Animation industry has become widely popular among the people. Mr Jeremy Chu is one of the few Australian animation developers who was involved in the development of the famous "Big Feet" project (Yoon, 2017). At present, he is managing director of AnimeCoup Pty Ltd since past 12 years. In recent years there has been intense competition in the animation industry. This has been evident as he is now losing his market share in the given industry. So, the given report is based on presenting a report which would be based on bringing improvement in his working procedures so that Mr Chu would again get success with his anime projects.
Risk management planning and processes
The risk which affects an enterprise arises due to an increase in competition. Due to an increase in the trend of advertising, there has been a rapid increase in the competition. So, to mitigate the impact of competition, various new industries are taking the help of social media to advertise their product or services. Therefore AnimeCoup Pvt. Ltd. has to deal with an environment full of competition. 

According to the given scenario, the risk with which the organization was going through is of the high level of risk. The competition is present everywhere and has a serious impact on the business of an enterprise, the risk increases with the increase in demand of the consumers which is almost uncertain to estimate. Moreover, in the same manner, the competition adversely affects the profit of the organisation (Aulakh and Basu, 2018).

Some of the plans that can help the business to mitigate the level of competition are:
Knowledge of market
Understanding the taste and preference of clients
Knowing about the competitors
Getting involved in the advertisement of the products and its marketing
The utilisation of various marketing strategies to attract the consumers (Marketingdonut.co.uk, 2018)
Computer software functions and operation
To complete this project, the GAMESALAD a gaming development software was utilised which made the game more technically advanced. The software tools which are used to make games are Assembla, blender, Photoshop and Evernote. With the help of these tools and the above-given software, this project could be accomplished by the company.

GAMESALAD is the best software for developing the game which is available for $299 only. The other software tools can be purchased for $250 to complete this project. Some other hardware components and devices can be purchased for $100 (Giannakos and Jaccheri, 2018).

Comparison of open source software and proprietary software:
Table 1: Comparison of open and proprietary software
The relevant current legislation, codes and standards in regard to games development in terms of adult contents and violence level.
There are various codes, legislation and standard to persuade animated companies in Australia to follow their rules in terms of violence level as well as adult contents in the development of their animated games. These are:
Australian Classification Board:
It is one of the statutory government bodies in Australia which is responsible for classification as well as censorship for films and animated industries. One such act it has formulated is Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act, 1995 (Flew, 2018). It classified the computer or online games of animated industries into five categories:
G – General category; which implies that these could be viewed by any age-group
PG – It implies that the video or games could be viewed by children from any age-group below 15 but there is a recommendation of parental guidance. Children above aged 15 or adults could view it freely
M – Recommended for mature audiences
MA15+ – It not suitable for children below the age group of 15 and they could view online contents only when they are accompanied by either their parents or an adult guardian
R18+ – These videos are completely restricted for children below the age of 18
RC – These imply that such type of content has been refused for classification by the panel group and thus the material is completely banned. This implies that the given content could not be shown, sold and distributed and is punishable by law (Devilly, et al. 2017).
So, it is the responsibility of the given board to provide the rating to the contents, films and video games related to animation industries in Australia and take the necessary step to edit the contents if they have a higher number of violence level and adult contents which would be harmful to the society.  Besides, AnimeCoup Pty Ltd led by Mr.Chu would adhere to the principles of the given board and if any editing is required to reduce the harmful contents, it would give its mutual consents so as to avoid any controversies.

4. Sustainability requirements and ratings
An online collaborative development platform enables a user to work on the same project along with various people at the same time with the help of software. There are various online collaborative tools in market like Google Keep, Slack, Yammer, Red Pen etc. that enables the user to share their ideas and thoughts regarding the same task without being physically active (Stewart, 2017). 

It is mandatory to have a proper identity on a social media platform so as to adapt to changes in order to meet the challenges and thus maintain the level in the given market. Due to technological advancements, customers get attracted to those organizations which provide to them their own online platforms. 

