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The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to more deeply examine a specific aspect of forensic psychology and to gain additional insight into how psychology may be applied to the legal arena. Specifically, this assignment will demonstrate the continual challenge between the legal system and psychology in terms of identifying the usefulness of psychological knowledge. As such, you are to think about the question below and write an essay that describes how and when related psychological knowledge can best be used to answer this question. In order to do this effectively, you should: (1) identify the main area of psychology that relates to the question below and demonstrate how the question “fits” within this area of psychology, (2) identify and describe two specific factors (from lecture) that relate to the effective application of this area to the law (including a summary of 1 article for each factor), and (3) combine the information from the description of the factors to indicate exactly what role psychology can effectively play in addressing the statement you selected.


Question: Are eyewitness identifications reliable?



***Please ensure that your assignment includes the following sub-headings which are in BOLD below:


  • Introduction (very short) – what is the question and what is included in your paper.
  • Identification of Area - identification of a main area of psychology and a description of how the question fits within this area.
  • Factor 1 - identification of Factor 1 and how it relates to the question (including a summary of one related article). You must choose one the following factors: age, stress/arousal, gender, weapons effect.
    • Factor 1 Description – review how this factor is related to the question of eyewitness reliability.
    • Factor 1 Article Summary – summary of what the article was looking at and what was found.
  • Factor 2 - identification of Factor 2 and how it relates to the question (including a summary of one related article). You must choose one the following factors: illumination, event duration. personality, post-event information.
    • Factor 2 Description - review how this factor is related to the question of eyewitness reliability
    • Factor 2 Article Summary - summary of what the article was looking at and what was found.
  • Conclusion – summarize all of the above information and how it relates to answering the question



This assignment is worth 30% of your final grade in this unit. All assignments must be typed and double-spaced. Citations and referencing must follow APA Style. The essay is to be approximately 1700 words in length and is due on Monday May 21, 2018 by midnight. Please note the below submission instructions.


Essay Submission Requirements

The essay must be submitted by emailing it to Professor Pfeifer (jpfeifer@swin.edu.au). An Assessment Cover Sheet must be submitted with your assignment (the Assessment Cover Sheet is located on your BB site under the “Assignment” tab). It is strongly advised that students retain an electronic or hard copy of their written work after submission.


Extensions and Late Submission

In accordance with University policy, unless an extension has been approved you cannot submit an assessment after the due date. If this does occur, you will be penalised 10% of the assessments worth for each calendar day the task is late up to a maximum of 5 days. After 5 days a zero result will be recorded. Please note that Friday May 25, 2018 is the last day of classes and as such assignments cannot be accepted after that date.



A. Style (grammar, sentence construction, etc.) ………………….   10%

B. Identification of Area …………..… …………………………..  10%

C. Factor 1 (summary 15%, article review 15%) ……..…………… 30%

D. Factor 2 (summary 15%, article review 15%) ………………….  30%

E. Summary of Factor 1 & 2 and relationship to Question ……….  20%


*Please Note: students may receive a bonus for early completion of the assignment as described below:

·         If received by midnight April 23 a bonus of 3 marks will be added

·         If received by midnight May 7 a bonus of 2 marks will be added

·         If received by midnight May 14 a bonus of 1 mark will be added



Grading of the assignment will be provided through the following structure:


Style (grammar, sentence construction, etc.)                                              /10


Identification of Area/Context of Issue                                                       /10


Discussion of Factor 1                                                                                   /30

  • Description of Factor (15)
  • Summary of Article 1 (15)


Discussion of Factor 2                                                                                   /30

  • Description of Factor (15)
  • Summary of Article 1 (15)


Summary of Factor 1 & 2 and Relationship to Question                          /20


TOTAL         /100


GRADE           /30


Article Instructions: Selected articles must be from a peer-reviewed academic journal and should describe one study (as opposed to a summary article which describes a number of studies). You can search for articles through the library link and the following tabs: “Search” “Databases” “P” (letter selection at top of screen) “PsychNET (APA)”. Journal articles will be labelled as “Journal” on the left-hand margin. Ensure that you employ APA referencing for articles and citations within the essay (see below).


APA Referencing System:





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