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The aim of this assignment is to evaluate marketing opportunities. BBQfun is the stimulated business and all the information and the scenario are already being explained in the other part of this assignment. This assignment will help to review the BBQfun simulated business information and also determine organizational profitability. It is important to evaluate in terms of impact on operations. This assignment will help to evaluate and identify marketing opportunities that are required to bring out the impacts of the operations. This assignment will also analyze the three opportunities which are being outlined in the scenario.

Part A 


BBQfun has used different moves in order to promote their brand and this has involved different types of things that have helped the organization to bring out the right decisions which are required in order to bring profitability to the organization. There are three opportunities that will be ranked on the basis of their opportunity and evaluation. The first opportunity in the list can be manufacturing and selling own brand. It is one of the best ways to develop a business. Manufacturing is one of the most important things which are required for one organization and this is why it has to be given a lot of importance. This can be effective for the organization. Here BBQfun can develop with the help of the right ideas and the things which are there. BBQfun has to manufacture its products in the right way in order to increase its sale and make a big percentage of profit in the market and this is how the organization will be able to grow and develop its business (Sitapara, et al, 2017). Selling your own brand can be difficult at times because at times it tends to fail as there is less demand for the new brands in the market and this is why it is hard to survive in the market and make a name of it. It can be hard at times to help an organization to survive and sell its own brand. This is the reason why manufacturing and selling its own product can be at times helpful and can also help to grow as a brand as there are very less brands who manufacture and sells their own brand (Oumlil, Lewis & Merenski, 2015). It can be very profitable to sell products with the help of e-commerce as e-commerce is developing around the globe and there are a lot of people using e-commerce for purchasing so BBQfun can sell its products online and can take full advantage of e-commerce. There a lot of ways that e-commerce can help an organization to develop its business into a big term business that can be profitable for the organization. This is why it can be said that this method can be beneficial for an organization as it can help the organization to develop itself and take over the market. E-commerce can be beneficial for any sort of organization in any sector.


This is why it has been listed in number two and there are many benefits of it and this is why it is being used in several places can be used in order places where it can be profitable for the organization (Jones, Morrish, Deacon & Miles, 2017). 

The general fixed cost is to increase the market share and also cut the cost of the products and can also seek for mass appeal. 

It is important to understand the additional fixed cost so that there can be sufficient profits for the organization which can be shared in order to increase the profits margin which is there and thus it can be used later for others needs and thus the organization can be able to make a lot of profits (Weinstein, 2015). 
The number of buyers in the market can be used to promote the organization in many ways bring a lot of profits to the organization. 
Total fixed cost can be gained with the help of the right publicity and there can be other advantages of mass appeal where one of them is that it can help the organization to grow. 


There are a lot of things that are required to be in e-commerce and those things are indeed available for any organization there in the eCommerce sector and this is why it is important for an organization to be in the e-commerce market. The second opportunity can be beneficial for an organization as the organization will be able to sell its products online and show the list of items it wants to sell and also can deliver the products to the house of the customer without even charging for it.


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