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Evaluation of application design and implementation

Evaluation of application design and implementation

 Evaluation  of application design and  implementation

The submission is in the form of Two  documents/files:

1.        Assignment Report

2.      Student Registration System

Report should contains the answers  and findings  of task 1,2,3, and 4. Candidates are also required  to develop a student registration system and submit according to the   given scenario.

LO1 Define basic algorithms to carry out an operation and outline the process of programming an application

LO2 Explain the characteristics of procedural, object-orientated and event-driven programming, conduct an analysis of a suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

LO3 Implement basic algorithms in code using an IDE

LO4 Determine the debugging process and explain the importance of a coding standard

Assessment Scenario 1

You currently work for a software development company that produces application software..As you are part of the research and development arm, your roleincludes investigate the current  software development process . As  the result of the investigation, you have to write a report which should be submitted to  the development  team.  You have to consider on following areas  which are  given as  Task 1 and Task 2.

Task 1

 1.1 Provide a  definition for  Algorithm   with examples.(Task covers LO1, P1)

 1.2 Describe the process  of  building an application.(Task covers LO1, P1,M1)

1.3 Explain  relationship between algorithm and code variant.(Task covers LO1,D1)

 1.4 Write a  pseudocode  for the below  scenario..

You need to calculate the discount that your customers receive based on the value of their order. If the total amount ordered is less than $20, no discount will be given. If the total amount is between $20 and $50, a discount of 5% will be given. If the total amount is greater than $50 and less than $100, a discount of 10% will be given. If the total amount is $100 or more, a premium customer receives 20% discount and a regular customer receives 15% discount.(Task  covers LO1, D1)

2.1 Explain  procedural, object orientated and   event driven paradigm . Your  explanations should also include the  characteristics of  each .(Task covers LO2,P2)

2.2 Describe  the relationship between procedural, object orientated and event driven paradigm.(Task covers LO2, P2)

2.3 Explain what is an Integrated environment (IDE )  by giving at least five different  examples.(Task covers LO2, M2)

2.4   Compare the features  of  different IDE which you have given in 2.2. Analyse the common features of  given  IDE s as well.( Task covers LO2, M2)

Assessment scenario 2

The  SAP Higher Education  Institute  requires a fully working  Student registration system in order to manage  their  student  registration activities.   To achieve this target they have ask you to develop a full system to cover some set of processes .

The system that you are asked to produce should include a database with following tables:

Student table  to hold details about each student  including:

Student ID

Date of Birth

Student Name

Course   ID

Course Table to hold details about each course   including:

Course ID

Name of the course


Total fee

You need to consider following as well while  developing the system,

o   A student can  enroll to only one course .


o   The system can  be  accessed and   used by the organization only. No student access is granted.


o   At least there should be a one user login. You may  include several user logins such as Admin, user etc…..


o   System should consists with  interactive user interfaces  which is developed by using an  integrated development environment  application.

Your system must have ability to handle following operations

o   Insert new  records for  student and course .

o   Update  existing    student and course records.

o   Delete records.

Task 3

evidence of how the IDE was used to manage the development of your code.

3.1 Give a  brief introduction to your  System  including the scope.(Task covers LO3, P3)

3.2  Describe  Functional and non functional requirements  of the  system.(Task covers LO3, P3)

3.3  Build the application using IDE.(Task covers LO3, P3, M3, D3)

Provide screenshots  for task 3.3

Task 4

4.1  Explain the debugging process and  debugging facilities available in the IDE which you have used  in  task 3 .(Task covers LO4, P4)

4.2   Outline the coding standards   you have used when developing  student registration system.(Task covers LO4, P5, D2,D4)




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