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Executive Summary

Globalization in today’s world helps a business to expand its geographic but now the dimensions of risky has changed and shifted. Now the landscapes of each country, region changes in every 3-5 years so the window have been shortened. Globalization along with opportunities also brings the unforeseen risks. But in this global market if business is not taking aggressive steps and expand their business, the chances of becoming invisible are more than the future risks. If we compare the global market with that of domestic market and their sizes, the conclusion would be that most of the customer base or potential customers for an organization are living in abroad. So if an organization start selling its products globally and its revenue gets doubled, triple or even quadruple than why business should not expand. The only thing to consider is to keep eyes open and continuously assess the changes happening. As we discussed the globalization has both positive and negative impacts on the businesses (Cramer, 2017).

Globalization has led to more inflow of foreign direct investment to countries and allowed the businesses to compete and enter in the markets which were earlier precluded to them. Globalization has led to the increase the competition between the businesses. Now the business has not only competed domestically but internationally or globally as well. The competition can be based on prices, quality, target markets, technology adaptations or the products and services offered (Ayeni, et al. 2017). When the cost of production is less for any organization, it can increase its market share by going global. Since the competition has increased manifolds, the organization are forced to make the quality and standard products in minimum costs. The company has to provide more quality, more value and more customer services to the people. By selling to large market globally and between different countries and continents, a business can achieve economies of scale by large scale production (Ball. Junemann, & Santori, 2017). This economies of scale brings down the cost significantly and thus make business very competitive. Most of the technology, techniques and service provisions are present at most of the places. So the company or business can transfer their production unit to those places where the labour cost is low and charges on resources are minimum and these things make business more competitive. Increase in number of Mergers and Acquisition have been one of the approach and companies are entering in mergers and acquisition to enter new potential markets. However, with the increase in competition has led many companies to find new technologies and take help of them so that they can exploit new business opportunities (Bradford, Guzmán, & Trujillo, 2017).

There is also negative impact of globalization on businesses such as higher fluctuation in the price as countries like China and India who are producing the products at very low prices causes other businesses to lower their prices. Also the changes in the international value of currency also affects the business in global businesses (Calvo, Rodeiro-Pazos, & Fernández-López, 2017). The understanding of technology, business, markets and industry should be there. Not only for domestic but global market as well and technologies in global world keep changing and updating very fast so it’s important for global manager to keep updating regarding the same. The global manager should have socio -economic and political knowledge and economic policies knowledge of each country. It is very important for the global manger to have the understanding of societal norms, rituals and rites, beliefs, behaviours and motivation of each country involved. Some countries are very conservative in their culture and some are open and a global manager should deal the situations accordingly (Hans, 2019).Along with industry, manager of international level should have proper understanding of business a swell like its flaws and drawbacks, bottlenecks, processes.


The globalization has increased the awareness of customer and they know what quality, costs and service they are getting from different businesses and so they have become selective. With globalization, businesses scan enter foreign market with any strategies. This report has divulged the key implication of the globalisation trend and its impact on the business economy. The implication of the business strategy and undertaken work program supported by the core arguments on the trend of the globalisation has been taken into consideration. In context with the companies, it is found that more companies are taking their business on global level with a view to strengthen the market share and increasing the overall sales (Tijssen, van de Klippe, & Yegros, 2019). The global market with that of domestic market and their sizes, the conclusion would be that most of the customer base or potential customers for an organization and showing the strengthen business outcomes which could attract more clients in market. In the starting of this report, implication of the globalisation and its key impact has been taken into consideration. After that the supporting argument in context with the statement and its implication with the company has been divulged. After that the results and discussion have been made in context with the globalisation and its impact on the business and the reason of influencing factors to take the companies on the global level to operate the business. In the end, conclusion has been drawn with the proper logical flow of the reasoning and strengthen outcomes. The globalisation is required for the organisation to sustain in long run and keep the business more profitable in this competitive world.


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