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In the recent days, people are concern for the children, who are sick or do have the capacity of receiving proper treatment. In the society, many non government organisations (NGO) are there, who try to provide treatment to the children, who are sick. In this case, the workers of non-government organisations identify the children and help them to recover from their illness. In order to provide treatment, it is necessary to build the fund in the appropriate way. Without the help of the common people of country, it is not possible for the authority of NGO to provide perfect treatment to the users. In this situation, this study will emphasise on the importance of fundraising in order to provide treatment to the users of the organisation. In order to develop the study, the venture Kids Helpline has been chosen. It will focus on the process of development, approval and production using the tool of communication. 

Part 1


1. Target audience

The social care ventures try to provide support and care to the children who are suffering from various kinds of diseases. As per the viewpoint of Tsimicalis et al. (2012), if the general people of the country can provide monetary support, the organisations are able to provide better treatment or service to the sick children. The Kids Help line is the organisation, which provides support and care to the children as they can recover from their illness as early as possible (kidshelpline.com, 2017). Hence, the authority of Kids Helpline, selects the children, who are suffering from disease and try to build fund for providing them best support and treatment.

In order to build fund, it is necessary to make people know about the activity of the healthcare enterprises. In the context of providing treatment to the sick children, the organisations need to select the specific area from which, they are able to collect the money. In order to build fund, the authority of Kids Helpline needs to convince the people about their activity. If they are able to convince the people in the proper way, they would be able to get effective outcome.


2. Purpose

In the modern era, it is also seen that, many children are suffering from diseases and the guardians are not able to provide attention to their child because of their engagement in work. As asserted by Gillis (2015), the children of the present era feel neglected in many times as they are not able to get attention of their parents. Hence, they are suffering from loneliness. On the other hand, it is also seen that, the parent of the sick children do not have the capacity of providing treatment due to poverty. Therefore, in order to solve the above mentioned problems, the non government organisations (NGO) try to build fund as they can help the sick children in the appropriate way.


The purpose of this study is build fund for providing treatment to sick children in the appropriate manner.



4. Rationale because of selecting the tool of communication

In the modern days, the parents of the children are busy in their work. Hence, they are not able to spend more time with their children. Therefore, it is seen that, the children do not express their problems in proper time. According to Kristoff, Wessner & Spatz (2014), most of the children are suffering from loneliness. As they feel alone, many type diseases occur. Often, the children are suffering from mental problem. In this case, the authority of Kids Helpline takes the initiative of providing treatment to the children who are suffering from illness.

On the other hand, it is also noticed that, the guardians of the children are not able to provide proper treatment due to their poverty. Many times, it is also seen that, the parents are not aware of the problems of their children. Hence, when it takes the big shape, the parents have nothing to do.

As mentioned by Burtscher & Burza, (2015), at present, the children are suffering from severe disease like cancer, liver problem, heart disease and many others. In the news of the National health, it is seen that, around 950 children are suffering from cancer per year. Among them, around 30% children are not able to survive (smh.com.au, 2017).

On the other hand, it is also seen that, around 14 to 20 children are suffering from rhabdomyosarcoma, which is considered as muscle cancer, in Australia. In this case, the above mentioned cancer creates problem in bladder. However, in case of Blake, it creates problem in his bladder (smh.com.au, 2017).


Seeing the above mentioned condition in the society, the organisations of non government take the policy of providing help and monetary support to the sick children. In this case, the authority of Kids Helpline tries to make awareness of the people as they can get help for them. Their motto is to build fund as they can provide proper treatment to children, who are suffering from severe diseases. If the common people can contribute little money for building the fund, the authority of Kids Helpline can provide treatment to the children who have no capacity of receiving treatment due to poverty.

Reference list


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