. Alex owns a property in Dandenong, Victorian where he and his family are residing. He also runs a homebased food catering business, preparing food for local residents and school canteens. Catering business is well-structured. Alex works 15 days a month and earns a substantial income from the catering services business. He is travelling from ABC Engineering workshop to his homebased business by car or sometimes Uber. When he lodged his tax return in July 2019, he has requested a deduction for a substantial amount of travelling expenses between the ABC Engineering workshop and home-based food business. Alex is now seeking your advice. With reference to relevant legislation and case law discuss whether Alex’s travelling expenses between the ABC Engineering workshop and his homebased catering business is an allowable deduction.

Assignment Structure should be as the following (students’ responses involves calculations, and students must refer to the relevant legislation and/or cases whenever required according to the questions)

Marking criteria:-


HI6028 Taxation Theory, Practice & Law, taxation theory practice & law, taxation theory and practice notes, optimal taxation theory and principles of fairness, taxation social contract theory, taxation theory of public finance





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