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Gap between Employee Motivation and Organization

Gap between Employee Motivation and Organization


Analyzing a Gap between Employee Motivation and Organization Space that affects the overall Organizational Culture

1.0 Introduction

It has been researched that the strong organizational culture has a direct relation with the organizational productivity and innovation. And, organizational culture is directly influenced by the office design and organizational space management. (Anne Loehr, n.d.) This refers that the organizational productivity and innovation is directly influenced by the office design and organizational space management.

1.1. Research Questions

The question here arises that-

“Whether there is any gap between the motivation level of employees and office design?”

“Does an Employee motivational level towards work gets affected with the poor working conditions and office space”?

1.2 Organizational Space

Organizational space is referred to as the overall design of an office or an organization internally as well as externally. It refers to the space available for the employees to walk, to sit, ‘plug and play’ desks, leisure activities and for other purposes as required. It also includes the design of an office place in terms of color combination, fall ceilings, ventilation, flooring, cleanliness, garbage management, wallpapers and wall designs etc. For Example: A Children’s Hospital having a good play area, bright colors, cartoon characters being painted on walls, availability of toys will have better impact on a child’s recovery and overall motivation.

There have been many changes today in the face of organizational space and office designs as compared to the traditional space placements. (Forbes.com. 2017) Traditionally, there were no focus on aesthetics and every available space used to be engaged with something like file keeping or anything with a strong reluctance to provide a free space in an office. But, today high attention is provided towards the looks, design and aesthetics of an organization with high quality lights, AC’s, fall ceilings, floorings, wall papers and wall designs, along with a strong emphasis on the free space that provides a breathing and relaxation space to employees.

1.3 Problem Statement

Knowing the value of organized office space and comfortable as well as aesthetic ambience at a work place, the literature has proved its link with the increased productivity and effective communication. But, would it be having any link with the motivation of employees is a question? Or we could simply ask what level of motivation does office design gives to the employees? It could be framed like how much value does organizational space possess in terms of employee motivation?

So, the researcher is all set to view this problem statement critically and would try to find the active link between or would fill a gap between the employee motivation and organizational space that also affects the organizational culture as described in the second last paragraph of 1.2.

2.0 Literature Review

Jacob Morgan (2015) stated the characteristics of the work place and design. It is the physical ambience, people’s demographics, leisure activities, catered meals, nice ventilated Gym, office floor plan and a lounge area, to state as few.  A proper care should be taken while designing the work space or an office as a small shift in the design contrary to the employee’s expectation can pose a dramatic effect on the productivity of employees. The key is to have multiple floor plans rather than focusing on a single floor plan, as adopted by the successful companies like LinkedIn, Cisco and Airbnb.

Shannon Gausepohl (2016) embarked the weakness of an open plan office where the privacy of individuals gets at halt. Due to this, many employees lose their productivity as every individual should have some of his/her privacy that should be taken care of. Morris Levy (n.d.) put up his word towards the importance of work place in one’s life. Every body works to earn living and for that purpose spends most of their time in the office. If the office environment, space and ambience is not conducive to their expectations, needs and desires, then it will certainly lay a negative effect on their productivity and innovation.



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