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The report is based on the concept of security risks of data and privacy associated with a charity based organization. The report presents a case of a community based charity organization which provides its services to patients suffering from mental health issues and also provide support services and training to disadvantaged people in the society.  Cureently the charity organization comprise of a small data centre of 50 x86 64 bit servers and running on window server 2008 R2 for desktop services and also to dave tehri records and files. The charity orgnization comprise of a 500 suport stadff and the administrative users, now the organization deciderd to move to  the cloud services provided by a third party. The organizational data comprise of the confidential and sensitive informtion of its employees, ebendicials of the services of organiztaiona and othetr partenrs of the organization. Currntly the organization is working on a basic HR softeware and vulnerabel to many securioty risks and tehrfore decided to move to the cloud aplications, byt the cloud services are provided by the third aprty and tehrfore there are still risks fo the data breaches and the other ethicla issues related to confidential data. Hence the report explains all the risks asscoated with the HR sotware and whatr aer the disadvantages and the advantages of moving to the SaaS based cloud application.

Security Of Employee Data

Risks in the in-house HR database


The most important thing in any organization is the protection of confidential data.The success of any organization depends upon its capability of securing its private and confidential data from any unauthorized access.As given in the scenario, a charity based community who works for mental health services, training and different types of services are given to disadvantaged people of the community.This charity works on a data centerto store charity’s 200 TB of data. As this charity need to handle such a large data, so it is very difficult to manage such a large data. With the increase in usage of confidential internet, data is at high risk. Due to this, some threats are also associated with the datacenter. Data theft is increasing at a rapid rate.In some organizations, for the comfort zone of their employees, some organizations adopt BYOD i.ebring your own device. In this policy, employees bring their deviceto their workstation and use these devices to access information of the company. They use their own devices to access company information or to share data. This policy has a bright side as well as the dark side. As employees use their device to access the company’s data so employees can access it at anyplace whenever they want . On the other hand, employees can misusethecompany’s data as a result of which company’s confidential and private data is at high risk (Maurer, 2015).

Another risk associated is disgruntled employees. The biggest threat to data security is caused by internal attacks. Regarding productivity, disgruntled employees are simply more productive as compared to other employees. When these employees are unhappy with organizations policy,they are quite dangerous. They show different modes of behaviorsby stealing confidential data of an organization. The careless or uninformed employee is another threat due to which organization data is not secure. Suppose an employee whose all private data of an organization is in a mobile phone,and he forgets his unlocked phone somewhere then its highly probable that the company's data can be accessed by an unauthorized person. He can misuse that data which leads to threat related to security of employee data. Similarly, all the data of an organization is present at e-mail of employee who is not trained insecurity and he has a weak password then that password can be easily hacked by hackers,and it will be misused.

Additional risks 


Other than threats discussed above some more threatsare present which harm the security of data. These threatsincludeDenial of service attack, cloud applicants and threat caused by third-party service providers.Denial of service attack is attacking data from many years.These attacks affect the speed of the system. It lowers the speed of the system,andthe user can do nothing,and he keeps on waiting. Although there is very less chance of losing data present on the cloud, still some hackers hack it and clear all the data present which again cause damage to security of data.A cloud application is another factor which proves to be a threat to the security of employees data. Although cloud applications are used for security of data, still some threats are associated with it (Glick, 2018 ). A data breach can expose sensitive information of customer which lead to serious results. In cloud computing, it is must have a strong password otherwise it compromises with sensitive information of data by putting them at high risk. Data security also gets weaken due to third party service providers. Nowadays as technology has become more complex and more specialized,the dependency of the company on outsourcers has increased to support and to maintain the system. These outsourcers usethe remote tool to connect to the network of the company, but they don’t follow any step for security practices.


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