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1. Introduction

It is necessary to conduct strategic development so that the relationship can be maintained with stakeholders by developing engagement. It is necessary to manage stakeholders effectively in order to develop organisational goals in a better way. In order to develop organizational strategies, it is necessary to take actions by developing communication with stakeholders. The purpose of this study is to conduct a systematic review so that research can be conducted in a better way. It is also necessary to recognize stakeholder’s uniqueness so that better interaction can be conducted in an organisation. The aim of this study is to develop a stakeholder view in order to provide a better recommendation.

2. Organisational overview

In the year 2003, Tesla was founded by a group of engineers who also founded that cars can be driven out by the use of Gasoline. In the year 2008, the Roadster unveiled Tesla's cutting edge battery technology and its first car Model is S, which became the best car in its category. The organisation provides job training to track performance level and it also looks after developing a safe environment for the employees (TESLA, 2019). In order to achieve the organisational goal, the organisation looks after developing effective training so that the job can be conducted in a proper way. Performance tracker also gets under in the training program so that necessary changes can be conducted in the organisation. They are also focusing on conducting stakeholder engagement so that improvement can be conducted in global sales expansion.

3. Stakeholders view for Tesla Organisation

Tesla has always looked after developing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) so that better strategy development can be conducted in the organisation. In order to develop the strategy part, it is necessary to develop communities, customers, employees, stakeholders and governments in the organisation. Tesla Motors is an automotive business, which has looked after providing impact over strategic development. Stakeholder’s engagement in the organization also helps in developing communication in the organisation (INVESTORPLACE, 2015). On the basis of customer's demand and Tesla's mission; necessary developments get conducted in Tesla. In order to keep customers satisfied, Tesla is now looking after developing the price of products to bring it to the affordability range.

Stakeholders group also helps in develop cost-effective cars, in order to develop concerns. In the early years, Tesla was dependent solely on investors. Engaging stakeholders also help in conducting growth in business level so that better profit margin can be achieved. Stakeholder has also taken part actively by developing better strategies so that transformation can be conducted with the automotive industry (Välikangas, 2018). In these days, the concern of stakeholders is also getting increased so that ability can be developed in the organisation. Developing organisational growth level also helps in conducting growth to the stakeholders. Stakeholders also help sin engaging effective leaders in the strategic development part to make necessary changes in case of any issue get raised. CEO Elon Musk is the top stakeholder of the organisation who has a share of 38.6 million. 

The second and third largest stakeholder of this organization is Jeffrey and Deepak. It is seen that stakeholder engagement is necessary to conduct development in the organization's development. In order to conduct development, it is necessary to develop engagement with the shareholders so that stakeholder engagement can be conducted (Välikangas, 2018). In order to generate shareholder's attention, it is necessary to conduct development in product and stakeholders margin. Engaging stakeholders also help in integrating better and effective strategies so that opportunities can be identified in an effective manner. Tesla needs to understand stakeholder’s base and on that basis, it is necessary to outline effective strategy so that better communication can be conducted.

Members of management of Tesla organization need to stay with the stakeholder communication as they have in-depth insight about the discussion. In some cases, the board members also conduct a discussion with the stakeholders to get an unbiased perspective. In this way, trust gets developed in the Tesla organization and better strategies and contribution gets done on the basis of the deal (McGregor, 2018). As a resulting growth margin gets developed and benefits get provided to the stakeholders. In the case of Tesla, the stakeholders also look after if changes are needed in the organisation. Tesla organization also discloses a refreshment plan in order to develop engagement with stakeholders.

4. Stakeholder analysis

4.1 Discuss four specific stakeholders

Stockholders are the internal stakeholder of the organisation that Tesla looks after in order to attract them towards conducting organisation development. Stakeholders have a crucial impact on developing capabilities for the organisation (NICKOLAS, 2019). The looks after developing organisational profit level along with conducting growth in an organisation. Tesla has also looked after integrating stakeholders so that the negative impact can be mitigated. Financial performance is the stakeholder's main concern that helps in developing responsibility in the organisational development. Media acts as an external stakeholder, which looks after developing integration between Tesla and other stakeholders.

It also looks after conducting technological changes in the organisation so that business can be developed in a critical manner. Employees also act as internal stakeholders that look after developing organisation productivity level (NICKOLAS, 2019). Tesla also provides necessary training to the employees so that cost reduction can be conducted in the organisation. In order to conduct expansion, it is necessary to make changes in organizational development so that a better approach can be conducted in order to attract target customers. In order to achieve the organisational goal, the organisation looks after developing effective training so that the job can be conducted in a proper way.

Performance tracker also gets under in the training program so that necessary changes can be conducted in the organisation. Tesla also looks after developing sustainable integration of energy and also looks after developing effective training to conduct sustainable development. Suppliers and customers are the external stakeholders who look after conducting organisational work activities in a proper way (Stoycheva et al. 2018). In order to satisfy customers, Tesla also looks after producing cars of affordable budget range so that middle-class families can afford it. They also focus on developing unique cars in order to attract both suppliers and customers. They are also focusing over conducting improvement in global sales expansion so that necessary improvement can be conducted. 

4.2 Conduct analysis of stakeholder's behaviour and motive

Stakeholders have a crucial impact on developing capabilities for the organisation. In the case of internal stakeholders, it looks after developing productivity part in case of an external one, it looks after developing the sustainability of the organisation. Financial performance is the stakeholder's main concern that helps in developing responsibility in the organisational development (Jones et al. 2018). Stakeholders also look after conducting improvement in the sale margin so that better cars can be conducted in the market. It also focuses on developing focus over expanding growth so that more customers can be attracted and as a result, better conduction of the process can be conducted.

Stakeholders also look after making a positive impact on business growth so that better profit can be conducted. Stakeholders of Tesla also look after developing focus so that budget-friendly cars can be conducted. In this way, the customer attraction process gets developed along with developing focus in developing environment-friendly cars (Sánchez, 2015). Stakeholders also stay engaged in order to make a positive impact over the business so that a better strategy can be integrated. Thus, employees and shareholders also take active participation in conducting innovation in business to maintain uniqueness.

4.3 Discuss key concepts associated with stakeholder analysis

It is necessary for Tesla to conduct analysis on developing stakeholder engagement so that projects can be put in shape. It is also necessary to generate understanding over the business so that the role of key stakeholders can be identified properly. The interest of stakeholders can be developed in this way so that risks and conflicts can be understood. Stakeholders analysis is an important that can be essential to improve the organisational culture of the Tesla organisation. Moreover, it can also be seen that the key concept associated with the stakeholders that can enhance the performance of the organisation (Mathivathanan et al. 2018). Besides that, it can also be seen that the stakeholder's analysis it also provides a strong relationship with the customer that can evaluate the organisation culture and maintain the positivity of the Tesla organisation as well.




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