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Different data models

Different data models

 Task 1.1

Critically compare different data models and schemas


You are required to identify various types of database models such as hierarchical network relational and object-oriented. Use appropriate diagrams to compare and contrast the key features, advantages and disadvantages of each database model.

You are required to use the appropriate diagram to explain the database schema which consists of three layers such as external, conceptual and internal. You are required to explain the functionality of each schema of each level (with the help of examples).

Task 1.2

Critically discuss the benefit and limitations of the different database

You are required to identify various types of database technologies such as file-based, relational database, multimedia database, object-oriented database, distributed database, data warehousing (data mars and data mining), web-based technology (cloud computing). Discuss benefits and limitations of each technology.

Task 1.3


You are required to identify two approaches such as top-down and bottom-up about designing databases. Under the top-down approach, you are required to discuss ERD modelling process. This should include the notation which you use for ERD modelling, the entities, the relationships, the type of relationships, the attribute of entities need to be illustrated with appropriate images. You are required to explain the role of the top-down approach regarding designing database systems. About bottom-up approach, you are required to illustrate how normalisation process would help to identify normalise tables for the database solution. You are required to use examples when illustrating un-normalised form, first normal form(1NF), second normal-form(2NF) and third normal form(3NF).

Normalisation process (has to be explained)


-Un-normalised form

Under this process, you are required to gather all the data and create one table having all the entities and the attributes and define a primary key for that large table.

First normal form(1NF)

-Under this process, you are required to identify all the repeating groups and remove all those repeating groups and create a separate table and rest need to be kept in another table. Make sure you define the primary key and composite key for those tables

-Second normal form(2NF)

Under this form, you are required to remove all the partial dependencies; this means you are required to identify non-key attributes depending on one of the keys of the composite key. When you identify them, separate them in another relational table, and the rest should have remained in another table.

-Third normal form(3NF)

Under this form, you are required to identify non-key attributes depending on another non-key attribute and separate them, to another relation.

Task 2.1


You are required to design top down and bottom up views of the database system for the given case study. In this case design, a completed ER diagram which should show all the entities, relationships, attributes, and the type of relationships for the given case study. Please make sure to use idle Crowfoot or Chen notations. Apart from this, you are required to apply the nominalisation process for the nominalised table and need to show how the tables look like in the 1st normal form, 2nd normal form and 3rd normal form. On the 3rd normal form, all your tables should be normalised.

Task 2.2


You are required to build a relational database system which should consist of all nominalised tables which you have identified on the 3rd normal form of Task 2.1. You may use any database management system to develop the database required for the given case study. Take screenshots of all the tables and paste it into the Task 2.1. And explain the purpose of each table and how it is related to other tables, with the help of appropriate keys.

Task 2.3


You are required to use any development platform, to develop user interface design, for the given case study and connect the front end with the back end, with the help of any approach. You are required to provide evidence for your user interface development process.

Task 3.1


You are required to identify how various types of commands used in the structured query language and explain the benefits of using those commands in relation to the given case study. You are required to use appropriate examples to justify your points.

Task 3.2

You are required to implement the query language for the queries in the given case study; the following requirements need to be fulfilled for each query:

1. Write down the query requirements: college admin needs to list down course details and the unit details offered by the college.

2. Query Result (screenshots).

3. Query design.

4. SQL view.

This thing needs to be3 applied for all the queries mentioned in the assignment brief.

Task 3.3


You are required to evaluate and provide evidence how meaningful data has been extracted with the help of query tools. In this case, you are required to produce reports for all the queries which you have created and evaluated how this report would be useful for the users of the case study. Please use evidence within bracket query tools, to justify your points.



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