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Database design concept

Database design concept

 Database design concept


Task 2

2.1 Analyze a database developmental methodology

A database development methodology is effective to facilitate the developers in planning, modelling and managing the database development process. It can help to achieve the systematic and structured execution with validation of the data and stages. The methodology for the development has consideration of mainly three processes: conceptual, logical and physical modelling of the data.

Conceptual database design methodology  

During the methodology, the conceptual model can be prepared with the declaration and definition of the entities, attributes and constraints whereas entity types can be defined to ensure the effective conceptual design with data accuracy. Also, relationship, type of the relationship, associated attributes, and keys are determined. At last, the conceptual model is validated and reviewed for the accuracy and redundancy issues.

Logical database design methodology  

During the process, the logical design is prepared with validated conceptual model. Relations are derived through the programming language and validated for the normalization process. Also, user transactions, and integrity constraints are checked (Ambler, 2012). It has effective integration of the users in the logical design of the system for the organization. However, it is the structure of the database system without the need of data.

Physical database design methodology  

Base tables are created at this process and derived data are presented. Also, business rules, file organization, and indexes are prepared. The organization can analyze the transactions and need of storage and on that basis; user views and security mechanisms can be designed. The outcome of the process is the implementable solution for the organization.

2.2 Discuss entity-relationship modelling and normalization

Entity-relationship model is used to present the relationship between the entities in the database system whereas entities are objects having information. Therefore, entities are concepts having relevancy to the database. For example, there are four departments in each company and each employee has relationship with one department only. Therefore, there are mainly four entities including employee, department and company and dependents.

Relationship is used to link the tables for their association. For example, one employee is related to one department which represents one-to-one relationship. Also, one department can contain one or more employees; it is one-to-many relationship (Thalheim, 2013). Also, the dependents of the employees might be zero or many which represents the relationship of many-to-many.

Attributes are used to define the entities. For example, the name, contact details, department name and other details associated with the employee entity are the attributes. The attribute which can define the rows or record uniquely is a key. A primary key is not null and unique key for the table. Employee dependents can be presented with the help of multi-valued attribute as one employee might have multiple dependents.



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