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EDU10003 The World of Maths

EDU10003 The World of Maths


Teaching period 2, 2017

EDU10003 The World of Maths

Assignment 1: Essay

Word limit: 1500 (+/- 10%)

Weighting: 30%

Due date: 5pm AEST Monday 14 August 2017 (Week 6)

After you have read this information, head over to the Q&A Assignment 1 discussion board to ask any questions and see what your peers are saying about this assignment.

Assignment overview

This assignment requires you to write an essay that explores the way in which we teach mathematics in a contemporary learning environment.

Related learning outcomes

This task is assessing your ability to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for the following unit learning outcomes:

5.    Describe the nature and development of mathematical thinking and numeracy processes in children.

Assignment details

You are required to write your essay in response to the following quote:

It is crucial to develop in children the ability to tackle problems with initiative and confidence … mathematics has changed from careful rehearsal of standard procedures to a focus on mathematical thinking and communication to prepare them for the world of tomorrow. (Anghileri, 2006, p. 2)

Your essay should be informed by your understanding of theories and contemporary perspectives of the nature and development of children’s mathematical thinking. Weeks 3 and 4 of your learning materials will give you an understanding of both historical and contemporary perspectives. These weeks also show you the impact of these perspectives upon pedagogy in contemporary education across early childhood and primary contexts.

Essay structure

Introduction: Write a clear introduction which frames the essay (approximately 10% of the word count).

Main body: Identify and briefly discuss the quote to scaffold the following sections of the essay:

·        Select and justify one theoretical perspective on learning i.e. Constructivism or Behaviourism that you believe is best suited to the learning and teaching of maths.

·        Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the selected theoretical perspective and also explain why it is better suited (in comparison with one other theoretical perspective) to the learning and teaching of maths.

·        Identify and describe why maths teaching and learning has left behind rehearsal and should be about playfulness, fun and creativity—this links to pedagogy.

Conclusion: Conclude with a detailed summary about the nature and development of mathematical thinking and numeracy processes in children in the 21st century (approximately 10% of the word count).

Reference list: All resources that you have cited in-text in the essay need to be referenced in APA style.

Preparing your essay

The material upon which you will base your essay is covered primarily in Weeks 3 and 4. Review the resources carefully, as you prepare your essay.

You are strongly encouraged to participate in the Week 3 Activity: Resource sharing and theory comparison, as this will enable you to engage more deeply with the relevant theories.

Additional resources

The following resources will support you in completing this assignment:

·        Referencing guide.

·        Assignment support.

·        Essay writing guide.

Submission details overview

Assignment criteria

1.    Knowledge and understanding of learning theory.

2.    Knowledge of pedagogy.

3.    Format and structure.




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