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Critique in Systems & Technology

Critique in Systems & Technology


Executive Summary

Technology is taking a new pace in the world of the education system. The advent of modern information and technology has given a new dimension to the education. The information technology has changed the structure and the conventional approach to education into a modern and digital format. The examples could be smart learning and the online education. The advance and the modern technologies are using by both teacher and the students for an interactive e-learning process. The technology has immense benefit in the management process of the education system. Online web-based application and software have enormous benefits for managing the student data and records along with the details employee, staffs and the lecturers. The assignment is mainly based on making a business report.  Several private educational institutions are collaborating together to form a group. The main purpose of collaboration is to create a world university, which will allow students from different countries to enrol for distance learning. Student can enrol themselves for the course as per the colleges which will be listed in the portal and the student will get the degree from the university where he/she has enrolled. To improve the business of private education institute the assignment has covered the critique management process and the planning which has been involved for the information systems and the information technology. In the assignment the contribution of information technology to enhance the business and the online education system has described. Various emerging technologies have been identified and the issues in educational management have been described in the assignment. Lastly a short balance analysis report is been provided with proper conclusion and recommendation. 


The assignment is all about making a business report for the group of private education institutions. Education sectors are changing their method of providing education to the students. The advent of modern information and technologyhas provided the education system a new approach to providing education to the students (useoftechnology, 2018). The private education institutions around the world are collaborating together to form a group which will be named as World University. The world university is offering various courses where students are allowed to login at any time to study and the interaction with the lecturers and other staffs will be done through online. Based on the given scenario, a business report will be prepared which will focus on the critique management process and the involvement of planning for the information system and the information technology for the organization. The report will also focus and identify the emergent technology issue in the management process along with a short balanced analysis report.

Critical discussion on management process in an organization

Management Information System (MIS) is the main factor to promote and complete the well-maintained decision making in an organization. (Trkman, 2012) Strategic management of Information Technologyis observed as the most important part of the business performance. In the journal, the effectiveness of Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) is used as the main activity of the strategic management in the process of creating the WORLD UNIVERSITY which is fully online university where lecturers teach online from any of its campuses to the students around the world. Strategic planning for the Information Technology is referred as the main part of the corporate planning and main focus area for sound governance of IT. It is becoming a main interest for the academics and practitioners. It is very necessary to plan strategy which will benefit in maintaining position in the competition and will be efficient to manage the system with the help of controlling the cost and more authentic reporting. In the s system of creating the World University, it is necessary to ensure a worthy relation between the information technology and business strategy. The management information system helps the system to collect process and interpret data. In the data sets, all conditions of business operations are included which are referred as sales revenues, production costs, and employee outputs. The importance of MIS (Robey, 2015) in creating World University is that all the business process, which are computer related, works as the single integrated system which allows improving the communication among executives, managers, department heads, and employees. (Asemi, Safari, & Zavareh, 2015) A fully combined system gives the equivalent data to the marketing department and as well as to the educational department of the World University. The data which has been shared can be adjusted or altered in the Educational department along with the marketing department which will lead World University to a well-managed and well planned strategic system. Improving the communication MIS, which is provided to all parts of the business, improves the skills in making decisions. World University provides a customer loyalty scheme which will reward students, who will introduce a new student, with a fee credit depending upon the course which they have chosen. This scheme is referred to as StudyTogether Loyalty which in turn shows a well-planned strategy to grasp students in a number. The university has also introduced the agents who will sell the subscription to the employers. The university is also giving the benefit of approving the application in less than 5 minutes which shows a well strategic approach for the business to flourish in a rapid manner. The applicants are also having the benefit of using a credit card or PayPal gateway for the payment.

Planning for information systems and information technology in an organisation

The strategy for the information system and information technology in an organization should be well planned, which is the elementary function of nay management. Planning helps to achieve the goals focused on the university. It also helps to create a priority chart for the goals of the university. Planning can help the senior manager to utilize the university resources in a good strategic manner. According to the planning strategy, the resources need to be identified, and then the operations are planned based on the resources identified. The planning (Cooper & Zmud, 2016) is always associated with the future. The involvement of planning helps the manager to judge what will be the scenario in the future and then the manager can take necessary actions to complete the aims of the university. Planning (Demir, 2015) helps to reduce the uncertainties which may occur in future as the judgment is based on the previous experience and situations. The process of the involvement of planning helps in avoiding the trial and error method and also controls the loss and wastage of data. Planning helps to avoid the duplication of effort and it assist to create a better coordination which can result in the gaining better outcomes. The planning process of the university facilitates the reference of authority within the organization. The management is only required to take action when the things are not going in a proper way it should be. When the management has been introduced in the process the manager (Asemi, Safari, & Zavareh, 2015) can involve himself in the planning process of solving the matter easily and quickly. The process of planning can be expensive sometimes and even time-consuming (Melville, Kraemer, & Gurbaxani, 2015). Sometimes, planning process of the manager of the university cannot be implemented for sudden emergencies which may result in lack of reliable information. The involvement of the planning process can be hamper or delayed due to social, political, economic and technological factors. For all student irrespective of the courses, it is very important and compulsory to buy E-books and laptops online as because the special software required for the university courses need a particular software which will be pre-installed in the laptop along with all necessary configurations E-books. Along with the strategic management, the planning for the business to flourish is very eye-catchy and improves the economic part of the business which in turn will give a better or improved system or process to interact with the students and will help in increasing better quality professors for

Role of Technology in Education

The modern information technology has provided an opportunity to the education system to connect students from the different places. Lots of private institutions are providing online education by supplying the study materials online with an ease of convenient approach to the interact with the lecturers via online (itstillworks, 2018). The technology is providing a common platform for all the students across the world to connect and get a degree from the University of Different Country via World University. The easy and online payment system aids an extra edge in the online education system. The online payment system allows secure payment of fees via credit card or Paypal and this will improve the business operation and management program of the business.



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