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Equality is relevant in all workplaces, regardless of whether the business employs two people or two hundred people, irrespective of whether they work remotely, in an office, a warehouse or on a shop floor. It is about ensuring that everybody has the same access to the same opportunities without any discrimination. Diversity takes into account differences between people and groups of people, by placing a positive value on those differences. A diverse and inclusive work place values people’s different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, and experiences, and uses these differences to create a productive and effective workforce. Managing both equality and diversity is equally important as it impacts on all the employees working in an organisation. Business cases have proven that biases and discrimination within the workplace can impede business growth and productivity and therefore, many businesses look beyond any legal considerations and policies to effectively promote equality and diversity to improve productivity, opportunity, and competitiveness.

You are employed as an assistant within the professional development team of an organisation (select an organisation of your choice). You have been asked to conduct a small scale project, in the form of an investigative case study, into the equality and diversity in the workplace within the organisation which is to be presented as a business case for the management on what measures should be taken to resolve the issues and challenges that may arise out of equality and diversity in the workplace. The project will involve investigating the challenges faced and the opportunities created because of equality and diversity within the organisation, how the organisation deals with these challenges and opportunities, investigating good practices within other businesses (at least two other organisations should be researched for comparative analysis), and collating employee feedback. This will be presented to your line manager as a business case with proposals to implement measures to resolve challenges and exploit opportunities, followed by a performance review in which you will need to reflect upon the project in relation to your own personal and professional development. To ensure the project is managed effectively you will complete an online project logbook as you progress through the project.


Task 1 - (LO1) - Guidance

Visit the selected organisation. Giving a brief overview of the organisation, justify why it was selected for study. This overview should help in understanding the project management plan you aim to device for it. Devise a project management plan to map out how you intend to meet the project objectives. Consider the key aspects of your plan and define its scope, i.e. what activities and tasks must be done in order to make the project a success. Categorise these tasks/activities in the key stages (initiation, planning and execution) of the project and produce a Milestone Schedule to note the major events or phases in your project. Create a work breakdown structure using a Gantt chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion, therefore tracking the activities to be undertaken. Follow it up and reflect on it in the Logbook; how timely and effectively have you been able to complete the initial stages of the plan.

Based on real-time data gathered during your visit as part of primary and secondary research in the organisation address aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources in your plan. For a possible discussion in the log book, highlight which organisational facts have positively or negatively affected the project plan in terms of an ideal plan that could have been produced, for instance, time constraint, risk aversion, and so on. Critically evaluate the project management process.

Task 2 - (LO2 and LO3) - Guidance

Write a “Report”. Carry out a small-scale research on the selected organisation and its aspects that are relevant to the achievement of project aims and objectives. This activity will involve both primary and secondary methods of data collection, as well as quantitative and qualitative methods. Therefore, it is advised to use triangulation, where one method is the main source of information gathering and other methods are used to improve the accuracy and reliability of the main method. Specify the methods selected and justify your choice. Also, categorise them as primary/secondary and qualitative/quantitative. Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the different methods.

One of the primary methods available to you is devising a short questionnaire or interview questions to complete with employees within the organisation. Include questions on what they consider equality and diversity to be, how have they experienced this in the organisation, what challenges/opportunities have they faced or have been presented, and what measures do they think could be taken to resolve this. Research at least two other organisations to see what measures they have in place to cope with such issues. Research the value and benefits of addressing such issues proactively in terms of improving the workplace. Focus on areas of good practice to build and support your business case.

Log Book discussion should incorporate your experience in the use of these methods: why did you choose a certain method for data collection? was it your preferred choice or were you forced to choose it based on any limitations? how did your tutor help you choose the method? has the chosen method limited your data collection in any way; if so, how have you catered to those issues; if not, are you satisfied with the authenticity of the data collected?

Use secondary research to study the industry (market leaders, trendsetters, other joint ventures, etc). This will help in the understanding of your selected organisation.

How do activities in task 1 and 2 correspond? Critically evaluate if the project management process and the methodologies applied for completing it have served the purpose.

Analyse the data gathered using appropriate tools and techniques. Interpret and study the key trends and interrelationships. Explaining these findings in an appropriate mode for the relevant audience, give recommendations for project implementation stage (highlighting risks and returns). Draw valid and meaningful conclusions. Evaluate the appropriateness of the selected tools and techniques for arriving at these recommendations, i.e. have the recommendations been accurate, authentic and relevant (take into account any variance in data due to the methods used in research). Incorporate this learning process in the log book.

