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Following the latest purchasing managers index (PMI) the sharp increase of different activities in the construction industry generate growth for the Irish economy. The demand for homes and other construction criteria has created a major way for managing the profitability purposes of the economy and the different organizations. In this paper, the emphasis will be on the construction industry of Ireland that is driven by BREXIT. Furthermore, the different challenges that the construction industry has faced and the process of managing the entire different work implication will state the different criteria. The government of Ireland and the specified market implications consider the several trading purposes for future development and growth. The high market related aspect and the stated formation consider the specified statement that can focus on the construction business and bring profitability to the economy. The various channels of UK, BREXIT will consider the overall trade related estimation and stated many work planning for managing the development purposes. BREXIT’s impact on trading structure especially to the construction business will state the growth of GDP. The managed services will put a huge impact to the demand criteria related to the future trading aspect that can associate with the further work statement. The Customer Union in UK helps to manage the different assistance that can engage in the proper work related criteria and consider progressive approaches in a better manner. The labor intensive sector of the Irish economy formulates the competitive construction related trading business so that the overall growth implications can able to manage. Some of the rural parts of Ireland also focus on the different and significant market so that the major working specifications can able to maintain in a significant manner.

1.2 Research background:-

The background of the research will focus towards the high trade related involvement of BREXIT within Ireland’s construction industry. As UK is having the effective financial implication so they have the proper aspect to deal with the trading criteria in a better manner. The key financial implications along with the specified market statement generate the effective proposition that can help to structure FDI purposes in a better manner. As Ireland has their effective trade basis in the construction market so they have created the particular approaches based on the overall profitability implication.

It has been noted that due to the closer financial linkages of the Irish economy with UK, the exposure towards trade and related practices have evolved and witnessed an upsurge. Although the impact of BREXIT is expected to be severe , however , the intensity cannot be predominantly measured owing to the vastness in consequences. It will essentially be determined by the amount of trade closeness that characterises the relationship between Irish economy and UK. Hence, the background of the current research study has been intelligently suggested in order to fathom out the dire consequences that might intensely affect the Irish economy with a special focus on the Construction sector. 

1.3 Problem statement:-

Irish Trade is seen to be significantly determined and affected by the UK and the reactive responses of the governing professionals who have a strong impact on the nation’s productivity. Owing to the close connection between the Irish and the UK economy , the trading practices have been considerably sketched in the pattern of UK influences. Considering this to be the scenario since ages, it can be stated that the decision of leaving UK leaving the EU can lead to unprecedented consequences likely the increase in Tariff and non-Tariff barriers. The export and import procedures could even sloth the global trade patterns lowering the overall growth of the nations. Hence, considering this to be an issue of major concern, the problem statement of the research paper has been identified as the recognition of the fallacies that are associated with the BREXIT phenomenon and the eventual consequences that follow the same. 

1.4 Research question

Primary Research Question

In what ways has the Irish construction sector’s trade with the UK been influenced by BREXIT?

Sub Questions

1. What are the key pros and cons of the Brexit in Ireland?

2. How has Brexit affected the UK -Foreign Trade of the construction sector across Ireland?

3. What are some viable suggestions concerning the UK-Foreign Trade post Brexit in order to enhance the existing status of the Foreign trade of Irish Construction sector?

1.5 Research aims:-

It is a standardised rule that every research has a set of aims and objectives that are being designated to accomplish the actual motivation behind conducting the study. To keep sync with the research needs, the aims and objectives are decided with meticulousness and sufficient knowledge. Considering the need of the study paper, the aims and objectives have been decided accordingly. The research aims are as follows:

     ·       To assess the impact of BREXIT on the Irish economy

     ·       To understanding the corresponding relationship between the Irish economy and UK

     ·       To have a satisfactory explanation on the impact of BREXIT on the Irish construction sector

1.6 Research objectives:-

1       To study the impact of Brexit on the operational performances of different sectors in Ireland

2       To understand the impact of Brexit on UK Foreign trade in Ireland

3       To study the pros cons of Brexit over the Irish construction industry post BREXIT

4      To suggest viable recommendations on the challenges concerning the UK-Foreign Trade post Brexit in order to enhance the existing status of the Foreign trade of Irish Construction sector

