HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise | Management Assignment Help

HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise | Management Assignment Help

HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise | Management Assignment Help

HI5016 International Trade and Enterprise Assignment Help

Assignment 1 Specifications


Students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a chosen research topic by applying international trade theories and concepts learnt during Week 1 to Week 5. The in-depth analysis of the chosen topic, should be supported by data/statistics, figures, tables and relevant literature.

A group of up to 4 students, will be provided with a set of topics (see below) from which the group must choose on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’. In this assignment, students are required to do better than recycle the lecture materials. Students are to research the chosen topic in more depth providing evidence of independent research.

Assignment Structure should be as the following:

Research Paper (worth 25%):

The research paper is to be structured and written as a seminar report. It, therefore, must begin with a Management (or Executive) Summary within which you state in stark form (i.e. unsupported by argument) what you are asserting in this paper and you must do that in less than two pages. You can begin the main body of the paper with some general background followed by a description and discussion of significance of the specific issues considered. This introduction will normally end with a brief paragraph outlining the plan of the rest of the paper. The next section which could be divided into 2-4 sub-sections containing an in-depth discussion of the relevant issues based on the existing literature and/or data. You must provide in-text references to your sources. The last section contains a brief summary followed by a complete list of references that are cited in the text of the paper. Follow a standard referencing method (APA style or Harvard Business) consistently.

Detailed requirements of the assignment

You are a group of advisors to the working in the Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs in Australia. As advisors you are first, required to write a research from a topic of your choice from the following covering the previous 5-10 years. 

Research Paper 1 Topics

1. Comparative advantage 

Choose any two countries chosen from the list of countries listed in Annex 1. For each country, identify an industry or industries in which the chosen countries have comparative advantage. You must use relevant data/statistics to support your analysis used in the identification

Explain the reasons/sources of the comparative advantage in each of the chosen countries

Suggest ways to improve the comparative advantage in each country

Reasons for the flow of trade and investment, the factors affecting the industry or industries and how Australia can benefit from these countries.

2. Terms of Trade

 Choose any two countries from the list of countries listed in Annex 1. For each country, analyse its terms-of-trade trend over the last 10 years using relevant facts/figures

 Identify and analyse factors affecting the trend in the terms-of-trade for each of the chosen countries

 Analyse how the terms-of-trade affect welfare in the chosen countries

 Advise the Minister on any benefits from these countries to Australia.

3. Export Subsidies in Agriculture, Wind/Solar energy industry

Choose either an agriculture or a wind/solar energy industry from any country listed in Annex 1 that currently provides export subsidies to the industries. Discuss positive and negative aspects of the export subsidies on the country’s economy.

Evaluate the effects of the export subsidies on the country’s welfare using relevant supporting data/statistics and literature

Examine the effects of effects of the subsidies on Australia (Only applies if the country chosen is not Australia. However, if the country is Australia explain the effects of the subsidies to other countries).

4. Pattern of Trade

Choose any two countries from the listed countries in Annex 1. For each country, describe its pattern of trade over the last 30 years using relevant data

Identify and analyse factors responsible for a changing trade pattern in the chosen countries

In your opinion, discuss if your findings conform with what the trade theories predict

Examine the effects of the pattern of trade on Australia (Only applies if the countries do not include Australia. However, if the countries include Australia explain the effects of the pattern of trade on other countries).


(i) Two groups must not research on an identical combination of 2 countries

(ii) The combination selected will be first come basis posted in Discussion Board

(iii) Following (i) and (ii), before choosing a combination check to identify that the countries is not identified.

(iv) A combination of countries can be in a pattern such as: Australia and Country x or Australia and country y; ---- or country x and y or x and n; ---. 

(v) This report should provide useful information for the Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs for appropriate strategic decision making for Australia and multinational enterprises in the country. 

(vi) The report should use a variety of resources, including the textbook, newspapers, industry reports, the ABS website, and other sources. 
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