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Government Housing Programs to Assist Low-Income Renters

Government Housing Programs to Assist Low-Income Renters

 Government Housing Programs to Assist Low-Income Renters

            Every year the government provides numbers that show and determines the low income for the reason of setting the limits on their aids and assistance. The income limits vary in different states based on the cost and standards of living in an area. The income rates may vary by county, region or city. For a renter to be recognized as a low-income earner, he or she has to earn below the state standard (Jacob, B.A., Kapustin, M. and Ludwig, J., 2015). A low-income family is, therefore, eligible for the government assistance in housing. Low-income families have difficulties in paying for safe, decent place to live several government programs are there to assist them in the rent. The low-income families live in subsidized housing which is more affordable for them in the neighborhoods near decent jobs and good schools for their children.

            The housing programs assist in the access to infrastructure to the low-income earners through the housing program. Low-income earners in many cases live in slums. Slums have very poor conditions regarding infrastructure, security, and safety. The government housing programs ensure that the conditions required for a dwelling house are met (Chambers, E.C. and Rosenbaum, E., 2014). The government through the public housing authority inspects the house units before moving in for assistance. The houses are required to have health and safety requirements for a dwelling. The programs ensure that there is access to infrastructure to the low-income earners. The houses have access to water and energy which is essential in the living standards of the public.

            Slums have come up due to poor housing for the low-income earners. Since they cannot afford the rent, they opt for cheaper housing options. Slums have no tenure security hence the development is not controlled due to the high demand for housing from the low-income earners the slums grow each day and highly populated (Coley, R.L., Kull, M., Leventhal, T. and Lynch, A.D., 2014).  By the government assisting the low-income earners, it ensures there is no slum growth in the urban areas since the public can afford better housing facilities.

            The government has an obligation of ensuring that the citizens access suitable housing conditions. Not all families in the country can afford good rentals due to their low income. Therefore, several government programs are put in place in ensuring that they assist the low-income families to find a decent and safe place to live. There are millions of low-income families across the country that requires assistance to find subsidized housing programs where it is safe for them to live(McClure K, 2006). The government is the backbone of many developments in the country hence through its assistance the low-income renters can get more opportunities regarding decent jobs and better living standards. In this essay there are some of the programs that the government has put in place to assist the low-income renters, they include:

•    Public Housing program


Public housing is a program set by the government to provide safe and decent rental housing for the low-income families, people with disability and also the elderly. Public housing programs come from different sizes and types i.e. from the single family housing to the high-rise houses that are for the old families. The government through the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development manages the public housing for the low-income residents (Kim, H., Burgard, S.A. and Seefeldt, K.S., 2017). The government furnishes technical matters and environmental planning in the public housing.

Public housing is only limited to the low-income families and individuals. The government determines the eligibility based on the annual gross income, a person or family is affected with a disability, whether you qualify as an elderly, citizenship of the country or immigration status that is eligible. Public housing programs help the low-income families to afford modest housing that prevent them from been homeless and avoid other housing instability. The public housing programs also help the families to access neighborhoods with good schools, health facilities and job opportunities which could have been difficult for them to rent homes. For the elderly and people with a disability, the program plays a significant role in enabling them to live in their home communities. This makes it efficient to access excellent facilities that such as nursing homes and other institutions in the neighborhood.

Public housing is funded by the federal government through two streams; public housing is operating funds which cover the gap between rents that the tenants pay for the public housing and the operating cost of the developments such as security and maintenance(McClure K, 2006). The other stream is the public housing capital Fund. This flow ensures that the funds are used for the renovation of the developments and replacement of the items such as heating and cooling equipment and appliances.




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