2.Literature review:-


2.1 Introduction

The researcher will attempt to focus towards the different planning based structure that include the construction industry based statement and their market strategy. The economic statement also highlighted in the overall process so that Ireland construction industry can get the perfect support from BREXIT. Therefore, the study is liable to be based on the differential situation that looks into the development of trading facilities and functions by Ireland in the United Kingdom. The literature review is liable to be based on the variety of aspects of functions of trading relationship in order to secure the functions made under the diplomatic situations of the trading relations before and after the BREXIT. Hence, it can be understood from the topic and preliminary discussions that the situations before and after the BREXIT has been highly critical for the trading functions and operations of Ireland as it has been engaged into a steady and relatable relationship with United Kingdom for over a decade of functions. Hence, the construction sector has been induced with variety of criterion where the infringement of such factors has been highly influential. Thus, an in-depth discussion is required in this prospect in order to understand the impacts that Ireland has gone through over this period when BREXIT has more or less affected the trading relationships of a number of countries especially in the European Union.

2.2 Present construction industry situation of Ireland

Following the economic statement along with the employment basis the overall approaches related to trading purposes get maintained in a particular way. Other than that the enterprise profile, internationalization and training along with the education purposes get structured in an applicable manner.

The proper industry analysis and the market focused applications help to generate the perfect base that renewed the buyer rebate. With the suggestive implications based on the mortgage finance and the later implied possibilities will create the systematic market engagement in a particular manner. Rebuilding the planning and the Ireland’s action planning based orientation put a positive impact that can continue to generate the housebuilding levels. In the year 2018, Ireland has focused on the construction industry more specifically and based on that they have generated the proper completion rate of 20,000. The social housing and the implied action planning possibilities help to invest €5.3 billion between the years 2022 in order to meet the demand of the housing sector across the country. The proper management of the workforce and considering the stated market implications focused on the several work diversification so that the workers can able to work perfectly.


The construction industry in the present sector has been found to be effectively functioning through increase in a number of sectors in terms of profit as well as distribution of workers in the industry. In the present financial year of 2018 it has been found that the land even after being bruised by the impacts of BREXIT has been functioning profitably through increase in the profit percentage. In the present year the increase in the profit has been found to be by about 14 per cent (Barrettet al. 2015). This rise in the profit percentage by the construction sector of Ireland has been effective and has been found to be preferential for the economy of the Ireland. Although the growth figure of the 14 per cent is not quite impressive it can be considered that the lows that the industry that is construction industry of Ireland has covered has been quite liberal and comparative in the present day growth. The industry however, felt a collapse in the year of 2012 as it had regular and quite a string blow to the functions of the industry which is one of the greatest supports for the Ireland economy. It can also be stated under this stances, that the industrial sector that is the construction industry of Ireland has gone through consistent growth over the next 5 years. However, the output that is produced by the industry in the present day has still been found to be lower than 12 per cent (Lawless and Morgenroth, 2019). Hence, the situation has been found or taken to be positive as it looks into the congruence of functioning making it a positive sign that the industry in Ireland is flying ahead based on a steady growth that they are attaining over the years of functioning. 

 2.3 Impact of BREXIT on UK trade policies:-

The trade policies and the assisted specification consider the better implication that follow up the different policies in an effective manner. The appropriate outcome related to the UK trade policies ad their negotiation purposes help to enhance the different market related criteria. BREXIT has created the particular market association in order to manage the systematic work flow and further monitor the overall activities in a particular manner. At present, the different EU countries considering Ireland and UK get fully benefited by the involvement of BREXIT in the service related industries and making the trade relations in a perfect manner. The principle related to the free movement facilitate the people in such a manner that can adjust with the proper working and service related assessment. The different coordination and their effective market statement helps to generate the perfect facilitation based on the service related criteria within Ireland.