Task 3 – (LO4) - Guidance

Complete a “Performance Review” that addresses the following:

Reflect on the success of the project and its usefulness in supporting organization’s decision-making to go global. Evaluate how effective was the project management process and data collection methods in meeting stated objective and in supporting own learning. Furthermore, also comment on your task completion timelines and stated timelines of project. Critically evaluate and reflect on the project outcomes, the decision-making process and changes or developments of the initial project plan to support justification and learning during the process. Your final log book entry should entail your overall experience: would you do it differently next time based on your learning? If so, why? If not, what was the best part of your journey?

Throughout your work maintain the logbook, which will be checked by the tutor every week. It will serve as a formative assessment tool, which will keep you on track in your project with constant guidance from the tutor. Weekly documentation of what you have learnt and how has it affected your overall project will strengthen the analysis.


Evidence checklist

Summary of evidence required by student as per the given template

Task 1

Business Overview and Project Management Plan (2500 words). Log Book

Task 2

Report (2500 words). Log Book

Task 3

Performance Review (500 words). Log Book

Format of Research Report


Write a brief description of the report (maximum 250 words) that summarizes the purpose of the project, hypothesis, procedures, principal results, and conclusions.

Title Page and Table of Contents:

Include the report title, names of students if parental consent has been obtained, school, teacher, and date on the title page. Include a table of contents on the second page.

Research Questions and Hypothesis:

Clearly state the research problem/question and hypothesis. Explain what prompted the research, discussing the importance of the research in a greater context. Summarize background information from a literature review that helps the reader understand the research question.


Describe in detail the materials and procedures used to collect data and to make observations. State what GLOBE protocols and/or data sets were used. Provide sufficient detail so that a reader could repeat the experiment from the information in the paper.

Data Summary:

Present the data in tables and graphs. All plots, graphs, and tables should be numbered and include a title and a caption. All axes should be labeled and include units. Do not include the raw data in the research paper; this belongs in the research journal.

Analysis and Results:

Summarize the data analysis and results. Include statistical analysis of the data. Determine and describe the experimental error. Explain any mathematics and equations that were used in the analysis. Be sure to account for, and discuss, the uncertainties present in the data set.


Present the conclusions reached about the research question. Explain how these conclusions were derived based on the methodology and data analysis. The results and conclusions should flow smoothly and logically from the data. Compare the results with theoretical values, published data, commonly held beliefs, and/or expected results.

Discussion and Recommendations

This section is to put the conclusions into context. Discuss possible improvements that could be made if the project were to be repeated; impacts of the research beyond the classroom; and suggestions and extensions for further study. Compare the findings with other research.


Credit those who assisted in the research, including individuals, businesses, and educational or research institutions.

Limitations of Research

Issues/problems faced during completion of research. Gap between Actual and Stated objectives of the project. Strategies used to overcome the issues/ problems etc.


List books, journal articles, web sites, and other communications used in your investigation or cited in your report in alphabetical order. Use the APA (American Psychological Association) format for references.

Journal article example:
Dale, V.H. (1997). The Relationship Between Land-use Change and Climate Change. Ecological Applications, 7, 753 - 769.

Book example:
Jackson, D.L. & L.L. Jackson. (2003). Farm as Natural Habitat: Reconnecting Food Systems with Ecosystems. Washington, D.C.: Island Press.

Project Log Book Template



Project title:

Date: entry to be made weekly

Update on weekly research/tasks achieved

Points to consider:

What have you completed?

Did you fulfill task requirements?

Are you on track and within deadlines set?

Did you need to make any changes to your project management plan?

Any risks and/or issues identified?

Points to consider:

Did you identify risks/issues with a lack of skills required for undertaking research/tasks?

Did you identify any additional risks/issues that have an impact on the project management plan?

Problems encountered

Points to consider:

What barriers did you face?

How did you overcome them?

New ideas and change of project direction

What have I learnt about myself this week?

Points to consider:

How did I feel when I had to deal with tasks/problems? Did I find it useful to complete the tasks?

How well have I performed? What did I contribute? What can I improve on next week?

How might this learning apply in the future?

Tasks planned for next week

Points to consider:

Which tasks are a priority?

Have you set aside sufficient time for completion?

Project plan status to date (on, ahead, behind)

Supervisor comments to address


Performance Review Template

Performance Review

§  What was the project supposed to accomplish?

§  Did the project succeed in its aims? How do you know? Specifically, please outline any evaluation and assessment undertaken.

§  What things do you think worked well and why? Evaluate all aspects of the project (e.g. initial inception, project activities and project outcomes) from a range of perspectives.

§  What problems emerged during the project and how were they tackled? Was there timely identification of issues and resolution during the project process?

§  What did you learn from undertaking the project?

§  How would you rate your performance as project manager?

§  What strengths and weaknesses of your performance did you identify?

§  How will this inform and support your continuous professional development?


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