The two-way communication method should be followed by the personnel. They should focus not only on their individual thoughts but should also try to take the point of views of ideas of different persons. By using this, there would the elimination of chaos and confusion among them and would help in increasing their efficiency (Stewart, 2017). 
a. Uses of Gantt chart: Gantt chart helps to access the time duration of the project, and it helps to determine the sources which are needed in the project. It also helps in planning and scheduled the projects in the organisation. Here, below the Gantt chart shows the process of completing this game project.
b. Use of Microsoft Project
6.  Organizational frameworks and functions in regard to games development standards 
The online animated games are created through a software development process. They are presented as a creative outlet so as to generate profit for the company. Before entering the market, it has been mandatory to prepare financial requirements in the form of a budget. It has been evident in the case study that Mr Chu has already allocated $500k for the preparation of proper functions for the game development. First, there would be a description of the roles of various players associated with the games and their functions would be identified:
Producer: It is their responsibility to check the proper development of the online games and provide the necessary funds to complete the project in a given time period. They have various responsibilities such as negotiation of a contract, PR, maintenance of budget, liabilities between staff and stakeholders, quality assurance and so on.  
Publisher: They have the responsibility of publishing the animation content and are responsible for their proper marketing and manufacturing such as market research and all advertising aspects (Bosnjak and Orehovacki, 2018).  
Development Team: They are responsible for performing various jobs related to the proper development of the given animated videos or films. A development team includes designer who designs the online game, an artist who creates visual arts in both 2-D or 3-D pattern and programmer who is a software engineer and is responsible for the development of animated software. For AnimeCoup Pty Ltd, there are three software developers, two games designers and graphics designers each and one employee who is responsible for the marketing of the product of the company (Gerling, et al. 2017).  
It is a planning phase which focuses on the conceptual development of design documents and also their production so as to produce a clearly understood documentation about the given online project. They help the development team to describe schedules, tasks and estimates for them. It further has three stages namely; high concept, concept and pitch. The high concept describes in brief about the game. Pitch is a short summary document about the game so as to explain the profit associated with the game (Giannakos and Jaccheri, 2018). The concept is a detailed document which contains all information related to the game.
Game Design Document
Before starting production, the development team produces a game design document which describes in detail about various aspects associated with the development of the game.
It is an import activity which allows game designers and programmers to experiment with different algorithms associated with the game scenarios. In this stage, the prototype is done manually and that too on the paper (Rosyid, et al. 2018). 
It is the main stage for the development of a game where production of source codes and assets are done. It has the following stages:
In this stage, the rules and contents related to the game are properly designed. It requires good writing skills, creativity, artistic and technical competence.
This step is conducted by the programmers who develop prototypes for incorporating new features or to remove bugs associated with the software (Gerling, et al. 2017).
Audio Production
This is done by sound engineers who are technical professionals and are responsible for maintaining sound positioning and effects. 
This is conducted by software testers either manually or by automation and is responsible for identifying flaws in the software and ensures the quality assurance of the animation project.
Publisher prepares a milestone which is required to be met by the game developers and depends on the schedules of the developer. Some milestones are alpha, beta or first playable game versions (Bosnjak and Orehovacki, 2018).
It includes maintenance phase where the games are put on a trial method to identify the bugs related to it so as to report them and get feedback which is then discussed with the management and removed from the software.
For the organizations that are generally aiming to develop some new position in the markets and attain the best results and benefits, they define some fundamental building blocks in their strategic plan are called strategic objectives. Here, in this particular project the Anime Coup Pvt. Ltd. Is focusing on developing a new game which will be easy for them and more profitable as others available in the markets. Developing some strategic options for the degrading companies can be a beneficial decision in the direction of the success in future. The firm is also aiming to regain their market in gaming with the use of some effective marketing strategies and platforms. Since the company is experiencing a great downfall in their revenue with the newly introduced games from other developers. So, these strategic objectives with the digital marketing are very important for the client's company in the current digital marketplace because they can regain their market value and name with an increase in the profit margin.
After the establishment of the strategic operations and tasks regarding the development of the new game, defining operational objectives for the AnimeCoup Pvt Ltd is also an essential task that can impose exact tasks for each team member of Mr Chu. Operational objectives are more towards changes rather than just defining some jobs for the team members of Mr Chu. Since the company is aiming to explore their market and customers so that they can generate more revenue, their operational objectives should be designed effectively. 
Talking about some operational changes that can be introduced in the team of Mr Chu are the use of different marketing platforms so that they can make their game-high recognition in the initial days. Some major changes that are required, named below:
Use of the effective marketing strategies and platforms
Defining proper roles and responsibilities to each member and collaborative working
Focus on the aim to develop a better game than others and hence effective use of the software selected
In addition to these, to meet the new project deadlines and goals, they have to make some complex decisions in their business development process and simply recruit a strong employee team for marketing rather on a temporary basis so that they can easily make their game recognized and earn a profit as before.
Functional requirements
These are the requirements that include the quality aspects of the project like models, concepts used, features, attributes of the project etc. Here, the functional requirements are the software on which they will work on and their detailed features to use it more effectively and deliver their best result. 
Non-functional requirements
These are the elements of the project that are not much essential for the completion of the project but can help in delivering more effective and desired results regarding the new game. These are the features of the game going to be developed, aspects considered, functions of the operations and the people etc. 
Hardware Software and Communicational requirements
