CUC100 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

CUC100 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

CUC100 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

CUC100 Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help

CUC100 Assessment 2

 Annotated Bibliography  

Summary Paragraph

The text demonstrates the exploration of three pillars of sustainability framework. This framework can be identified as a solution centred and applied approach towards sustainability development via the application of sustainability planning.  This framework is dependent upon the roles of laws & governance, technology & innovation and economics & financial incentives. With the passage of time, the sustainability models have largely evolved. Further, it is demonstrated that the three pillars framework provides due assistance in translation of complicated issues pertinent to sustainability into ideas. With the help of this, a focus is comprehended and acted on by way of economic stakeholder groups as well as community. The Stockholm Declaration of 1972 laid down the first step to unleashing the modern concept of sustainability. The Limits to Growth of 1972 portrays that the key resources of Earth are exhaustible which gives rise to the possibility of damaging the ecosystem in a manner that cannot be ever reversed. The environmental goals are acknowledged to be linked to the drivers of economic development. The solutions that arise with the best utilisation of the three pillars of sustainability named technology, good governance and creation of market incentive are found to be the most durable and effective ones.

Commentary Paragraph:

The core reading is directly linked to the scenario of sustainability and development of sustainable responses to concerns. The three pillars framework that has been solely talked about in this core reading is an effective solution for dealing with the issue of sustainability. The framework consists of 3 main pillars named of laws & governance, technology & innovation and economics & financial incentives. In a collaborative manner, these three pillars are able to lay down positive outcomes in terms of resolving the sustainability concerns which was the main theme of scenario. This source is relevant to the scenario as it provides due assistance in laying down an effective approach through which the issues pertinent to the subject matter of sustainability arise. Considering the three pillars individually, the first pillar of law & governance seeks to address the sustainability concerns by enforcing laws and regulations that promote individuals as well as businesses to operate in the interest of environment. Further, the second pillar of technology & innovation addresses the sustainability issues through the implementation of techniques that can assist in reducing the carbon footprints and dealing with the climate change. The third pillar of economics & financial incentive resolves the issue of sustainability through the creation of market incentives. 

Summary Paragraph:

The text demonstrates the usage of a sustainability triad as an effective framework for teaching the concept of sustainability along with its importance and relevance within the classrooms. A case study of national park has been used in order to demonstrate that the utilisation of sustainability triad helps in identifying if the 3 dimensions named social, economic and environment are in conflict or congruent with one another. The tool is extremely beneficial in gaining understanding of the concept of sustainability in a concrete form. It is the responsibility of the educators to create awareness among the students as they are also environmental citizens who should be cautious of the aspect of sustainability. Educators are required to identify the most suitable method that can be comprehended by students in order to implement the concept of sustainability into action. The base work for environment education was done in the era of 1970s. There is a need to leverage environmentally literate graduates to create awareness among other individuals who do not know about the concept of sustainability along with its important in the present time. The case study of Waterton Lakes National Park has been showed to imply the abstract meaning of sustainability which implies that the concept has the potential of being maintained for a long period of time. 

Commentary Paragraph:

This core reading is suitably associated with the scenario. The scenario includes the topic of sustainability and ways in which the sustainability concerns can be duly addressed. In this relation, this core reading has provided a solution in context of scenario in the form of a sustainability triad. Now, this triad is acknowledged to be a framework which provides due assistance in teaching the concept of sustainability to individuals within the bounds of classroom. In the present era, many people are aware of the concept of sustainability, however, they do not posses knowledge of the ways in which they can give their contribution towards addressing the sustainability concerns or issues. With the application of sustainability triad, educators are able to build awareness among the people about the respective concept and ways to address the same in classrooms. By educating the individuals in classes, a more informed and aware population can be created which can collaboratively contribute in dealing with the issues of sustainability so that the planet is not posed to risk at any point of time.


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