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FedEx Corporation is a Multi-Corporation company in the United States that provides diverse services to organizations and individuals looking for transportation and delivery of goods from one place to another. The company has invested in a broad portfolio of entrepreneurial services. The company was first incorporated in 1997 to serve as the parent company providing profit-making strategies for the rest of FedEx portfolio of companies which include; FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services (Birla, 2013). Due to globalization effects, FedEx has served to improve transportation efficiency for corporates and individuals who want to send and receive products within their specified time frame. Therefore, the company operates based on the three aspects namely; time, space, and information since they are the central objectives of the company. The dynamics of the organization is highly dependent on capitalism since it is a profit generating organization that aims to traverse the world to deliver its services to companies that urgently need FedEx’s expertise.

President, Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

            The role of the president, chairman and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at FedEx is responsible for advertising, sales and all the operations of the companies’ subsidiary organizations throughout the world. The main purpose of the president is to ensure that FedEx continues to enjoy the competitive advantage it has acquired since its initial commencement in the 19th century. Since the company became operational in the 1990s, it has dominated its market space providing exclusive services to individuals and companies throughout the world (Basch, 2002). The company’s mission statement asserts that FedEx Corporation is determined to provide its stakeholders with high value-added logistics through customer-oriented measures and techniques that ensure the provision of high-quality services for all market segments that the corporation operates. Therefore, it is the role of the president and the chairman of FedEx Corp. to ensure that the company operates within its legal framework to ensure that it does not breach corporate policies that mandate how multi-corporations conduct transactions and commercialization efforts.

President and COO

            The role of the COO at FedEx is to ensure that the company’s efforts in production processes of the firm as well as the research and development initiatives that FedEx has employed to perfect on its products and services provided to its customer base. The COO is responsible for ensuring that the daily operations are satisfactorily met and achieved through the implementation of profitable strategies that ensure profitability and sales returns. Most importantly, the COO ensures that the desires and requirements of the Chairman and the President of the Corporation are achieved and met within the set time frame (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011). The COO at FedEx sole responsibility is to ensure that the priorities of the CEO are delivered and implemented to ensure that the organization’s vision and mission statements become a reality at the end of the financial year.

Executive Vice President and CFO

            The CFO at FedEx Corporation is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the company’s financial records and figures are well-balanced at the close of every financial quarter. Therefore, to achieve this, the CFO employs measures of financial planning, treasury, tax calculations, internal auditing and consolidated accounting techniques. Moreover, the CFO manages and supervises all the work done by credit managers, finance officers,and insurance firms to remain updated on the flow of cash in and out of the corporation. Due to the logistics of the company’s operations and productivity, the CFO monitors insurance premiums that the firm’s subsidiary companies have signed and ensure that the terms of the insurance fall within the financial scope of the FedEx Corporation.

Executive Vice President, FedEx Information Services and CIO

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for ensuring that all technical and Information Technology (IT) related initiatives, systems and equipment are updated and operational during business hours. The Executive vice president and the CIO at FedEx ensure that IT, ICT, technical support, billing, and marketing services are provided to clients especially in the US markets. Since the company offers its services to customers on a global scale, the CIO supervises all Information System (IS) policies and strategies to streamline communication channels between clients and FedEx employees (Phillips &Gully, 2014). The CFO ensures that the company’s objective of giving shareholders’ high financial returns at the close of every quarter. Furthermore, FedEx financial goals are achieved by the CFO,and these objectives include an EPS increase between 10% and 15% per year, achieve 10% operating margin and increase ROIC.


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