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Develop and implement diversity

Develop and implement diversity

 Develop and implement diversity

In order to be assessed as Competent (C) in this unit, you need to provide evidence which demonstrates that you can perform the required competencies to the required standard. Competency depends on consistently demonstrating the skills, attitude and knowledge that enables you to complete workplace tasks confidently in a variety of situations.


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research diversity and its importance to organisational activity and to draft, plan and implement diversity policy.


It applies to individuals working in organisations with staff and clients from different cultures, races or religions, multiple generations, or where there are other forms of diversity in the workforce.


To attain competence in the unit ‘Develop and implement diversity policy’ you must:

·         Successfully complete the Written Questions

·         Successfully complete the Case Study 

Case Study

BSBDIV601 Develop and implement diversity policy


Read the instructions below and complete this part of the assessment. You need to submit your answer to your trainer for assessment via your student portal. Please allow 5 working days for the trainer/assessor to assess your answer. Return to your student portal to review the outcome of this assessment and possible feedback from your trainer/assessor.  In case you are required to undertake a Practical task for this unit of competency, it might need to be completed in the classroom on a day allocated to you by your trainer. Please see the Practical Assessment sheet for more information and instructions. Your trainer/assessor will observe you during the practical assessment and inform you about the outcome upon completion of this task.




You are to complete the following Case Study on developing and implementing a diversity policy. Your answers will form part of the evidence gathered for this unit. You must complete and submit this assignment to your trainer for assessment by the due date provided by your trainer.


Case Study:

As part of this assessment you are required to access the simulated business of ‘Bayside Call Centre.’ This business is a fictitious company and for the purposes of assessment can assume your Trainer is the CEO to clarify any company information or consult with as required.


Your role will be that of the Human Resources Manager. Your Position Description requires you to ensure that companies polices include and support diversity acceptance. There is an existing Bayside Call Centre ‘Diversity Policy’; however it is outdated and does not really support or reflect the diversity of the current staff members. The information within the current policy only identifies anti-discrimination issues and does not cover all aspects of inclusive diversity practices. You have identified that this is not appropriate and requires immediate review.


You can access all required information in the ‘Bayside Call Centre’ Organisational Portfolio via the Resources for this unit of competency in your EZ learn. Relevant documents may include:

·         Business Overview

·         The existing Bayside Call Centre ‘Diversity Policy’

·         Other policies and procedures, documents




Part A

As the Human Resources Manager at ‘Bayside Call Centre’ you are required to lead a review of the current Diversity Policy and practices and to make suggestions for improvement.

Policy / Procedure

Performance Review Policy & Procedure


This policy and procedure ensures that Bayside Call Centre staff performance is monitored and there is a continuous improvement approach to staff performance.


All staff are to undertake a performance review of their performance every twelve (12) months and the following procedure identifies the steps to ensure all staff performance is monitored effectively.


On an annual basis the Human Resources Manager shall conduct staff appraisals to ensure that staff are performing to the required standards of their job description. This appraisal shall also allow the staff member and manager a formal opportunity to discuss areas of job performance.


When conducting the performance appraisals the following must occur:

·           The Human Resources Manager will oversee or delegate the Performance Review of all staff and may include direct managers where appropriate.

·           The performance review will be documented by the Human Resources manager and details will be forwarded to their manager

·           Prior to the appraisal the staff member must complete the ‘Staff Self Evaluation Form’ in preparation for the appraisal and ensure all relevant paperwork and documentation is up to date

·           The particular staff member and their manager are to sign and verify the appraisal has occurred and all outcomes are understood.

·           All checklists and notes form the appraisal is to be kept on the staff employee file.

·           Any issues identified through the appraisal process are to be addressed as required.


Ensure that staff performance reviews are completed on an annual basis and this should be completed for all staff at approximately the same time (throughout a month for all staff).


Where a staff member’s performance is not meeting the required standard their direct manager shall implement a specific development plan as required.


