E-commerce Technologies Assignment Help

E-commerce Technologies Assignment Help

E-commerce Technologies Assignment Help

E-commerce Technologies Assignment Help

E-commerce Technologies Assignment Help

E-commerce Technologies Assignment Help

E-commerce Technologies Assignment Help

Purpose of this assignment

This assignment considers the skills required to perform effectively as an employee in E-Commerce sector. To give learners opportunities to understand and implement the whole process from exploring a commercial transactional website( e.g. beginning with the front-end services and investigating how this links to back-office processes such as data management systems), the technologies involved in running an e-Commerce solution are explored(e.g. web architecture, hardware and software requirements and communication technology features which ensure the smooth running of the site),methods of securing the site, data and online payments as customers purchase goods from the site. Finally, learners will design an e-Commerce solution for a small to medium e-Commerce organisation.


You have recently been employed as the Ecommerce Manager at Twilight, a retailer of kid’s toys. Your first project is to research, plan and design the company’s online outlet. Twilight sells all makes of toys including popular labels such V-Tech, Fisher-Price, LEGO, Disney etc.

As there are varieties of other sites offering same products as Twilight, your director has suggested that you evaluate the effectiveness of two of such sites before you embark on your project.

Tasks 1: (LO1: P1.1 & M1 )

a)Evaluate the following e-commerce sites: (P1.1) http://www.fisher-price.com/en_GB/index.html http://www.theworks.co.uk/c/toys-games

i.Describe the main aim of both sites and analyse the layout in terms of accessibility and usability: (i.e. goods / services offered and so on).

ii.What are the major drawbacks of the websites’ layout and suggest ways to improve them?

b)Analyse the marketing strategies employed by both sites and suggest other suitable methods that can be used with justifications. (M1) .

Task 2 : (LO 1: P1.2)

Show diagrammatically the chain of events and the flow of information triggered by an online purchase from beginning to delivery, annotate each stage with comments.(P1.2)

Task 3: (LO 2: P2.1,P2.2, M3)

a.Analyse various technologies (such as below) employed by one of the sites (P2.1)

i.Web authoring and dynamic page tools such as Server-side scripting and data management software

ii.Network technologies such as TCP/IP, IP Addresses, Domain name

b.Explain how to evaluate the performance of a web server. (P2.2)

c.Analysis relevant potential IT security threats for both E-businesses.(M3)

Task 4: (LO 3: P3.1, M2)

a. What kind of threats an e-commerce website can face during electronic data interchange/exchange and electronic fund transfer?

b.Discuss the solutions for the above mentioned threats.

c.Compare different (at least three) online payment transactions products (e.g. PayPal)? Which one will you choose while creating an e-commerce website and why?

Task 5 (LO 3: P3.2)

Write about the current legislations you will keep in mind while creating an e-commerce website (e.g. legislations related to online purchasing and protection of customer data).

Task 6 (LO 4: P4.1,D1,D2)

i)Design and implement an appropriate e-commerce website of your choice (e.g. shoes or bags or watches etc.) with the following requirements:

a.Design a layout for the website*

b.Shopping cart and Checkout facilities

c.Online payment transaction with security (HTTPs)

d. Appropriate multimedia to display the products in your e-commerce website(Example: can be graphics(e.g. 3D images), images of your product etc.)

e. Opportunities for customers to register their personal details such as name and e-mail address (D1)

f.Propose a strategy for the maintenance of the website*(e.g. Contact us page in case of any problem faced while using the website)

ii)Specify hardware and software components for the web server that can increase your website performance and increase reliability (refer to details above)

Task 7(LO 4: P4.2,D3)

What are the differences between an in-house hosted solution against a sub-contracted hosted solution. Which one you will be choosing for the e-commerce website you have developed and why??

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