The animation industry has been totally moved into the field of IT industry as its all the platforms of the business are dependent on the technology, computer language, coding system, latest concepts and shortcuts for already developed functions etc. In terms of hardware requirements, there are no such huge demands, just the devices on which people will develop the game or computers with high internet connections, at the same time there is also a requirement of some physical things that are essential like comfortable seating arrangements for the developers. In terms of software requirements, they only require a legally purchased game development platform and some other that are required with it like storage, etc. At last, for communication purpose, as the internal team is small they can try their personal cellular devices and for external marketing and other communication tasks, the marketing department has to first decide the platform on which they are going to introduce their new game with the proper planning of the financial terms (Marnewick, 2012). 
The project is going to provide the output as the game product in the market which can help them in earning more revenue for the betterment and sustainability of their future. The output as the game is going to be introduced on different platforms like other games so that they can create a better market share and reach a large group of people. With this project, the training needs and other support systems required are knowledge for the new software on which the developers and Mr Chu will work on, at the same time except for the competencies of the team in developing the marketing team is going to play a major role in this project and hence their skill set is just so that they can deliver and achieve their expected results. 
According to NAA (2018), the rules and regulations to operate a business in service sector, the firm should follow the Privacy Act 1998, Freedom of Information Act 1982, Electronic Transaction Act 2000, Fair Work Act 2009, Contract Law, Data Protection, Digital Service Standard, Cyber Security Strategy etc. are some basic legislation that should be followed by AnimeCoup Pvt Ltd to maintain the ethics of the business of their gaming industry. 
The risk analysis of the project has been described below with the ratings from 0 – 10. 
The overall project will be based on the use of the different ICT platforms and functions hence developing a procedural approach for the tasks that have to be performed will be beneficial for the success of the project. Description of some of the major aspect in ICT project plan are:
Terms and references
In this project, cost, time, demands, objectives, project procurement and risk management, following government norms are some of the basic terms and references utilized. 
Summary of budget plan
For this particular project of game development, the budget allocated and required is very less as the overall costs came out to be less than $10000 in the time period of the project except for the salary of the developers and designers. In addition to this, the breakup budget can only go up by 10 or 15% of the originally decided costs which can be managed easily but a big chance will affect overall project. So, including all employees, the project might range from $30,000 to $50,000 which is available with them. 
Summary of skillsets required
Knowledge of each task by everyone so that one can easily switch places in the team to deliver the results. 
Summary of computing and other physical resources
Computers with installed software
Data storage platform or server to save all the data developed in between the project
Comfortable office and seating area
Summary of timelines and schedules with Gantt chart using any available resources including open source
Summary of communication protocols with the clients and sub-contractors with a simple communication matrix
The mode of communication between the team members and the management with the customers should be very effective so there will be no issues in the project and situation of miscommunication. In the communication system protocol, proper performance reporting should be done with the effective distribution of the information and maintain an administrative closure so that all the communication links will be legal and clear to all.
According to Morgan (2018), developing a project team is one of the most essential tasks for the companies as their work starts at this stage. At the same time making a team is not enough, describing the roles and responsibilities of each member is also a vital and necessary task. So, the description of the roles and responsibilities of the 9 members of Mr Chu including him is given below.
Protocols for the team communications
Employee Engagement Group (2011) has defined some protocols for the communication within a workplace so that there will be no miscommunication and misinterpretation of the information shared with others. Leader will be accountable for the communication responsibilities, employees will get regular update regarding the latest updates made and way of communication that should be used and most importantly each communicational conversation should be made in such a way that other person can understand in a clear manner at first can be some of the basic protocols that they can follow in their project. 
Protocols for the reporting processes
ST Health (2011) had defined some reporting protocols that might have a use for the project of Mr Chu. There should be a non-compliance model, violation protocol, etc. that can help the person stating anything positive or negative which is also useful for the small firms like AnimeCoup Pvt Ltd. 
Summary of project management tools and methodologies
The project has been developed with the notion to regain the market value and increase the revenue which others are generating despite their simple games but because of effective marketing techniques. So, the methodologies used here are the development of the software of the game with the best facilities, resolution etc. but at very low costs to both customers and company. In addition to this, the project includes the agile and TQM approach to make the best output after the hard work of the team members of Mr Chu.
Summary of the key performance index for each team members, a protocol for project plan control and for project resource control
Performance of the employees of the firm will be analysed through their already in use model of performance index with some modifications as insertion of some other aspects at the same time, the protocol to control the project plan is basically under control of Mr Chu so he should follow all the norms defined without any tolerance. At last, regarding the resources also, Mr Chu and other team members are responsible for the effective use of the resources of the company and make the best results.
The plan of handover the project will be a systematic approach to deliver the best product to their clients and remove all the berries in the path of their increased market value and profit. Proper quality checks with the alfa and beta testing several times will be conducted to test the reliability and validity of the software or game. At the same time, the game will be presented to the clients from starting stages till the end and what can be some core advantages of this over others etc. to make them satisfied with their desired and genuine product. 
The game will get the latest upgrade notifications as soon as it will reach different people and they get feedbacks from regarding the use, interface, use of time and money etc. The project will be monitored on regular basis in future also at least till it occupies the top positions in the industry. 
Organizations improvements – process changes
Regarding this, Mr Chu has to make some dominant changes that are completely new for their staff members or developers. The culture they have till now has to be changed so that they can generate some new results than ever before, simultaneously they should also look on this regularly so that they can make their customers satisfied as well as their employees. Since the project is developing with the aim to generate a good market reputation and hence, strictly assessing the work, demands, needs and deliverables should be done effectively. 




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