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Food Truck Sells food in festival

Food Truck Sells food in festival


Executive Summary

Yummy Salibriuoshas focused more on taste and quality of food. We have long- term business plan and also want to make this profitable one. We’ll provide a different variety to our customers and will focus on winning customers heart so that they become our loyal customer. We are seeking to invest 2.4 cr and make profit to double in three years.

We also have identified the location that where are we going to serve people and have targeted to all class of customers. Our potential customers will be all like Kids, young and old.

Company’s Overview

Yummy Salubrious will be a food truck business in Canberra, and will serve customers with traditional Australian food with taste and quality. It will include fresh ingredients in our food for making our customers delighted and satisfied. We also ensure that our customers knows our key ingredients in our food so that they can be satisfied with our food quality and it will help them to enable to make conscious food choices.

Pain Points

1.       Limitation of Instant Service Provider: People generally don’t get time to go in restaurants and especially at the time of occasions and festivals, it gets too difficult to go out and find crowd too much. People also get sad when they go out on concerts and they do not get anything to eat.

2.       Quality Services: Now a days people are so specific on quality of service which we are offering. They do not like to compromise with service quality.

3.       Unemployment: Despite of having skills, people do not get the employment opportunities.

4.       Unorganized local market: Lack of professionalism of service person and pricing issues, deviation of timing by the service person is a pain point for the customer.

We as the solution

-          We provide food where people can get the quality of food and variety of food as well.

-          We also provide options for online boking of food and we deliver at the time as per the client.

-          We create employment opportunities for the ones who are not getting the jobs according to their potential.

-         Quick delivery of service that too available at minimum rate of 10$.


Yummy Salubrious (The name of the food truck) is evolving the way the world moves. By connecting with large number of customers via our apps an online platform , we cater to their service needs at the customer’s doorstep and also opening the possibilities for the customer convenience.


We seek to build a partnership philosophy based on the solid and trusting relationship with our key stakeholders.

Our Values

Customer Commitment: We believe in making relationship with our customers and also make sure that it brings positive change in customer’s lives.

Quality: We never compromise with the quality of food as we know food is the only thing that could be never be compromised in terms of the quality. We make sure we provide the best food we can.

Integrity: We uphold highest standards of integrity in our actions.

Teamwork: We work as a team, whether he/she is a delivery person or a cook. It is important to win the customer’s heart and fulfill their needs as well.

Respect for people: We value our people and our customers as well. We encourage our employees and also give them awards for their motivation.

Personal Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering our commitments.

Quality you can feel

From the first bite of our food to the last bite , quality is the only thing that will remain in the food. We do not freeze, we do not pre-pack, we do not over process . We just like to make things in a traditional way.

Our commitment with the quality is very strong and customers can feel with the taste of food. 100% fresh ingredients is the surety. Our commitment to quality does not stope here. We do not use microwave to cook food but we usually bake our buns. Our speciality is chicken and we buy chicken from the fresh department.

And no doubt great chicken  deserves the great accompanied by great fries. And it comes from the finest, freshest ingredients we could find, potatoes shipped right from the farm. They are separately cut in our truck , then cooked in 100% pure vegetable oil.

Marketing and Sales

For success of the business, promotion and marketing is the main essentials of business.

For food truck business it is important that we make sure that our truck has different design, it should have brand promotion. We also need to create plans and strategy that how we extend our reach.

Some of the strategies would be:

1.       Company’s Website: We need to keep our website updated and include all the informations related to food menu, discounts etc.

2.       Social Media: Facebook, Intagram and Twitter can generate interest and it can keep our food truck business actively engaged with our online customer base.

3.       Outlets: For we have contact our local news outlets to get the coverage and add some USP in the news outlet what we are selling.

4.       Involvement in the local festivals/Concerts: For the beginning we can start the business by donating food to people and giving some extra discounts in festivals and concerts. It will make our business more famous and people will show interest too.


For sales we need to include some sales information in our food truck business. Some key points are:

1.       Number of sales that will help me to keep my food truck open.

2.       Number of sales that we can make profit.

3.       Food prices and the cost of the food.

4.       Days and hours planning on sale.

Industry and target market analysis

Industry Profile

The food truck business incudes vendors who mainly prepare and serve food from a motorized and non -motorized vehicle. It includes food trucks, trailers and food carts etc. Hand picked top food trucks in Canberra , Act. Our 50 points inspection include everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation etc.

Competition and New Entrants

Our goal is to serve all the meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner and evening snacks as well. Also we have focused on our quality of food and healthiness. Hence, no food truck in Canberra are our direct competitors.




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