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Custmer Satisfaction In Hotel Industry

Custmer Satisfaction In Hotel Industry

 Research Objective

This project research aimed to access the impact of customer satisfaction on the hospitality industry in Sydney Australia.  
Research Questions:
In light of the above objective, this study aims to address the following three questions: 
How hotel of Sydney offer the facilities to their customers?
What are the key factors that are required to be changes to improve in hotel?
How customers are treated during their visit to the hotel?
Summary of key points in the literature 
This research is built on the theory of customer satisfaction that is based on offering quality services from the hotel so that they can get value for their money. The primary purpose of the literature review is to examine the information regarding the role of satisfaction as well as its impact on the hospitality sectors through using wide range of sources for attaining a reliable outcome (Tuohy, D., and et.al., 2013). However, the viewpoint of various scholar and researchers are taken into account to determine the satisfaction influence on the hospitality sectors.
Research Philosophy:
Since this study aim to explore the opportunities that are been offered to the customers during their visit by the Sydney hotels.  It was entire based on provide maximum satisfaction to their regular customer by providing quality services without creating any managerial problems. It is the areas of marketing research as well as customer analytics is primary focused on the overall perception with their hotel services. A research method is generally determined as a various procedure, steps, and algorithms that are used by the researchers during their research work, whereas methodology is a systematic way to reach a solution by analyzing the entire procedure within the research. However, there are certain numbers of approaches that are taken into account by the researcher in its research method design. The primary purpose of this analysis is to design the methodology of the research through a mixed type of technique. Moreover, it can be helpful in many ways to the research by selecting a reliable method of material, tools, and techniques that are effectively used to attain a valuable solution from the current research (Research methods, 2017). The scope of any specific research is to explain the ethical aspects that are related to the customer satisfaction at the time of their hotel visits.
Research approach:
Generally, it means that hotel manager would have to define actual aspects of the study to attain its desired goals. In context to have a piece of qualified information from the research, it is important to have certain characteristics like it must be systematic, controlled, valid, and empirical. It has been seen that certain crime, corruption, theft, and fraud are major issues for the hotel owners (Mackey, A. and Gass, S.M., 2015). The manager of hotel tends to face a number of issues that tend to create an ethical consideration during the management of customers satisfaction. Therefore, this research is entirely based on the two important approaches such as qualitative and quantitative. This will provide a clear idea regarding the above philosophy that consists of positivist and interpretivist research. It will help to analyze the implication that is faced by the customer from the hotels services. 
Research choice
I chose a descriptive study to determine the customer satisfaction level because it provide a detail analysis of the facts and challenges that are faced by the client. This aimed more on the facts of the customer’s perception rather than the reason for the research matters. It will help the researcher to observe the customer behavior and determine their reaction to the ways through which the hotels can provide maximum services to their customers. 
Time horizon of the research 
This research topic requires longitudinal studies to analyze the problems more closely because it might be help the researchers to study the customer at more than one point of time to deal with the concern questions raised from them (Time horizon, 2014). This might be valuable for the researcher in many ways to examine the customer behavior before and after a change in the hotel management strategy. 
Research strategy
Qualitative research:
It is known as a kind of research dealing with situations that are hard or impossible to quantify in terms of numerical data such as beliefs, attitudes, and symbols. In this method, the researcher's primary focus is to collect an in-depth knowledge of customer satisfaction and the reasons that govern such behavior toward the other. However, it enables the tougher aspects of a customer’s experience has been analyzed effectively. It has determined that the information taken into account in terms of qualitative nature cannot be examined through numerical techniques (Jamshed, 2014). This research is generally based on the role of customer satisfaction as well as its impact on the hospitality sectors by using various sources of research methods. Therefore, this kind of research method tends to have a qualitative method by which a researcher cans easily identity the collected information in a systematic manner. Generally, the qualitative method is quite valuable in examining the satisfaction level within the hospitality industry of Sydney. There are certainly other types of methods that are also available such as; inductive, deductive, and adductive. The quantitative method allows the researcher to measure the collected information from the selected group of customers regarding their level of satisfaction from the hostel's services. It can be used to test the hypotheses in the experiments, because of their capabilities to analyze the data through a statistic process. Apart from this, the researcher tends to use various other qualitative methods to determine the satisfaction level of the customer such as: 
The researcher needs to use the direct observation method to study client reaction as they go regarding their regular experience within taking active parts in the analysis. There are certain managerial problems that are associated with the customer satisfaction such as controlling the cost of customer acquisition. Further, reinforcing the relevance of research methods in order with the continuous changes associated with the hotel performances.   
Expectancy- value theory:
According to this particular theory, client often make certain decision regarding the hotel services, their benefits as well as likely the results of using facilities of hotel. People would be able to learn to perform behaviour that is expected to lead to positive outcome for the hotel (Flick, U., 2015). There are overall behaviour is key aspects of beliefs regarding the hotel performance and potential strength of these beliefs. However, the influence of attribute is valuable on the customer decision-making which is also a largely recognized by the hotel owners. It always remains with a need to create direct link between their satisfaction and taking the experience from their hotel services. According to the certain models, it would indicate a connection between the satisfaction and continuous purchase intention but not yet to be actually considered.
Population, sample size and sampling approach 
This particular research was based on the selected customers from the group of population those are having some kind of problem with the hotel. The research was limited due to the less number of customer has taken active part in this survey. However, the results are more favorable from the collected data that maximum number of customers is not satisfied.  During the interview with customers, it has been found that they facing certain key problems related to the services quality, payment issues, hidden charges, and ambiguous websites policies that are designed by the hotel of Sydney. The total sample size was taking 60 on random basis so that a reliable outcome can be attained in the form of feedback from the targeted respondents (sample research, 2015). 
The random sampling approach is taken into account for this research because it has provided equally chance to the select group to share their respective viewpoints regarding their experience and satisfaction with the hotel services or management. However, the sample group tends to aids in a proper understanding of the current market condition regarding the hospitality position according to the views of customer perception. A senior group of clients tends to analyze their viewpoints with respect to the services that are offered by the hotels during their visits. Thus, it is important to gain a proper understanding of the key facts and reviews from the select customer groups to that future decision could be made to improve the market position of the hospitality sectors in Australia.


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