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Database Design Concepts

Database Design Concepts

Database Design Concepts | Database Management Assignment Help

1.      Learning Outcome


In today’s world database is an integral part of our day-to-day life that often we are not aware that we are using one. For example, we often have database’s applications for the following:

i. Purchasing in supermarket

ii. Purchases made by the credit card

iii. Booking a vacation with a travel agent

iv. Library

v. Studying at college

vi. Taking insurance

vii. Using the internet, etc. 

These are only a few of the applications for database systems and you may know plenty of others applications. 

Task 1:

Choose any one of the database application of your interest and analyse it within the organisational environment.

Also explain the key issues of databases in organisational context eg. Integrity, security, recovery, concurrency, etc. (Outcome 1.1) 

Task 2:

The database management system (DBMS) has promising potential advantages. Critically evaluate the advantages and features of database management systems. (Outcome 1.2) 

2.    Learning Outcome 

Task 1: 

“The database is a fundamental component of an information system, and its development and usage should be viewed from the perspective of the wider requirements of the organisation. Therefore, the organization’s Information System Life Cycle (ISLC) is essentially linked to the Database System Development Life Cycle (DSDLC) that supports it. Database Management System (DBMS) selection is one of the stages in the DSDLC”.

Assume that you are responsible for selecting a new DBMS for a group of users in your organisation. To undertake this exercise, you must first establish a set of requirements for the group and then identify a set of features that a DBMS product must provide to fulfill the requirements. Describe the process of evaluating and selecting the best DBMS product for the organisation. (Outcome 2.1 & 3.1)

Task 2: 

Create an ER diagram for each of the following descriptions:

a. Each company operates four departments, and each department belongs to one company.

b. Each department in question (a) employs one or more employees, and each employee works for one department.

c. Each of the employees in question (b) may or may not have one or more dependents, and each dependent belongs to one employee.

d. Each employee question (c) may or may not have an employment history.

e. Represent all the ER diagrams described in questions (a), (b), (c), and (d) as a single ER diagram. (Outcome 2.2) 

3.     Learning Outcome

TASKS ( Please refer the excel sheet along with the task)

A new used bookstore has just opened in your town. You were talking to the owner when he checked you out and found out that he needs some help in updating his database. He is currently using an Excel workbook, but his inventory has grown so large that he needs to move to an Access database for efficiency. You have agreed to look at his Excel workbook and whether you can create an Access database. 

1.         Creating Tables by Entering Data

a.       Create a new database

b.      Add a table called Bindings, which specifies the binding type of the book by adding the data in Datasheet view. The information is listed in the table below







Cardboard (some listed as paper are really cardboard)






Leather (at least some portion)



No cover or no binding



Paper (paperback or magazine or leaflet)



Ring binding (3 ring or otherwise)



Soft hardcover (flexible, durable non-paper cover material)


c.       Modify the table in Design view using the information below

1.      Set the primary key to be the ID field.

2.      Change the field names from Field 1 etc. to the names in the top row of the table above.

3.      Set the field size of the Binding field to 10.

(Outcome 3.2)

2.         Create a User Interface Form and Enter the Data from Excel

a.       Create a User friendly Access Form for the input of data.

b.      The source of your data is the separately provided as a excel file with 100 records.

c.       Enter all the 100 records from the excel file and store it a table called Books.

d.      The BKNO field will become your primary key. Set its indexing option to Yes, (no Duplicates).

e.       Change the BIND field to have a type of Long Integer.

f.       Change the YEAR field to have a type of IntegerCreating Relationships.

(Outcome 3.2)


3.         Create the Relationship between the Tables

You need to create the relationship between the tables. This means you must identify the primary fields in each table and, using the Relationships window, connect them with their foreign key counterparts in other tables. Enforce referential integrity.

a.       In the Relationships window, create a relationship between the ID field in the Binding table and the BIND field in the Books table, where the BIND field is the foreign key. Enforce referential integrity.

b.      Print the Relationships window.

c.       Close the Relationships window and save your changes.

(Outcome 3.2 & 3.3) 

4.         Creating a Query with the Query Wizard and Sorting the Results

a.       Create a simple query using the Query Wizard for the Books table showing the Title and Year fields for all books.

b.      Run the query.

c.       Print the results.

d.      Save the query as All Books then close the query.

e.       Open the All Books query in Design view.

f.       Change the query so that it only displays the books printed in 1954.

g.       Sort the query by the Title field in ascending order.

h.      Run the query.

i.        Save the query as 1954 Books then close the table.

j.        Print the results.

(Outcome 3.3) 

5.         Creating a Multi-table Query

a.       Open the All Books query in Design view.

b.      You will use both of the tables in the database to create a list of all hard back books. So add the Bindings table to the query.

c.       Add the Binding field from the Bindings table to the query.

d.      Make sure the relationship between the Bind field in the Books table and the ID field in the Bindings table is showing. If it is not, create it in the query.

e.       Modify the query to show only the books with a hard cover; that is books where the value of the BINDING field is 2. Fields to display are the TITLE field from the BOOKS table and the BINDINGS field from the BINDINGS table.

f.       Save the query changing the name to Hard Back Books.

g.      Print the results. Compact, repair, and backup the file.

(Outcome 3.3 & 3.4)


  1. Your report should include Introduction and a valid proper conclusion.
  2. Save all your work in a CD and submit the soft copy. On the top of CD write as HND-Database Design Concepts – Learning Outcome-3 with your Name and Index No.
  3. For all the tasks wherever it gets mentioned as “Print” you have to submit the hard copy.



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