2.4 Influence of Irish construction industry on the Irish economy:-

The president of the Construction Industry Federation is of the opinion that the construction sector is the central to the economic growth and development of the country. In order to improve the outcome of the Irish industry the Irish government has undertaken significant initiatives in order to improve the policies in favour of the industry. In order to end the volatility of Irish economy the construction industry and the development of the industry have become one of the chief motifs of Irish government. Construction sector o Ireland is one of the key sectors that employs more than 28% of the workforce (Sumption, 2017). As far as the industry need is concerned, the current scenario suggests that the industry requires certainty and it is possible for the Irish government to provide the same and stabilize the income from the sector with the help of emphasizing its commitment to the capital programme that can give the local employment in the industry a significant upsurge. The following factors have influenced the outcome of the construction sector and it is important to discuss these influential factors in details.


Murphy (2017) has opined that fluctuation of currency has significant impact on the value as well as on the cost of goods and services that are provided by important institutions of a particular economy. The fluctuation of currency tend to have significant impact on the cost and the value of goods and the services. The Brexit has not affected the existing contracts that are being worked on in the UK. The chief reason behind this is that they are considered to be a UK registered entity and thus operate solely within the sterling area. The fluctuation that is going on can drive financial exchange hedging in place or the entities can continue to operate in the Sterling zone. The movements of currency can have negative impact over the Irish goods and services. It is possible that the clients of the construction industries to a great extent can looking at the reduction of the product prices for the UK market. Such reduction in the United Kingdom market has been found to be exponentially developing the scenario over the time as the greater demand of the construction products and services would be liable to yield greater options on the functional attributes of the construction sector in Ireland. Beyond the BREXITsituation it has been found that the currency flow took time to rebuild as well as to show a regrowth in the currency flow (Vegaet al. 2018). Hence, the fluctuation in the currency flow has been aimed to be addressed through development of negotiation with the major industries in the nation that is Ireland.

Impact on the confidence:-

The recent scenario of the Irish construction industry suggests moderate growth and the pace of expansion has been slowest since March, 2015. Brookset al (2018) have identified the construction sector to be one of the key sectors of Irish economy and it contributed £ 15 billion to the GDP in the year 2016. according to the Central Bank of Ireland, the Irish economy expanded in GDP terms by 3.5% in 2017. however, the future growth predictions can face challenges due to inadequate skilled labour sourcing in the industry that can fill the important vacancies. Sumption(2017) has noted that the currency fluctuations is the competitiveness of the Irish companies that are trading with UK. The current scenario suggests that Ireland is in a situation where the cost of goods and services can be negatively influenced by the movements of the currency. Most of the companies of the industry have perceived a shift in the product prices that is gradually reducing for the UK market. Brexit has significant implication on the required skills for the labours in order to enhance the productive outcome of the industry. Brexit has also been considered as the potential catalyst for increasing the construction activities that an help in mitigating the current shortage of skills in the labours of the industry.

2.5 Opportunities for Irish construction sector:-

The construction sector if Ireland has been found to be an emerging energy in terms of the growth of the construction industry. Development in variety of grounds of sustenance has been found to be effective in terms of growth of the contributing factors of the construction industry in Ireland. Comparative liability would be consisting of a number of aspects that could be influential for the development of the Irish construction sector. Although the Ireland has lost the opportunity of the UK contractors after the BREXIT there has been large contribution of the inland contracts that has emerged as one of the greatest opportunity of the land to bring about success in terms of growth in the construction industrial sector after the long phase of lag in this sector. The construction industry of Ireland was found to have become half in size due to the recession that hit the global market in the year 2008 (Dohertyet al.2017).However, emerging market could be brought about to be attaining certain hikes at the end of the year 2018. However, since the overcoming of these aspects that construction industry of Ireland was again found to be blooming with an output of about 38.6 billion euro. This accounted for about 9 per cent of the total Gross Domestic Production of the country. The performance of the Irish market in the year 2009 was found to be the worst as it looked into the continuous downfall of the principal factor of housebuilding.This was also because of the cut down of the overseas investment in the construction sector that could be probably a large part of the investment concern of the Ireland. By the end of the 2012 the Irish construction sector had bottomed out when the construction activities within the country could be as low as 9.4 billion euro. The annual output that was produced by this sector had lost its value by about 75 per cent. This is mainly because of the production rate fall 29.2 billion euro cumulatively in five years.

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