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1. Introduction

Gallup Strengths Finder helps a leader in determining talents of colleagues or employees. It has seen that resources may perform comparatively better if in-built talents of those people have taken into consideration. In this reflexive report, I will discuss effectiveness of leadership with respect to Gallup Strengths Finder. As per my understanding, Gallup Strengths Finder will help in constructing a team based on great and effective talents of resources. In this report, I will identify patterns for effective leadership.

2. Brief description on the results

According to Gallup Strengths Finder, I have found that my capabilities as a leader have greater level of potential. Considering my findings, I can say that all characteristics as leader are in-built for me. I have observed that my leadership style consists of strategic, relater, discipline, restorative, and achiever. According to Dong et al. (2017), it has seen that effective leadership has identified as a helping hand for finding skills and knowledge of concerned individuals related to tasks. This has marked as a major element in developing innovative ideas for products or services (Dong et al. 2017).

3. Reactions with respect to results and understandings

After receiving this result on my leadership capability, I have become surprised. This is because I have gotten key effective characteristics with respect to leadership. Paradigm of psychopathological personality has seen transforming from categorical nature to dimensional differences of individual (Al-Dajani, Gralnick & Bagby, 2016). According to this result, all these characteristics of my leadership style have the ability of determining skills of respective resources. It has observed from words of Bolden (2016) that a charismatic and efficient leader can easily build as well as rebuild morale of individuals and provide positive effective vision for future of an organisation. As per statements of Day et al. (2014), it has identified that selection of an appropriate theory of leadership will help in development of my leadership quality for future. This is because leadership style defines and further refines behaviour of concerned people (Day et al. 2014).

4. Thoughts of implicating the results with respect to current as well as future leadership

My observation has depicted that due to all effective characteristics of my leadership style has enabled performance development of my colleagues. This is because a leader has identified as most responsible person for influencing followers as well as providing those individuals correct directions (Sethuraman & Suresh, 2014). From this statement, I can say that a leader has major responsibility in enhancing quality, skills, knowledge, experiences, and innovativeness of respective individuals. This will help me in finding areas that need more development for future improvement.


Considering Gallup Strengths Finder has helped me in determining my efficiency as a leader. In this report, I have focused on my capability of finding talents of my colleagues. In order to enhance leadership, I will have needs of implementing a proper theory relative to leadership. Relating tasks with respect to skill sets of those resources will help me in improving performance quality.


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