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EVN101 Introduction to Events

EVN101 Introduction to Events

EVN101 Introduction to Events



This assessment is designed to help you recognise what happens during a large and important event and to give you some idea of how influential the industry is, the role and purpose of events within the community and how they can impact society. It will help you understand how and why events are held and give you significant background information for your next two assessments.




Select one event from the list of Hallmark Events (see below) and write a 1,500 word (+/-10%) Report on the event you choose


Use information from at least three sources and make sure you cite these sources in-text as well as in a Reference List using APA style


In the ‘Body’ of your Report include at least one, short relevant direct quotation. Direct quotations are the exact words of someone else woven into your writing. Example: In the words of George Washington Carver (1890), “When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world” (Bagley, 2013).


In the ‘Body’ of your Report include one longer relevant indirect quotation. Indirect quotes are paraphrases or summaries of the words of someone else worked into the text of your writing. Example: George Washington Carver (1890) believed that the world takes notice when your everyday actions are done extraordinarily (Bagley, 2013). This is a paraphrase of the previous example of a direct quote.


Include the following information in the ‘Body’ of your report:


1. DESCRIPTION: A short description of the event: Who?, What?, Where?, When? and Why?

 Who is staging the event? Who is it being staged for? Who are the main stakeholders?

 What sort of event is it? What happens? What makes it a Hallmark Event? Where is the event held? – location and community; site or venue When is the event held? – time, date, season

 Why is the event being held? – e.g. tradition, religious significance, financial gain, industry promotion/marketing, destination tourism marketing, sport, entertainment etc.


2.    HISTORY: What is the history of this event?


3.  OBJECTIVES AND AIMS: What are the objectives and aims of this event? Are they being met?


4.  SUCCESS FACTORS: Why is this event successful? Are any issues threatening the success of this event in the future?


5.  MARKETING: How is this event marketed? Who is it marketed to? Is the marketing successful?


6.  IMPACT: How does this event impact the community culturally, environmentally and financially?

Submit the Report in a formal academic format, which is:


1.  TITLE PAGE  The Title Page must include the subject of the report, your lecturer’sname, your name and student number, the date of submission and the word count.



2.    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  An Executive Summary should not be more than 1 page long. make it specific and precise so that the reader can get a good understanding of the main points – it is literally a summary for executives who can then determine whether to read the whole report or not. The Executive Summary should be on a separate page with the centred heading EXECUTIVE SUMMARY in capital letters. It should include the following:



why the report has been written (i.e. what question or problem is it addressing?) how the study was undertaken



what the main findings were



what the significance of the findings is



3.  TABLE OF CONTENTS AND TABLE OF FIGURES  The TABLE OF CONTENTS should be on another separate page after the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. It helps the reader to find specific information and indicates how the information has been organised and what topics are covered. If any figures or tables have been included the contents page should be followed on the next page with a TABLE OF FIGURES indicating the pages each figure/table is found.



4.  INTRODUCTION  The INTRODUCTION is usually around 10% of the word count and has three main components for this topic:



1.      The Background which describes the event: name it, classify it.


2.      The Purpose which defines why the event is being held.


3.      The Scope which outlines any limitations imposed on the event such as timing, style, location etc.



5.  BODY  The Body basically answers the questions  Who? Why? Where? When? What? and How? about the event (See the Instructions on page 2). This information must be presented in a systematic way. Remember that the Body of Reports has numbered headings e.g. 1: DESCRIPTION, and sub-headings numbered e.g. 1.1: Who is staging the event? 1.2: Who is it being staged for? etc, then 1.2.1 What sort of event is it? 1.2.2: What happens? and so on.





6.  CONCLUSION  The CONCLUSION for this paper should be around 200 words. It should be presented in descending order of importance. Conclusions should be free from speculation (i.e. ideas for which you have presented no evidence), have no new thoughts or references introduced and contain no further discussion of points raised.

7.    RECOMMENDATIONS  The Recommendations should follow naturally from the conclusions. They should be offered in descending order of importance and may be in point form when several recommendations are being made.



8.  REFERENCES  The Reference List is an accurate listing, in strict alphabetical order by family or organisation name, of all the sources referred to (cited) within your paper. The Reference List goes on a separate page and is situated after the end of the Report and before the Appendix/Appendices. It is to be completed using the appropriate APA referencing style (See the Academic Writing Guide).


The Academic Writing Guide can be found in the LASU pages (LASU - Learning and


Academic Skills Unit):




au.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_20163_1&content _id=_2498847_1&mode=reset







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