Statutory requirements

·         “An employer shall provide and maintain so far as it is practicable for employees a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.”  Section 21. (1) Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004


·         “Every employer and every self-employed person shall ensure, so far as is practicable, that persons (other than the employees of the employer or self-employed) are not exposed to risks to their health or safety arising from the conduct of the undertaking of the employer or self-employed.”  Section 22. (1) Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004


Policy statement

The purpose of this policy is to guide Bayside Call Centre in meeting OH&S legislation and addressing OH&S issues in the workplace.


Bayside Call Centre places a high priority on the safety and health of its employees and clients. This policy and procedure has been developed recognising that the well-being of employees and clients can directly affect their job satisfaction, motivation, and overall morale in the business environment.


All staff employed by Bayside Call Centre has specific responsibilities for ensuring the health and safety of staff within the workplace. These responsibilities are based on relevant state legislation and reinforced in this document. The specific OH&S responsibilities of staff are dependent on their role within the company.


·         Bayside Call Centre will operate and provide a workplace compliant with regulating health and safety laws, codes of practice, and standards which impact upon its operations.


·         Bayside Call Centre shall make every effort to identify, assess, and control hazards within all areas that are accessed by staff or students.


·         These objectives will be achieved through the:

·         Provision of a safe and healthy work environment and systems of work;

·         Maintenance of equipment and facilities under the control of the company;

·         Provision of training for company personnel to enable them to perform their tasks safely;

·         Ongoing inspection and review of the work place, work practices, and procedures and

·         Appropriate response in the event of an incident to ensure an investigation is conducted to prevent a recurrence. This is to include speaking to witnesses (if applicable), conducting an investigation, conducting a hazard inspection checklist, reporting the results to all stakeholders.


·         All staff employed by Bayside Call Centre has a primary responsibility to ensure that the work they undertake or supervise is carried out in a safe manner. No task is so important that a persons’ safety is to be put at risk.


·         Company personnel are required to:

·         take reasonable care of themselves and others that may be affected by their acts or omissions;

·         contribute to and be involved in the company’s ongoing management of health and safety;

·         comply with all workplace policies and procedures implemented in relation to health and safety; and

·         report all situations that may adversely impact on health and safety


Program implementation

All employees of Bayside Call Centre are required to be aware of the OH&S program and procedures for maintaining a healthy and safe work environment.  As part of the organisation’s OH&S program, Bayside Call Centre has implemented a number of occupational health and safety procedures, including:

·         the establishment of an OH&S reporting system to record and investigate accidents and other health and safety incidents

·         safety audits and workplace assessment procedures

·         establishment of an OH&S Officer position;

·         provision of advice and training to encourage safe and healthy work practices.


In order to ensure that this policy continues to guide organisational activities and developments in occupational health and safety, Bayside Call Centre’s OH&S objectives, program, procedures and activities are to be monitored and reviewed.  Given that workplace staff are constantly changing, this review should be undertaken annually, prior to the organisation’s Annual General Meeting, and in consultation with the CEO  and Department Managers, and staff representatives.  Such reviews must include consideration of the following:

·         provision of health and safety information

·         action required resulting from workplace audits, job, task or facilities changes

·         upgrading of facilities to meet applicable safety standards including the need for equipment or furniture to meet ergonomic and/ or safety requirements.

Your task is to:

·         Produce a report outlining the process of the review of the current Diversity Policy and practices

·         Summarise the results of your investigation

·         Make suggestions for improvement

The report should address the following considerations:

·         Nature of consultation undertaken with key managerial staff

·         Identify related policies/ documents that will require updating or rewriting

·         Legislation, codes of practice and national standards to be addressed in the policy as it relates to Bayside Call Centre

·         Identify benefits of diversity to strategic and business objectives of Bayside Call Centre

·         Access the policies from other organisations (similar and dissimilar) to gain ideas and knowledge of best practice

·         Suggest major operational changes and performance changes required to implement a new Diversity Policy at Bayside Call Centre


Your trainer will assess your knowledge and ability to:

·         Review the current Diversity Policy and practices

·         Summarise the results of your investigation

·         Make suggestions for improvement

·         Consider nature of consultation undertaken with key managerial staff

·         Identify related policies/ documents that will require updating or rewriting

·         Address legislation, codes of practice and national standards in the policy

·         Identify benefits of diversity to strategic and business objectives of Bayside Call Centre




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