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Echo fashion also known as sustainable fashion is currently an increasingly covered subject in the world of fashion. It is considered to be an important part of the changing philosophy behind design and the emerging concept of sustainability. The main motto behind the sustainable fashion trend is to build a system that can be continued for an indefinite time in respect to the social responsibility of a human being and the impact brought down to the environment by him. This new fashion trend can be considered as an alternative for fast fashion trend.

Sustainable fashion was first heard among the fashion enthusiasts during the late 80s and the beginning of early 90s. During this period well known fashion sellers like ESPRIT and Patagonia brought the concept of sustainability into their production. The owners of these fashion hubs saw the environment being degraded by excessive use of some fibers. They requested for conducting a research of the fabrics used by their companies and this brought in a LCA ( life cycle assessment) of four main fibers like polyester, nylon, wool and cotton.

Such a sustainable watch brought about a huge change in the fashion industry and hence paved the way for sustainable fashion. A deeper analysis of this trend however, made it clear that there are several forms of this fashion.

Forms of sustainable fashion:-

After examining several strategies, it is seen that some individuals and actors are emphasising on the value of producing clothes and fashion outfits in an environment friendly manner. While some others are there whose main aim is to use vintage or second-hand clothes. This groups tends to bring about the utilities of borrowing, renting or swapping of outfits as opposed to buying newly sewed clothes. Whatever the strategy is, its main aim is to promote ethically, socially and environmentally conscious production of clothes. More environmental consumption will take the society one step forward to form a more sustainable fashion industry. Green or sustainable strategy identifies seven types of more sustainable fashion consumption and production.

sustainable fashion

These seven types are-

· Custom made and on demand

· Green and clean

·  Premium quality and timeless design

·  Fair and ethical

·  Redesigned, repaired and up-cycled

·  Swapped or rented

·  Vintage or second hand

The seven types are interrelated:-

Once you watch the different forms of sustainable fashion, you can soon come to the conclusion that each of the forms are interrelated. Any sustainable cloth is initially manufactured as per the demand of the users or they are tailor made using high quality fabrics incorporating some timeless designs. They are manufactured in an eco-friendly environment keeping several ethical aspects in mind. Such clothes are therefore meant for long use provided good care is taken and in some cases redesigning and some minor repairs are needed. If the attire is no longer used, the user should make it a point to donate it to a charity house or in some second-hand shop or swap shop. This way the piece of cloth will regain another active life. Such collection points usually recycles the fabric and uses the same in the production of new textile products. In this way, the process of buying vintage or second-hand clothes can be encouraged.

Impact in the international market:-

The range of green products available in the UK fashion market is growing by leaps and bounds as more people are becoming aware of this emerging fashion trend. At present more and more people are interested in buying organic clothes over normal clothes. If you check the internet today, you will find two among three retailers selling a wide range of organic clothes like trainers, skirts and tops.

Besides UK, scenes in the Scandinavian market is also similar. In fact some of the leading international sustainable fashion brands like Nudie Jeans Co, Swedish Hasbeens, Leila Hafzi, Armoire Officielle, etc. are Scandinavian in origin.

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