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TIP of the lecturer:

It's important to really think about what you're trying to find before presenting the survey questions. You also want to think about how easy and convenient it is for the customers to answer (you've done a good job with this but the 'please explain' sections don't have any column for them to provide an answer. 

You are in control of this survey so you want to think ahead about whether the answers to these questions will give you useful information to solve a problem or identify an opportunity.

1.   How often do you dine with us?

2.   What did you like best about our food and services?

3.   What did you NOT like about our food and services?

4. How quick or adequate was the speed of service?

5. Was the selection of beverages sufficient?

6. How would you rate our staff's ability to meet your needs?

7 -Is the hurricanes express (Delivery) quick ?The delivery was quick?The food was hot?

8- Is the hurricanes express an advantage to the competitors?

Assessment 2 -

See module 2 & 3 learning resources. Additional resources include -

I hope this helps but do let me know of further questions. 

The aim of the assessment is for you to try to present the perspective of the customers of a company that you are interested in (maybe even where you are working at the moment).

You are looking to understand what the customers' journey is with regards to your chosen company product or service. How does your service experience rate in their minds in comparison to competitors or other offerings. 

Interviews are certainly a great way to gather this type of information but when that's not possible for you, any kind of desktop, field research, observation, or existing customer data that the company may have (if you have access to this). 

Survey tools like Survey Monkey or even Facebook, Linkedin, or industry blogs and forums are another way to survey customers. 

From what you are able to gather about from or about the customers, create 3 profiles that show different perspectives or experiences (like you did with assessment 1). 

Based on the main experience issues identified in your customer profiles, compare your company (how there are doing) with 2 other competitors in these areas. 

You would ideally provide the customer profiles in a persona format. 

As you're also looking to reflect on their journey as customers, you should also aim to illustrate the customer journey as well (see module 2 slides and learning resources that point to this. Examples of free sites to help illustrate this more professionally include 

www.touchpointdashboard.com,  www.smaply.comwww.canvanizer.com



If you are doing this assessment based on your present place or work or a company where you have direct access to customers then yes, repeat sales that you've observed would qualify as observational data. Observational and field research could really be as simple as observing other customers (even as a customer yourself). For instance, while shopping at Woolworths, even as a customer myself, I can gather observational data just from being more deliberate in observing what other customers are doing. 

It is absolutely acceptable that your company is outperforming competitors in the 3 areas. The key is to justify this based on customer observation or feedback. 

Assessment 3 -

Assessment 3 is a CEM strategy. What should the organization do (based on issues you have identified in assessment 2 research) to improve its customer experience. 

Here you are pulling the CEM illustrative tools to walk your audience through your CEM strategy. This is where the voice over or zoom recording is required. 

Connect customer experience maps with updated business value proposition for each customer profile. 

The key her is the word updated business value proposition. You have outlined the customers’ journey and the current value proposition that the company offers them along that journey (the value proposition is something good that the company offers somewhere along the customers experience journey).

Now, suggest an improvement or update to the value that is being offered to the customer. Are there any negative or improvements that can be offered in the present customers’ experience?

Take the voice of the customer (VOC) and customer feedback into account when forming an experience strategy. 

The experience map is just the customers A – Z with the company from finding out about the company (i.e. advertising, word of mouth etc) to post purchase (i.e after sale service, warranties etc).

The experience strategy is what the company is doing to achieve a certain experience for the customer (i.e. Apple stores versus Dell online customization).

The question is asking that you take what the customer has experienced in the VOC into consideration towards forming an experience that they would appreciate or make them loyal to the company.

Explain how the customer experience will be measured and evaluated. 

The aim of the assessment is to look at a company and its customers to see what type of experience is currently being offered and to find opportunities to improve on that experience. Whatever you suggest, you want to make sure that it’s actually working. How might you do that? How, what or when will you check to make sure that the customer is having the experience you would like them to have and that this is actually creating a competitive advantage for the company.

Please to the journey map use smaply or canvas(Canvanizer)




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