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Purpose of this assignment


TCT Super market 

Thiyahie Charitable Trust organization has been registered under social service voluntary organization regulations section 31 of 1980. Registration Number is N/DS/SS/SS/2004/01 dated - 2004/01/19. The Thiyahie Charitable Trust main Operational District is Jaffna. However its Educational activities are extended to schools and backward areas in other parts of the country Viz. BatticaloaDist, TrincomaleeDist, KurunegalaDist and Hill country. Our other activities are presently confined to Jaffna District. The founder and the chairman of the Trust Mr. Thiyagendran (Thiyahie) who is residing in Switzerland, soley funds for the activities and administration of this organization.

The TCT organization plan to enlarge the business 

It’s no secret that most people today use the internet to gather information for everything from day to day needs E-commerce has become an irreplaceable market with the vast potential. Past years will witness the rocket of e-commerce sales growth as well as the transformation and revolution of this huge market. The statistics reported by Bigcommerce indicates that Sri Lankan live in town areas spend 4.5 hours averagely on online shopping per week; and over 30% Sri Lankan prefer to shop online rather than visiting physical stores.

The number of companies get involved in e-commerce industry keeps increasing every year. There are many impressive successful cases of those new comers but the majority of them are still exploring the ways to survive among the competitors. E-commerce is never an easy battle, especially for SMEs, the useful guidelines would be very helpful when they get started, such as Advice for SMEs to Start B2B E-Commerce Business.

Task 1

1.1 Identify the importance of customer expectation duties the importance of meeting the customer expectation by E- commerce, E-Business.

 1.2 According the scenario identify   the usefulness of e-business to improve the organization operations 

1.3 Critically   evaluate the pros and cons of E- business for TCT supermarket

Task 2

2.1 Explain the Technologies to Setting up a Secure E-commerce Site for Selected organization 

2.2 Analysis the   importants or Communication technology for E-Commerce design justify the importance of side design for  selected organization 

2.3 Evaluate the database technology how to develop the E-commerce site

Task 3

3.1 Apply the type of strategy for E-commerce Solution for selected organization 

3.2 Design an E-commerce solution for Strategy requirement

3.3 Analysis the factors and resources consume when organization design a E- commerce strategy

3.4 Differentiate between the type of payment systems

3.5 Appraise the E-Commerce design and functionality of solution of TCT supermarket

Task 4

4.1 Identify the specified requirement to implement the E-commerce solution for TCT supermarket 

4.2 Detailed SWOT analysis to TCT Supermarket

4.3 Evaluate the TCT E-commerce design success of the business Identify the specified requirements or E-Commerce strategy.  

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