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1.0 Introduction


In the given case study of Greta Ainija Balodis, it has been seen that Greta has been passed through Cerebral Vascular Accident, as it has been diagnosed. The victim has been taken into the consideration under the rehabilitation, as there have been found resolving dysphagia and sided hemiplegic. In the following essay, it has been described about the presentation of pharmacology in the respective case, identifying relevant symptoms of interventions of pharmacology (Nutt et al. 2015). Further, it has been discussed in detail about the succinct understanding of them, links between the pharmacology theory and context and pharmacology in treatment of asthma, orthopedic trauma, and stroke.

2.0 Criteria for Pharmacological Treatment

Pharmacology has been considered as a biology branch, which has been found with the focus on the study of effects and side effects of various drugs (Dyer et al. 2017). In this context, drugs have been considered as endogenous, man-made or natural molecules. These have effects on cells in psychological and biological scenario, such as on organs, tissues, functions of the organs and so. However, in the given context of the case study of Greta Balodies, it has been seen that the pharmacological treatment exerts effects both positively as well as negatively on the physical along with psychological statement of the victim. The victim has been found with the side effects of respective medications mentioned over the case study. The effects have been encountered as loss of temper, increasing tendency of asthma, increasing rate of hypertension, lack of communication with the family, deterioration of health condition constantly, mental weaknesses and so on (Eysenck, 2017). The victim has been found to have decreasing health and mental statement due to adjustment with the family, changing behavior of the family members, relate to the unknown and unwanted individuals and so on.


2.1 Understanding the Presence of Pharmacology in the Case

Pharmacological treatment has both the positive and negative effects on individuals, who have been found under such treatment (Jain et al. 2015). Especially, in the cases of cerebral accident, the victims have been found with negative effects of the treatment for the medications provided by the treatment. In the given case study it has been seen that the victim has to intake Panadol PO 500 mg prn and Atenolol PO 50 mg on daily basis.

Panadol PO 500 MG prn


Greta Ainija Balodis had three falls in the past six weeks and cerebral vascular accident. So taking on this drug will help her calm down the pain. It will also help decrease the body temperature with the help of this paracetamol. The generic name of Panadol has been known as Paracetamol, and its drug class has been depicted as fever reducer or pain reliever. This comes up with the side effects of nausea, loss of appetite, cramps in stomach, vomiting, excessive sweating, diarrhea, tenderness in stomach area, pain, swelling and so on (Feigelman et al. 2017).

Atenolol PO 50 mg

Atenolol has been found to be in such drug class, which helps to reduce the Greta Ainija Balodis’s chest pain, hypertension and also prevent from heart attack. Generic name of Atenolol has been found to be beta-blockers. However, Atenolol has been found unable to pass through the barriers of brain-blood. Overdose of this medicine has an adverse effect of occurring of stroke, myocardial infarction, other cardiovascular disorders or complications (Satoskar et al. 2015).

Digoxin PO 125 mcg, Aspirin PO 100 mg and Clopidogrel PO 75 mg

After having the cerebral vascular accident, Greta has been seen under the medications of
Digoxin PO 125 mcg, Aspirin PO 100 mg and Clopidogrel PO 75 mg on a daily basis. Digoxin PO has been found with the generic name of Digoxin, which comes under the drug class of cardiac glycoside. This drug is for treating Greta’s heart failure, stroke, internal hemorrhage and blood clots
(Liira et al. 2015). Besides the uses of the Digoxin, there also has been found some side effects, which may be harmful for Greta as mental weaknesses, changes in mood, problems in vision, inability to meet daily cores and so on. Aspirin PO comes under the drug class of anti-inflammatory drug which is non-steroidal and the generic name of the drug has been found as acetylsalicylic acid. This drug in Greta’s case is used for decreasing the potential risks of death after passing through the accident of heart attack, stroke or cerebral attack (Nutt et al. 2015).


Das, T. ed., (2017). Endophthalmitis: A Guide to Diagnosis and Management. Berlin: Springer.

Dyer, S.M., Harrison, S.L., Laver, K., Whitehead, C. and Crotty, M., (2017). An overview of systematic reviews of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for the treatment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. International psychogeriatrics, pp.1-15.

Eysenck, H., (2017). The biological basis of personality. Abingdon: Routledge.



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