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In order to create proper network connection every organization must required effective data communication and network configuration to manage the IT infrastructure. With  the help of this  kind of  configuration any organization  have to set up advanced  programming  machine  that  will  help the particular organization to build up web version for the machine. Biomedical development organization specifically produce or develop software for any kind of programming  machine  and  the  organization now is trying  to  make web  version for the machine. The organization has almost 250 representatives with only 2 specific PC room.


Purpose  of  this  report  is  to investigate  or   figure  out   proper system administration  for  this  organization. Apart from that  another  purpose of this report is to construct  the  network  design  by which it is possible  to maintain the  data  communication in  between  a  particular network.  


Network design for recommended network


Basic goal of the organization is developed the web version for their machine. Therefore the organization needs to reconstruct their network configuration that are most upgraded and low in cost and flexible.  Therefore the organization is going to configure upgraded network connection by which they can provide data communication.

Cat5 and cat6 cabling are better option but it all the wall jacks it takes heavy areas such a media room.  Therefore Ethernet jack is the best option because it is most straightforward. With the help of  Ethernet switches  it is  possible  to  connect with  multiple device  in the same place with  the  help of  router connection. Apart from it allows all the traffics to pass as fast as possible and without any kind of interference. Therefore the organization can use this cable or Ethernet switches to connect with the network (Aggarwal and Lu, 2013, p.23). Apart  from that  gigabytes switch like Net gear GS108 can be used because  with the  help of this  network  speed will  increase  almost ten time  in comparison with previous  generation. Hence the organization must have to configure gigabit rated connection otherwise it is not possible to get maximum speed.

From  the case scenario it can be constructed  that one building of  the  organization have room for  software  programmers and for  web designer  and  other buildings  of  the organization have the  room for software  developer and  technical department.  Hence, fast application response is mostly required in between all the building to transmit the data and other information in proper manner. In order to make proper cable connection between two buildings low latency and high bandwidth utilization is required. Only this kind of configuration can manage the high gigabit speed. With the help of this kind of network other department of the organization will also benefited.

Proposed circuit

According to the scenario it can also be constructed that use of optical fiber is another relevant option for the organization because with the help of this kind of configuration it is possible to transmit all data more efficiently it has the ability to recover the disaster. Main advantage of this kind of optical fiber is resource sharing efficiency and reliability.  With the help of this kind of optical fiber cable data transaction and storage of data can transmitted more efficiently. Hence to use this kind of fiber upgrade VPN connectivity is also required. Otherwise it is not possible for the organization to maintain fiber cable connection. Basically use of optical fiber increase the speed of bandwidth almost 10 GB. Therefore it will help the organization to transmit every data from one   machine to another machine (Desai et al. 2014, p.2000). With the help of this it is possible to reduce the network traffic. If the network traffic is reduced then all the incoming and outgoing packet data can be transmitted smoothly.

Hardware (Network and user)

In order to construct this kind of circuit and network technology proper hardware is also   required for maintaining system. The configuration is generally constructed on the bass of usage of computer and the entire hardware device.

Generally for two kind of user different desktop configuration is required.

Heavy user

For all the  heavy user  high  end application support is    required   specially  for all the software  developer,  technical  team high  end  configuration is mostly required.  For heavy user required operating system required is windows 8 or 8.1 with 64 bit. Dual card video card is required for heavy use. 100/1000 GB network card is the best possible option for this. 64 Gb memory and CPU is i7.apart from the 500 GB hdd and dual monitors is also required.

Standard user

For the standard user that much high end configuration is not required. For standard user required operating system required is windows 7 with 64 bit. 10/100/1000 GB network card is the best possible option for this. 8 Gb memory and CPU is i5. Apart from the 250 Gb hdd and dual monitors is not required.


With the help of switches it is possible to maintain   better connectivity in between layer 2.  In case of hubs there is possibility of technical failure because in case of hubs in connected server collapse then it affects the entire system. Therefore with the help of switches it is possible to receive the connection from the server and forward network connection in between the entire designed computer.  Most affordable and lost in cost is layer 2 architecture. In case layer 2 all the data transmitted from one device to another device very easily. In case of layer 2 major drawbacks is that if the network get too large then the efficiency of   the particular network get reduced (Lu et al. 2014, p.1841). According to the current scenario it can  be suggest  that  the organization is going to develop more web server programming machine therefore the utility of proposed  network will be  increased  and according to the layer 2 concept it reduces the network efficiency  therefore layer 3 is the best option. Therefore the organization need to configure more updated and effective switches that can easily identify maintain the connectivity in between the machine using proper hardware.

Router and firewall

After measuring all the condition the organization need to provide best router that will maintain the connectivity in between two buildings. Apart from the proper  firewall is also  required   because with   the help of  incoming and outgoing   traffic  device is actually checked,  hence it is  possible to  maintain the  security in  the network. In order  to  get better performance and  to reduce  the amount of specifically  broadcast traffic   layer 3  configuration is the best possible option mad for  that the proper gateway router is  the best  option  for  the organization. The router connection will maintain and enables the VPN tunnels that enable telecommuters.  The switching in this case must need to align in this manner so that it becomes possible for the router to support the VLAN or virtual LAN. In case of layer 3 it is possible to simplify the security management and at the same time it improved the fault isolation. Therefore the router connection in case of layer 3 must need to configure in proper manner.

Reference list

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