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LO 2: Understanding what impact contemporary management issues have on the effective management and business performance in the front of house area.


In this presentation, the impact that contemporary management issues have on the management and performance in the front house area of Hilton London Metropole hotel will be discussed. Front house operations and their importance will also be discussed in some detail, along with the identification and analysis of the key aspects related to the management of the hotel operations at the front house area. Lastly, the key issues influencing the performance of front house operations will be identified and addressed.

Task 1:

Explanation of the meaning of front of house operations and the importance of the front house area for the achievement of successful operations, using Hilton London Metropole hotel as example.

In terms of hotels, the Front of the House department is one that is accessible to guests and customers, and may include the lobby, lounge, coffee shops, spa, and restaurant. The front office then has direct contact with the customers, which makes it very crucial for the achievement of successful business operations. The front house operations consist of managing all aspects of customer relations from the arrival of the guests to their departure. Customer satisfaction is the key to front house operations. The front of the house staff must ensure positive guest interaction through the highest level of efficiency at all times (Jayawardena,et al, 2013. p.152).

The Hilton London Metropole Hotel in Central London is within a mile of Hyde park, and barely a two minute walk from Edgware Road tube station. It is sprawled across a vast property and has around 1059 rooms, along with conferencing facilities for 5000 guests. Apart from a magnificent reception area, its front house department also consists of sports bars, regular bars, restaurants, swimming pool, sauna, etc.  It is crucial for an enormous 4 star hotel such as the Hilton London Metropole hotel to have the front desk area in a peak condition at all times.

It is indeed true that a good front house area with efficient front house operations helps create a successful hotel. They say first impression is the last impression, and the front house area is the guests’ first point of contact on arrival. The appearance of the front of house area and its team play a significant part, so it must be ensured that the area is well-lit, clean, properly heated/air-conditioned, and has a spectacular layout (Barry O'Mahony, and Clark, 2013,p.179).The atmosphere should be relaxed, with an impressive visual impact. The uniforms of the front house staff is also equally important. The Hilton London Metropole hotel meets all these expectations.

 Task 2:

Identification and analysis of the basic aspects related to the management of the hotel operations at the front house area of the Hilton London Metropole hotel.

The key aspects related to the management of the hotel operations at the front house area of the Hilton London Metropole hotel revolve around planning and executing proper customer care across all its front house areas like restaurants, clubs, swimming pools, bars, etc. It thus involves improvements of the duties of all the on-the-floor staff across these areas. The director of the front of house is responsible for carrying out these functions with the help of his/her staff.  A good front of house team works wonders for the reputation and image of the hotel (Baloglu, and Jones, 2015, p.240) .

Since the front house operations are mostly related to customer relations from the points of their arrival to departure, a number of key points must be kept in mind. The front house staff of the Hilton London Metropole hotel must be highly efficient, well-behaved, confident, friendly, and welcoming. They must possess the appropriate body-language and phrases while addressing the guests (Padilla-Meléndez, and Garrido-Moreno, 2014. p.390) They must guide them through the front house procedures and reservation system as smoothly as possible, and make sure their luggage is carried to their rooms safely. They must also ensure that the rooms are clean, and have all the basic necessities that one may require. They must have patience while dealing with inquisitive guests. The front of house team must also possess good knowledge of the local area, the workings of the local transportation system, and points of touristic interests that may engage the guests. Since Catering to the specific needs of the guests is immensely important for the business of the hotel, Staff across bars, restaurants and other areas must provide the guests with their specific needs (Zhang, Joglekar, and Verma, 2012. p.380).


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