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ENG491 Petroleum Chemistry Assignment Help

ENG491 Petroleum Chemistry Assignment Help

ENG491 Petroleum Chemistry

The Portfolio for this unit consists of developing a lesson plan and carries50% of the total unit mark. The purpose of this course work is to help you take one of the main areas studies in the course and enhance it in the way you see fit developing your understanding of the area. 

Your final submission should be in moodel, consisting of a folder containing:

a) Your lesson plan with clear aims and objects 

b) Delivery tools PowerPoint and  written notes with worked examples 

c) Resources used for the lesson plans such as links to YouTube videos or articles

d) Activity for students with in your class.   

Work that is wholly plagiarized will receive a mark of zero.

The course work is worth 50% of the final unit mark; All work should conform to the submission guidelines in the Student Handbook. In particular, your essay should be word-processed and submitted on moodle in A4 paper format, using a 12-point font and 1.5 spacing. You should include a title page with your student number, the name of your instructor.

Marking and feedback for the portfolio 

The unit team aim to achieve reliable, consistent and reproducible judgements on your work. In accordance with University regulations, each assessment is marked against a scheme that distinguishes between different levels of achievement.

You can expect the following feedback on assessments undertaken for this unit. 

a) A mark. Marks are normally expressed as a percentage. 
b) The major shortcomings of your work. 
c) Ways in which that mark can be improved.

You will also receive feedback during classes and through the Moodle site, and additional opportunities to receive feedback are available from the unit team.

Your assessments are evaluated relative to the criteria outlined below. These provide a consistent reference point to distinguish between different levels of achievement. You should always take these criteria into consideration when preparing for any assessment on this unit.
ENG491 Petroleum Chemistry

Lesson Plan 

Develop a lesson plan on a topic that is allocated to you and that is relative to the content of this unit. The outline below is my recommended format, for purposes of this class. 
  • Title
  • Audience
  • grade level
  • size of group
  • setting and any other relevant specifics (e.g., face-to-face classroom or lab, online)
  • Length of Lesson
  • instructional time and independent work time, indicated separately
  • Learning Objectives
  • Open with the phrase, "After this completing this lesson, you will be able to…" then list a set of actions the student will be prepared to perform at the end of the lesson. Each one should begin with a verb and be as specific as possible. Examples of appropriate verbs include: list, identify, define, solve (quantify), compare and contrast. (For more information, see https://www.uwlax.edu/catl/instructionaldesign/Writing_Course_Objectives_HANDOUT_v2.pdf .
  • Provide at least three objectives for this lesson.
  • Lesson/Procedures/Tasks
  • Provide the content of the lesson in whatever form you choose, as long as it is specific enough that another instructor could pick it up and deliver the lesson from your materials. You may want to submit a slide presentation with notes or written lecture notes, highlighting major concepts, key points, data, and examples.
  • If you are using resources such as a text book, online references or other 3rd party materials, provide full reference details.
  • How will you entice curiosity in the topic? (For example, opening with “big questions,” challenges, dilemmas, or a thought-provoking scenario.)
  • What activities will your students complete?
  • Provide citations for any text, data or ideas you use from other sources.
  • Use in-line citations with full references. 
  • REQUIRED FOR PROJECT DEFINITION: Project Type ("Lesson Plan"), Title of your lesson plan, audience, length of lesson, and learning objectives (as described above)
  • REQUIRED FOR COMPLETED PROJECT: Complete Lesson plan, including all sections identified above.

GRADING CRITERIA: Title, Audience, Length of Lesson, Learning Objectives (15%), Lesson/Procedures/Tasks (85%). The sections will assessed based on the above descriptions, as well as technical accuracy and completeness. Overall, a winning Lesson Plan will present correct information and data and demonstrate that you have a sound understanding of the lesson content.

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