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Health Care Assignment Help 2

Health Care Assignment Help 2

Are there any common solutions for these ulcers:-

Yes, there are few remedies that can be followed on your own without consulting a doctor



 This is the best remedy that you need to implement when your canker sore is in the initial stage. Generally, saltwater is a natural disinfectant, therefore swishing your mouth will salt water will affect the growth of canker sore. Take half cup of warm water and then dissolve half spoon of salt in it, stir the mixture very well and swish around your mouth for 30 to 45 seconds. After that spit the water and rinse your mouth very well with fresh water.


Coconut oil:-

If you are looking for a natural method to get rid of canker sores without using any artificial medicines or chemicals, then coconut oil is the best option. It is not only available abundantly, but also very tasty and safe to use. Coming to the method of using coconut oil for treatment, take a cotton swab or directly apply coconut oil on the sore with your hand. Do this for 2-3 days when you sense canker sore in your mouth.


Heal the canker using clove oil and cotton ball:-

Clove oil is a very good natural medicine for toothaches and canker sores, actually, clove has many medicinal values that can easily put an end to small throat infections also. Take 4-5 drops of clove oil, a half teaspoon of olive oil along with cotton balls and warm water. You can even use salt water.

 First of all, you need to swish your mouth either with salt water or normal water. Mix clover oil with olive oil and apply the mixture with a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball on the sore for about 5-6 minutes and then remove it. Repeat this once or twice in a day until the canker sore disappears.


Rub with pure honey:-

Honey is anti-inflammatory product and has the capacity to fight against bacteria; it is very useful to treat sore canker in your mouth. Take a wee dab of organic honey and warm water, and then follow these instructions to make your canker disappear. Clean your mouth gently with water; make sure that water touches all the teeth. Apply a thick dab of fresh and organic honey on the canker; allow honey to spread all over the sore.  Run the canker with pure honey for 2-3 times in a day, don't forget to do this at least once in the night. We advise you to consult a doctor if the canker sore lasts for more than three weeks and if it is accompanied by fever. However, you can try all these tips without any fear at all.


Aloe Rinse:-

Aloe is the mother of soothing plants; the gel which is made using this plant has high medicinal value. It would be very useful for eliminating canker sores on your mouth. Most people think that aloe vera gel can be used for face only but the natural gel which you get directly from the plant can sore as well. In order to remove canker on your skin, you need to have a tablespoon of aloe gel and tablespoon of water. Mix the gel with water and apply it over the sore for 2.3 times in a day. Slowly your canker sore will begin to disappear.


 Aloe Rinse

Rinse the canker with baking soda:-

You have seen it right; yes baking soda has the capacity to neutralize any acid. Therefore it can neutralize the power of canker sore and helps to heal more quickly. Coming to the remedy, mix a teaspoon of baking soda in half cup of water. Please make sure that the water is warm, rinse your mouth very well with the mixture and then rinse it with fresh water.


Consume probiotic yogurt:-

Yogurt is actually filled with a bacterium that is good for your health, and also it has the power to treat canker soar. Bacteria which is present in Probiotic yogurt is actually good for your intestine and increases your immunity system. You must eat probiotic yogurt every day to over the pain that is caused by mouth canker.



Chamomile Tea:-

Chamomile tea consists of ingredients which are very good for health and helps in faster digestion of food. Studies have already proved that Chamomile tea contains compounds with antiseptic properties. Chamomile speeds up the healing time of canker sore; you can either soak the canker sore in chamomile or drink warm tea to observe positive results.


Fenugreek leaves:-

 You might have used fenugreek leaves for making yummy curry, but it can also heal your canker sore. Believe it or not, fenugreek can improve your immune system. Many minerals like Zinc iron; riboflavin, phosphorous, carotene etc are present in Fenugreek leaves. You can add leaves to your food to get fenugreek in your diet; this is the indirect way of applying. If you want to move forward directly, take a glass and fill it with cold water, pour fenugreek seeds into it and squish your mouth with the mixture. Do it once or twice in a day to get rid of canker sores. Studies have shown that this is the best method to treat canker sores at home when compared to rest.


Milk of magnesia:-

 Just check how you can eliminate canker sores in your mouth by using Milk of magnesia and implement it carefully. You don't need to drip cups of milk every day, just take one sip and squish it in your mouth in such a way that the milk should touch the canker sore. Milk of magnesia can neutralize the acids in your mouth.In another way, you can likewise utilize a cotton swab to apply milk of magnesia specifically on the infection.



 We hope everyone knows the medicinal value of sage; it can kill powerful bacteria and other microorganisms. Put 2-3 spoons of dried sage in a cup of boiling water, let it cool for sometimes and rinse your mouth with this mixture for 2-3 times in a day.  Ensure that the liquid covers the area of canker sore so that it will heal as quickly as possible.


Vitamin E tablets:-

 Cut Vitamin E tablets and squeeze the liquid into canker sore, the liquid which is present inside the capsule will prevent the level of infection. Vitamin E tablets will help the canker throat to heal more quickly.


Do follow our instructions

People suffering from canker sore must prefer to eat nutritious food.

One should intake vitamins on a regular basis

Try to drink plenty of water

Never ever dare to poke at the canker sore with your tongue or any other external thingh

Try not to eat excessively hot and acidic nourishment.

Guarantee that you take vitamins on normal premise.

Try to relax and don’t take too much stress even if the project or work deadline is in front of you.

Consuming acidic foods may further increase the healing period of the canker sore.


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