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The drug use class enables us to be familiar with the use of drugs, how, when and why people use drugs. We were made familiarized with the important terminologies and principals about drug and its usage. From past thousand years drugs have been in human history. With the passage of time, humans learn to use these drugs therapeutically for medicinal.

Brief overview of knowledge gained from class

In our discussing we learned that there are general principals of drug usage. It was a new concept that use is never a misuse; drugs are not good or bad, their use makes them so. There are multifold effects of each drug where most of the people think drugs just affect brain. With the help of trend analysis of drug availability, usage and risk we got to know that availability is constant throughout the years, risk is fluctuating and use also fluctuate with the potential risk. In this class, I personally got to explore a lot of motives, antecedents and factor that compel people to use drugs.

Use of class knowledge in real life

This class knowledge can be used in real life in many folds. First of all class knowledge has opened up my mind about the drugs, their types, effects, potential usage and causes. As we see a lot of drug abusers around us, so after the “study of drug use” in our class I can drive myself away from these kinds of factors. Another thing I learned from this class that is most important too, not to judge drug abusers that “they are bad” because there might be some major issues in his life that made him a drug abuse.

Possible career choices based on the class of drug use

With the help of class knowledge and my interest in the topic, I can choose my career as a drug regulatory inspector so that I may go after culprits and drug dealers. Another career choice that came to my mind while taking class that I can peruse to be a drug therapist helping people to get out of this vicious circle of drugs.

Most interested topic for me

Most interesting topic for me in this class “drug use” is the motives of drug usage. We all are familiar with the drugs, their usage and harms that drugs do. But barely have we known why and how a person becomes drug user. These motives were an eye opener for me. Secondly, the drug usage is a much big social problem than we ever thought. It has many fold effects from direct to indirect and acute to chronic.

Useful and not so useful information from the class

It is better not to say about anything in class was not useful. We covered almost each and every aspect to study drug and their related aspects in the given scope. But one thing I found missing that was no future perspective, recommendations and changes that could be made in drug legislations were included here. Though we studied about the history, I want to know how we can be more responsive to future needs and studies when it comes to drug usage.


This class helped me a lot in gaining useful knowledge. Drug use is an important and social topic that needs more improvements in awareness campaigns and legislations.


Drugs Society And Human Behavior by Carl Hart Charles Ksir, from https://www.academia.edu/40272729/Drugs_Society_And_Human_Behavior_by_Carl_Hart_Charles_Ksir

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