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Employee Performance in British Airways Assignment

Employee Performance in British Airways Assignment

Employee Performance in British Airways Assignment

1.1.  Background:

The variety of workers is interrelated to the institutes which have turned into progressively more heterogeneous because of gender, epoch, education etc. The workers diversity has vital insinuations for the methods and plans of management. Diversity is mostly believed to a fixed degree. Diversity   is mainly interrelated to rules which treat the gender and racial problems and they save specific groups. These laws  utilize  a extremely broad diversity meaning for covering  the majority of  characteristics which influence  thoughts and actions of individuals..

The major idea of this swot was recognizing aspects that are disturbing the diversity workers which are interrelated to productivity of workers within the company. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors which affect the performance of worker . The study can also give suggestion to novel immigrants that want to come inside the industry for addressing problems that must discussed before the beginning of the business.

Our objective is creating the methods which may be utilized for analyzing diversity that is based over performance of employee. With respect to the analysis the airline is an integrative airline, and every product correlate to an expedition from particular destination to particular market. The idea of this swot is to scrutinize the aspect of diversity of worker which can influence productivity of worker .First describe the factors like gender, epoch, mores, and education. Second, gather preceding research over   diversity of worker and implement it over productivity of work. The consequences of experimental research within the industry of aerospace concentrate over problems that are interrelated to diversity of worker and to the performance of worker . In the end, the diversification influence over the recital of workers within   industry of aerospace is presented.

1.2. Research Questions:

             Given below are the research questions of the project

                  ·       Do the performance of worker and gender of work has relation?

                  ·       Do the performance of worker and age of worker has relation?

                  ·      Do the performance of worker and Educational Background of worker has relation ?

     1.3. Research Objectives:

Following are the objective of the research

                ·   The objective of research is to discover the relation among gender of worker and employee

                   performance of worker within British Airways.

               ·   The of this research to discover the relationship among age and the performance of worker                   within British Airways .

               ·  The objective of this research To find the relation between background of education and                       employee performance within British Airways .

               ·  The objective of research is to discover the relationship among education background and                     performance of worker within British Airways .

1.4 Research and Aim:-

     The idea of this research was to recognize the influence of miscellany over productivity of worker. The research was meant to judge the influence of miscellany over the work done by the workers of British Airways. This research has tried to clarify for reason diversity is extremely significant and in what way it may play its character in bettering the employees

2. Methodology:

Following research methodology is used in the research

      2.1. Research Design:

This research project is making use of quantitative research. Quantitative research is a kind of research and qualitative research results are evaluated by using exact statistical data or figures. Quantitative survey equipments are utilized for analyzing interviews and questionnaires. Within this study results are evaluated utilizing mathematical tools like pie charts. Descriptive study was utilized within the project for answer questions like "what, why and how". If somebody is completely know that what is being scrutinized, utilized descriptive investigation.

     2.2.  Data Collection:

Following methods are utilized to get data

Questionnaire: Researchers made a questionnaire that consist of  the questions  including goals questionnaire, and forward it to the taster for respond.

Organized interviews: The researchers took interview British Airways workers, but planning meetings for the individual contacts of researchers was easy.

Secondary data is collected from current resources like previously published or unpublished publications, articles etc.

    2.3. Sampling Size/ Population:

The population comprises of the individuals about which the researchers wish to scrutinize.  Questionnaires and interviews were utilized by research along individuals who gathered  the major data. The age of population was 70 years. This population comprises of  managers and inside people British Airways  .

   2.4. Sampling Techniques:

 There are techniques two sampling techniques : non-random sampling and random sampling. If         everybody in survey is familiar with the survey sampling technique is chosen. If majority population   is not familiar than, non-random sampling techniques are used . 75 numbers of questionnaires were   checked.

 Terms of reference:

A researcher is person who performs research. Researcher is performs researches independently or in general. They can work educational, manufacturing private or government organizations. Researchers learn subject specially for discovering novel information or to reach novel understanding. Researchers are leaders of thought within their field.

ØSkills of a Good Researcher

                      o   Communication Skills

This is one of the significant skills. Researchers need to develop a friendly relation with other individuals for gathering data. Researcher should be proficient in communiqué for operating research related works efficiently.  Your research must be presented to the other researchers. If you are unable to  present your research  then the whole research is useless. 

o   Project Management Skills

A high-quality researcher should be capable of managing the whole project of research. Researchers have to gather essential information, resources and they need collect funds for continuing the research. For this reason project management skills are very vital for operating project research.

        oTeam Management Skill

 Researcher should have a good idea about how to get the best results from other co-workers. Researcher must be capable to work as leader and he should be capable of managing its team

Our research has following constraints


Time is one of the major constraints. It important for measuring success of any project. The person making project or conducting research should estimate the time their accurately. In our research time constraint is that we have only one month to complete project and we have to manage to complete our research within one month. Below is given that how will manage our different research process.


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