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Dynamic Leadership Plan

Dynamic Leadership Plan

 Dynamic Leadership Plan

 . Introduction

Being well acquainted with the code of conduct established by a leader to establish ethical and developmental workplace strategies that allows them to gain compliance of their workforce and enhance the functioning of their businesses. The presence of distinctive qualities in a leader makes them highly capable of facing the tough competition that market presents to them. It also allows them to ensure that they are able to formulate proper non-current assets and invest on them wisely so that they are able to establish the long-term objectives for their organization. This ensures that the leader is not only able to ensure the development of the organization but is also able to ensure advancements in their strategies and the abilities of the workforce to be able to operate effectively in the current competitive market.

The purpose of this leadership plan is to understand the importance of long term planning. This individual assessment aims to evaluate the implications of multiple leadership theories and models that would contribute in formulating an action plan. This action plan would contribute in the understanding of the developmental aspects that are necessary in a leader and should happen from time to time, to understand the needs of the market and their stakeholders specifically.

2. Model of leadership development

Developing a proper organizational culture is one of the critical tasks that are being incurred by a leader. It is important that a good leader is aware of most of the integral leadership models that is necessary to understand for the better functioning of the organization and promote the idea of affirmative organizational culture. Understanding of the leadership theories and models ensure that the leader is able to avail desirable output for the organization (Clinton, 2018). Before utilizing the different leadership models in the functioning of the organization, it is important that leader is able to motivate his/her workforce properly. It is important that the implications are not limited to a representation in the pen and paper, and that each of the employees is able to understand the importance of the models in enhancing the operational quality of the organization for at least 5 years.

Model 1: The Whitman GROW

This particular model by Sir John Whitmore is also recognized as the GROW model. It is also considered as one of the most established and integrated form of leadership models.  This model was popularized in the book coaching for Performance (Edie et al., 2016). The GROW model emphasizes on the importance of both problem-solving capability and the goal setting aspect of leadership. At the initial stage, this model was mainly used for corporate coaching in the early 80’s and 90’s. The framework of this model is small but it acts as one of the powerful tools to highlight, extract and maximize the potential of an individual with the series of insightful conversations. The biggest contribution of this model comprises of providing personal achievement to the individual and enhances the productivity of the organization. The word GROW is an acronym of (G) goals, (R) reality, (O) options and (W) will (Heslin & Keating, 2017). These four steps highlight the key steps in the implementation of the model.

Being a leader of an organization it is of significant importance that I am able to understand the needs of the management and employee necessities that would help me retain their trust and ensure the efficiency of the organization. I have chosen to implement this model for the betterment of the organization because it would help me gain proper understanding of the following facts:

·         My aspirations from the employees and the organization

·         The current scenario and beliefs of the workforce

·         Resource availability in the organization

·         Action plan for achieving the estimated target

I consider the use of this model for the developmental plan set for two years because this model contributes in building the self-confidence of a particular individual. This model helped me promote the idea of motivation and inspiration in my workplace. Seeing my employees, work with an affirmative notion in their mind boosted my personal satisfaction and motivated be to work harder so that I can provide my workforce with better opportunities. The final element of the model is identified as the barometer of success and ensures that the relation with volatility, desire and positive intention is maintained.

The four components of Sir Whitman’s GROW model enhances the state of positive awareness in an organization (McCleskey, 2015). For the proper implementation of the model in an organization, I have been able to formulate well-structured questions to ensure that it promotes the idea of deeper awareness, encourages the idea of positive and proactive behaviour and at the same time ensure that productive results are being generated. To accomplish the goals of the organization, I ensured the inclusion of my employees in the continuous and progressive coaching skills that have been promoted in the organization. I have been able to provide a specific structure to my management and the employees to make sure that I am able to unlock my true potential and motivate others to understand their own capability as well.


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