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GSSC 1159 Being Social Assignment Help

GSSC 1159 Being Social Assignment Help

GSSC 1159 Being Social Assignment Help



Most of us consider ourselves to basically be honest, sincere people. But suppose you woke up one morning and found yourself in a courtroom with a judge asking you to objectively “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as you actually experienced it". Only what you’re supposed to tell the truth about is how you are conducting yourself in social interactions with others during an ordinary day. Then you start your actual day ….

The Field Study:- 

In this assignment you are to observe and document yourself acting as you usually do for one full day. But carry a notebook or electronic recording device, and write down when and how you didn't fully tell the truth in your social interactions with others.

Pay attention to your responses from the time you’re asked "So how did you sleep?", through your encounters with "Hi, how are you?", to such questions as a waiter's "How’s your meal?", a co-worker's "Isn't[latest movie or song] awesome?", a teacher's "So class, are there any questions?", or a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse’s "Do you love me?", and so on.

Please note that the purpose of this field study is not a moral exercise to determine whether you are an honest person. It is a sociological inquiry into the complex nature of human social interactions using your own experiences as an opportunity to study this.

Also note that while the focus is on times when you think you’re veering from fully telling the truth, a lie (in the sense of a false statement made with the intent to deceive) may not be the only form of ‘not fully telling the truth’ that you might be engaging in.

Writing Up and Reflecting On Your Findings:- 

Format your written paper in terms of four separate sections that answer the following questions:

1) Introduction: State the purpose of the field study. What are you going to do and why?

2) Methodology: How did you actually organize and carry out the field project? Also discuss any difficulties you encountered in setting up and doing the field study (If you didn’t encounter any difficulties, simply say so.).

3) Results — Not Fully Telling the Truth: Collect and report on the results of your study in a structured way. In what kinds of situations or particular encounters did you find yourself not fully telling the truth? Upon reflection, for what reason(s)?

4) Concluding Discussion: Although you were observing yourself interacting with others, can your observations tell us anything about how you think human beings interact with one another more generally? In other words, what did you learn from this project about humans as social beings and what’s involved in ‘being social’?

The Written Report:- 

Your written report should:

- be written up in four sections with appropriate section headings

- clearly and fully answer all parts of the assignment

- be double-spaced and about 3-4 pages in length with page numbers.

- adhere to the accepted rules and conventions of English grammar and composition, and

- pay attention to sound argumentation, the appropriate use of strong evidence, and the responsible use of rhetoric.

-include class content and resources

This assignment doesn’t require you to draw on outside resources. But if you do, they should be properly noted and referenced in a “References” section at the end in APA/MLA citation style-method.

Submit your assignment online before the start of class.

This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade and is dueONLINE via Blackboard ONLY and by 3:00 PM _____SEPTEMBER 18, 2017_____.

GSSC 1159 Being Social Assignment Help

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