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Health & Social Care Assignment Help

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this Unit Learners will:

LO1Understand different approaches and strategies used to measure, monitor and control the incidence of disease in communities

LO2Be able to investigate the implications of illness and disease in communities for the provision of health and social care services

LO3Understand the factors influencing the health and wellbeing of individuals in health or social care settings.


The aim of this unit is to raise learners’ awareness of factors influencing public health and the different approaches taken to reduce incidence of disease and illness in communities.


The objective of this assignment is to assess the awareness of the students on the impact of various factors influencing the health and wellbeing of individuals and the different approaches taken to reduce incidence of disease on provision of services will also be considered. This assignment aims to assess learners’ knowledge of the origins of public health policy and the current strategies in place. It will also assess their understanding of how public health is monitored, the origin and development of systems for promoting and protecting public health, and the range of key groups in influencing related policy. This assignment will also assesses students’ knowledge of regional, national, and international priorities and perspective, in assessing the effectiveness of strategies and policies for public health.

Health and social care assignment help

Public Health Project-scenario

WHO has appointed you as a Regional Public Health team leader for a specific country. You need to undertake a research and find one infectious and one non-infectious disease that are epidemic in that country. You must complete the given tasks as per these two diseases specifically.

TASK 1 – Diseases control - Essay

Write an essay for the following questions:

You don’t need to write any introduction and conclusion for this task.

Q1.In your chosen country, name different international, national and local agencies that are effective in public health and explain how they identify levels of health and disease in communities. [AC1.1] (300 words)

Q2. Using statistical data from valid research papers or websites, Explain the epidemiology of the one infectious and the one non-infectious disease that is widespread in your chosen country [AC1.2] (500 words)

Guideline: to explain the epidemiology of each disease you need to consider the following indicators:

1.Incidence rates and trends,

2.groups of people who are vulnerable to that disease,

3. causes,

4.how it spreads out and,

5.how to control the incidence of disease in communities (approaches and strategies)*

Q3. *In the 5th indicator above, when explaining the “approaches and strategies”, also evaluate the effectiveness of each strategy in controlling the incidence of the two diseases. [AC1.3] (200 words)

Higher Grading Descriptors

To achieve Distinction (D1): In Q1 and Q2 realistic improvements have been proposed in health-related information analysed from statistical data on infectious and non-infectious diseases.

To achieve Merit (M2): A range of techniques and methods has been applied to different approaches and strategies to control the incidence of diseases in Q3.

TASK 2 – Service provision - Report

Write a report for the following questions.

You need to write an introduction (50 words) and conclusion (50 words) for this task.

Q4. Using a research paper or a published journal or a valid website, determine current approaches and priorities to the provision of services for people with the chosen infectious or non-infectious disease. (You can choose one of them) [AC2.1] (200 words)

Q5. What is the relationship between the prevalence of the chosen infectious disease and requirements of services to support individuals within the health and social care service provision. [AC2.2] (200 words)

Q6.Considering the chosen non-infectious diseases, analyse how the current lifestyle choices influence the future needs for health and social care services. [AC2.3] (200 words)

Higher Grading Descriptors

To achieve Merit (M3) : The appropriate structure and approach has been used in explaining the relationship between the prevalence, incidence of diseases and service provision in your presentation.

To achieve Distinction (D2) : You will take responsibility for writing your report and implementing research. You must ensure that you manage and organise your research effectively.

TASK 3 – Health and wellbeing - Brochure

Health and social care assignment help

You are also working in the Health promotion department at a hospital and you are asked by your manager to make a professional brochure for the patients with the non-infectious disease.

Now you should answer the following questions related only to the chosen non-infectious disease:

Q7. Assess the health and wellbeing priorities for the people with the chosen non-infectious disease in the hospital. [AC3.1]

Q8.Evaluate the effectiveness of at least 2 strategies, 2 systems and 2 policies in promoting the health and wellbeing of the individuals with the non-infectious disease. [AC3.2]

Q9. Explain what are the changes that could be made to improve the health and wellbeing of these patients in the hospital or the public to encourage healthy lifestyle. [AC3.3]

Q10. Evaluate an activity that can be implemented to encourage behavioral change of the patients that will directly maximize their health in that hospital [AC3.4]

Higher Grading Descriptors

To achieve Distinction (D3) : Ideas have been generalised and decision taken is coherent in maximising positive behavioral change relating to lifestyle diseases in Q9.

To achieve Merit (M1) : In Q8 you have shown an effective approach to study and research has been applied to evaluate the effectiveness of systems , strategies and policies in promoting healthy lifestyles.

Guidelines for Report writing

Structure and format

You are advised to use the following format

Title page — the details of author, circulation, purpose of submission and date.

Contents — with page numbers.

Introduction — the background, the issue and the aim of the investigation.

Major sections — as many as necessary, usually covering the concepts used, the information collected and the evaluation.

Conclusions — overall findings of the investigation: the overall picture that has emerged and the implications.

Recommendations — actions that should be taken, based on the conclusions.

References — identification of literature and other sources used and referred to in the text.

 Ensure that all work had been proof-read and checked prior to submission.

 Ensure that the layout of your documents is in a professional format.

 Ensure that all references are quoted at the end of any question/document submitted (preferred: Harvard referencing).

 Ensure that you back-up your work regularly and apply version control to your documents.

 Ensure that there is an accompanying front cover sheet with your details, the unit details and your lecturer’s name.

 The college will retain your assessment copy so it is advisable for you to keep a copy for your own record.


Any act of plagiarism or collusion will be seriously dealt with according to the college regulations. In this context the definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below: Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s work as your own, It includes copying information directly from the Web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Collusion is working collaboratively with another learner to produce work that is submitted as the individual learners work Suspected acts of plagiarism or collusion will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the college procedure.

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