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EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment

EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment

EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment


The ability to observe carefully and think critically is vital to a professional in the event industry. This assessment is designed for you to observe the way your chosen event was staged and identify and describe important and relevant production tasks you encountered. The assessment also enables you to think critically about what you have learned about the role the event plays in society and the impacts it makes.


Select an event that you can attend in person to observe and record what happens between now and week 11. Prepare a case study using what you have learned from observation, research and in class, to describe the event in detail:

 How it was actually staged?

 Who were the major stakeholders?

 What were the various tasks, roles or jobs involved in making the event happen? (Observe as many tasks, roles or jobs as you can and don’t forget things like waste disposal - e.g. garbage bins and toilets; security and risk management - what was done at this event to keep people safe?)

 How did the event impact the community?

 Did the event live up to the media and marketing hype you researched for your wiki?

 Could anything have been done better at the event and if so, what?


The assignment may be presented in any one of the following formats:-

 1,500 word essay supported with at least 5 photos taken by you and placed either intext or in an Appendix

 1,000 Photo-essay, see below for guidance.

 5 to 6 minute video: shot, edited and narrated by you.

 15 slide PowerPoint with images and audio narration by you.

 Prezi combining at least 10 images and 1000 words of written content.

Although a range of formats are offered for the presentation of your assignment, you must keep in mind that the learning criteria for assessment (and learning rubric) below will be carefully and specifically utilised by your learning facilitator to determine your grade. Choose your format wisely.

What is a Photo-Essay?

Get tips on how to prepare a Photo-essay at:


EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment

What is Prezi?

Get tips on how to prepare a Prezi at:

http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a- Prezi/

Three important things for you to remember:-

1. The style of delivery of this assessment will need to be agreed with the lecturer by the end of module 4

2. Make sure there is pictorial evidence of you attending the event

3. The APA referencing style must be used in the assessment (See the Academic Writing Guide)

The Academic Writing Guide can be found in the LASU pages (LASU - Learning and Academic Skills Unit)

https://laureateau.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_20163_1&content _id=_2498847_1&mode=reset

Criteria for assessment (See marking Rubric below):-

 Content, Audience and Purpose

 Knowledge and Understanding

 Critical reasoning, presentation and defence of an argument and/or position

 Use of academic discipline, convention and sources of evidence

 Effective Communication

Learning Rubrics:-

EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment

EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment

EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment

EVN101 Mixed Media Case Study Assignment

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