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Assessment Task1

1. Outline the Kyoto Protocol and Australia’s obligations under the Protocol, as well as its current targets and the adequacy of these targets

Kyoto protocol is a treaty that has signed among all major developed and developing countries around the world to manage greenhouse emissions. The Australia’s obligation is to set strict limits on its annual greenhouse emissions by adopting improved policies and strategies. Currently, their target is to reduce emissions by five per cent below the 2000 levels, which is in comparison to 13 per cent below 2005 levels.

2. Outline the purpose and scope of the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate.

Purpose of this partnership is to form teams of all major countries and private sector partners to achieve better and cleaner future by accelerating the use of cleaner and efficient technologies, accomplish goals of energy security and climate in a manner that supports sustainable growth. With new technologies being rapidly developed and extensive research being conducted to harness renewable sources of energy, the scope of this partnership program is huge.

3. Outline the purpose and scope of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

EPBC Act, 1999, is a framework designed by the government of Australia to protect their natural biodiversity, environment and places that have high cultural importance. This has huge scope in future, as the climate change is happening more rapidly than though before, therefore, this act will serve as a groundwork for future developments.

4. Outline the purpose and scope of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Regulations.

This is similar to the Act that has been mentioned before. The purpose of this regulation is to illustrate about the importance of environment and serve as a guideline for the development of strategies.

5. Outline the purpose and scope of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme.

This was developed in 2007, with the purpose of developing a national framework that assists to report and disseminate crucial information about the company, related to the greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and energy production. There has huge potential in future, as the government will have to impose more strict regulations regarding this aspect.

6. Outline the purpose and scope of the Australian Packaging Covenant voluntary code of practice.

The purpose of the Australian Packaging Covenant voluntary code of practice is to provide environment ministers a strategic plan, including essential information as well as help them monitor and evaluate the corresponding changes. With current changes in the business environment and increasing focus on improving environment, this code of practice will be widely accepted.

7. Outline the purpose and scope of the Australian Ecolabel Program voluntary code of practice.

Purpose of this code of practice is to provide suppliers certain additional incentives so that they reduce the environmental impacts of products sold in the country. Along with this, to encourage customers to purchase products that is eco-friendly. This has huge scope, as many customers have brought changes in their purchasing behavior and favoring organic products

8. Identify one internal information source and one external information source that can be used to plan and develop a company’s sustainability policy.

For each source, explain how this source can be used to develop the sustainability policy. Best internal source of information is annual report of the company and government website can be considered as a reliable external source of information to plan and develop sustainability policy. Annual report will assist to gain insights regarding the current business scenario and identify areas crucial for the process and government website will help to comprehend important guidelines and factors that need to be considered.

9. Explain the key steps in a policy development process.

Key steps involved in the process are planning the entire agenda, formulating strategies, adopting changes, implementing strategies, evaluating the process or steps carried out and finally terminate the process. 10. Explain the main components of a policy document. Main components of the policy document involves a statement describing the objectives to be accomplished, principles, values and philosophies, strategies to achieve objectives, specific actions to be taken as well as a performance indicator and strategies to review performance.

11. Outline policy development practices that may be used in response to resistance to the introduction of policies.

The best way through which resistance to the introduction of policies can be overcome is through involvement of employees and team members during the policy development process. Other practice that can be used is to conduct an analysis of internal strengths so that the policies can be framed accordingly.

12. Outline why a company may choose to implement an environmental management system (EMS), and outline at least three key components of an EMS.

Environmental management system is essential because it lets managers to control the organization’s environmental impacts through a systematic and planned manner (Mazzi et al., 2016). Three key components of EMS are • Communication processes • Documentation • Operational control

13. Outline at least three key components of an EMS.

Components that play a major role in the environmental management system are

• Resources

• Training and awareness

• Control of documents

14. Outline how a business can use environmental sustainability indicators and two examples of indicators that can be used.

A business can use environmental sustainability indicators to monitor and report about the future progress and in addition take counter measures at any point of time to manage the entire situation. Two best examples of indicators are growth in customer satisfaction and improvement in the reputation of the company.

15. Outline how a business can use life cycle management procedures to assist with implementing sustainability practices.

Life cycle management procedures are a common approach used by all types of businesses to improve their sustainable performance (Frangopol, & Soliman, 2016). This can assist businesses by enabling them to aim for continuous improvement by life cycle thinking and product sustainability operations.

16. Outline at least two barriers to introducing policies and procedures, and strategies that can be used to address each of the barriers you identify.

Two major barriers for the process of introduction of policies and procedures are

• Ineffective leadership

• Lack of proper communication Strategies that can aid to overcome them are

• Investing in training and development procedures of employees to promote them to become strong leaders

• Use reliable and appropriate technologies for communication

Reference list

Frangopol, D. M., & Soliman, M. (2016). Life-cycle of structural systems: recent achievements and future directions. Structure and infrastructure engineering, 12(1), 1-20.

Mazzi, A., Toniolo, S., Mason, M., Aguiari, F., & Scipioni, A. (2016). What are the benefits and difficulties in adopting an environmental management system? The opinion of Italian organizations. Journal of cleaner production, 139, 873-885.

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