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This section consists of the following assessment tasks:


A.               Part 1 Learning Activity questions (90 marks)if not already provided to you please email support@financeinstitute.com.au to obtain the link to complete this task online


B.               Part 2 Learning Activity questions (60 marks)if not already provided to you please email support@financeinstitute.com.au to obtain the link to complete this task online


C.               Assignment 1 - CASE STUDY 1 - You are required to complete 1 submission to a lender on behalf of these clients (20 marks)


D.              Assignment 2 - CASE STUDY 2 - You are required to complete 2 submissions for these equipment finance clients (20 marks)


E.               Assignment 3 - THEORY ASSIGNMENT - This is an open book assignment on the units studied within this course (30 marks)


F.                Assignment 4 – SERVICING AND RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT - You are required to use what you have learned and your research skills to obtain information necessary to understand the complex requirements and risks when providing broking services to clients with complex loan needs (30 marks)


G.              Assignment 5 – SUSTAINABILITY PLANNING Business Plan - You are required to use the information provided in Part 1 along with research on the internet to prepare a Sustainability Business Plan (30 marks)


H.              Compulsory Education Department Feedback form


The Assessment is comprised of online questions + 5 assignments that as a whole make up the complete Assessment. You are required to complete the online questions then submit the remaining 5 assignments together.


Please note, extensive answers are not always required. Brief answers may be appropriate for some questions as long as you ensure your response adequately addresses the question.


IMPORTANT: Presenting your Assessment submission in a format that is clear and appropriately structured forms part of your assessment and also demonstrates your ability to communicate ideas and concepts and use technology.


After NFI has reviewed your Learning Activity question answers and your 5 Assignments have been marked, your marks will be advised put into the online platform.


All Assessments tasks should be submitted together ie. at the same time, either by mail or email or by uploading into the online platform.


Your completed assessments will NOT be returned to you as they are retained for audit purposes as required.


The assessment tasks will also be used to assess your language and literacy skills. The assessor will check your assignments to ensure


Ø  that they are accurate with correct grammar and punctuation


Ø  that they are appropriate to the target audience


Ø  that they show planning and organisational skill


Ø  that they demonstrate your ability to search for products and service information and use problem solving approaches to identify customer needs and expectations.


TIME LIMITS - You have six (6) months in which to complete all of your course assessments. You may submit your assessments at any time within this six month period. Extensions are only available after this time for an additional fee. If your six months expires you will no longer have online access available.


PASS MARK - The assessments above together form the full assessment content of this Diploma course and you are required to achieve 80% on each assessment task in order to pass the course


Q. Can I send my assessments through as I do them?

A. You should complete your online questions through the online platform then submit all of your other assessments together at the one time.


Q. Is there an attachment file size limit for emailing?


A. Yes, if you are scanning your assessments you need to scan in black & white to keep the file size small. All of your assessment tasks should be sent in one email, not multiple emails. Total maximum attachment file size is 10Mb by email or 8Mb by upload.


Q. How should I name my assessments?

A. It is important that you name every file name with your own name and what it contains.

An example is below. You must adhere to this process. Example:

Vivien Xiao FNS50315 Diploma course Assignment 1.doc


Q. What if I can’t get my file sizes small enough?

A. You will need to print and mail your assessments if you cannot reduce the file size to within the 10Mb size limit.


Q. How long before I receive my results?


A. Please allow up to 3 weeks for marking your assessments.


Q. Can I get faster marking?


A. Marking will be completed as soon as possible and is dependent on the quantity of marking we have at any one time. In most cases, your assessments will be marked in less than 2 weeks but please allow up to 3 weeks as a maximum. We also offer an Express Marking option for a fee which will reduce marking time down to 3 business days. Please phone 1300 765 400 if Express Marking is required.


Q. What if I don’t pass one of my assessments?


A. You will be allowed an additional 2 attempts to complete each assessment if you do not pass the first time. We will email to let you know if you do not pass first time and will provide you with detailed feedback to assist with your resubmission. You will then have 21 days only to resubmit.


Q. How long do I have to resubmit a failed assessment task?


A.  You have 21 days in which to re-submit your assessment


Q.  Once I pass, how can I get my certificate?


Q. My letterbox is small, will my certificate be okay?

A. We stamp our mailing envelopes with “please do not bend”. If you do not receive your certificate within the above guidelines and have not heard from us, please check your local post office in case your envelope is being held there. It is Australia Post policy that if the postman considers your envelope may be damaged from inserting into your letterbox, then they may hold at the local post office for collection by you.


Q. I have changed my address since I first enrolled, what should I do?


A. Please let us know your new mailing address as soon as you are aware of it so that we can ensure our mail will reach you. If you do not advise us of your change of address, your certificate will need to be reissued at a fee of $29.95 and may take an additional 3 weeks.


Q. My friend has done these assignments and I have used my friend’s calculations, is this okay?








Overview        The purpose of this task is to allow you to demonstrate that you can complete the major


steps required in broking or writing a moderately complex loan for a customer – through


identification, development and implementation of loan options while assessing and


managing risks. The samples in Appendix a) and b) will prove helpful. Remember that what


you prepare will need to be presented to the client orally and thus must be understood by





– 5 marks for each question




Question 1


In this exercise we are analysing some financial statements in preparation for completing a submission to a financier. The scenario is provided below and an income statement and balance sheet is then provided for Wholesale Butchers.


You will then have 3 tasks to do:


A.    Using the 2 financial statements provided for Wholesale Butchers Pty Ltd, calculate the ratios in the table provided and comment as to the risk using Low/Medium/High rating:


B.     Complete the manual Serviceability Analysis for Wholesale Butchers Pty Ltd by inserting the figures into the table provided


C.     List your comments on the outcome from your completed Serviceability Analysis as you would if presenting this in a submission to a lender.





Mr Brett Olsen has owned his wholesale butcher company “Wholesale Butchers” for the past four years. He is the sole director and shareholder of the company. The past six months has seen an influx in orders and, to keep up with demand, he requires another refrigerated van in order to maintain delivery standards and turnaround times to his respective buyers.


Mr Olsen is purchasing a second hand van, 1 year old, from RV Dealers for $55,000 and is considering a 5 year Chattel Mortgage (CM), with an interest rate of 9% and monthly repayments of $1,133.21. He has opted not to provide a deposit and is not seeking any balloon at the end of the loan term. As no deposit is to be applied, repayments will be monthly in advance.


Brett’s only business debts are an overdraft with CBA with a limit of $25,000 and current balance of $2,800 at 9% and his CM with Esanda for his existing refrigerated van, with monthly repayments of $1,058 pm and 2 years remaining.






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