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ENGR2000: Fluid Mechanics

ENGR2000: Fluid Mechanics


ENGR2000: Fluid Mechanics

(for 2nd-year Chemical, Civil, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineers)


The purpose of this exercise is to

  Generate an awareness of the ubiquity of Fluid Mechanics in the ‘real world’;

  Permit students to explore an area of Fluid Mechanics that lies within their engineering (or general) interests;

 Apply fundamental knowledge learned in the Fluid Mechanics unit to engineering challenges;

 Promote, and practise, skills in collecting, sifting, understanding and summarising information and recording of its sources;

 Develop written and diagrammatic presentational skills; and

 Develop team-working skills.


Working as a group, you are required to address one of the topics in the list available on

BlackBoard. You are free to form your own group (4 or 5 members) - the members do

not have to be in the same BEng discipline area. For new students you may not know

many other students and if this is the case it is suggested that you use the unit's

BlackBoard discussion site to 'advertise' yourself and/or call for members to a group.

The ultimate outcome of the group’s efforts will be a report (details of which are given

below) that address the question(s) raised in the topic description. Informed by the

‘purpose’ section above, the assignment involves the following activities:


1.The collection of existing knowledge from books, journals, internet sites, company

product information (technical) and any other appropriate source.

2.The information so gathered (and you will find a lot of it!) will need to be reduced to

its most important elements, in doing so establishing a hierarchy of information on the


3. Relations between your university study of Fluid Mechanics and the ‘real world’

Fluid Mechanics should be established.

4.The final part of the exercise requires the preparation of a cogent report that

integrates the information gathered and its synthesis.

All of the above activities should be conducted as a group sharing effort and individual

skills/expertise. Good teamwork will be reflected by the final report.This is not a

research exercise because you are not expected to generate new knowledge; nor are

you expected to engage in detailed technical analysis/calculations.

However, if it is appropriate, you can carry out ‘orders of magnitude’ calculations based

on modelling and the fundamental principles you have learned in the unit. For the most

part, however, this is an exercise in the qualitative aspects of Engineering.


Each group will submit a single report of maximum length 10 pages (excluding the cover page, references and any appendices)

The report must include the following sections:

 Topic Title (cover page)

 Summary: (unnumbered section) A maximum of half a page that describes the most

important outcomes of the investigation

 Main Body of Report: This contains your description of the knowledge sourced in a

logical form so that the reader can easily assimilate the results of the investigation.

Start section numbering of headings from here.

 Conclusion: (also section-numbered following from above) Provide a set of brief

conclusions that encapsulate the findings of your investigation.

 References: (unnumbered section) List all the sources of information that contributed

to your report. Where possible, cite these references in the main body of the report.

Information about the source/reference should be sufficient for the reader to be able to

access the source independently (e.g. to obtain further, or more detailed information).

The referencing style for this unit is Chicago. More information can be found on this style

from the Library web site:



A template is available on BlackBoard to assist you in preparing the report which must

follow the required format:

   The font size must be 11

   The font type can be Times New Roman, Arial or equivalent

   Single line space


 •  A blank line should be inserted between paragraphs

   Margins should be 2 cm at top, bottom, left and right

   No table of contents

In addition, you must attach at the end of the report the two completed ‘Project

Report Sheets’ (available on BlackBoard) that detail the progress of the project and

the contributions made by each member of the group.


This assignment is worth 10% of the unit mark.

The assignment will be marked using the weightings given in the table of the

‘Assessment and Feedback Specification’ sheet (available on BlackBoard). Only a single

mark for the report will be awarded.

Individuals in the group will be awarded a mark that is proportional to their agreed

contribution (see project -record sheet) to the group’s effort. (For example, the group

mark is 60%. There are 5 members in the group – the standard level of contribution

would therefore be 20%. It is agreed by the group that Member A did 30% of the work

whilst Member B did 15%. This means that Member A would score 60x(30/20)=90%.

Member B would score 60x(15/20)=45%. Note that any calculated individual mark over

100% will be entered as full marks.) It is therefore essential that, as a group, you

agree, and sign off, the individual contribution section. (If the group fails to reach

an agreement, then the marker will assess the contributions on the basis of the project-

record sheets.)


You must submit, in one folder, at the assignments office the following:

 Fluid Mechanics Mini Project Official Assignment Cover available at the Assignments

Office. (Only one cover sheet – that of the group leader - is required but it must be

signed by all the group members),

 The 10-page report,

 The two pages of completed Project Report Sheets,

 The marking sheet (‘Assessment and Feedback Specification’).

You must also submit through Turnitin (using the link provided on BlackBoard) a single

PDF file including the following:

 The 10-page report,

 The two pages of completed Project Report Sheets.

Please make sure to leave plenty of time to submit your assignment through Turnitin

before the due date and time. Allow time for any unexpected technical issues.


Group Mini-Projects Topic Titles and Descriptions

Project Report Sheets

Assignment Mark Sheet

Report template

High-quality report exemplar



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